Der foregår noget fordækt i CDC, USAs svar på Sundhedsstyrelsen

USAs anerkendte institution miskrediteres bevidst af Trumpadministrationen

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There is something covert going on in the CDC, the US response to the National Board of Health

The United States’ recognized institution is deliberately discredited by the Trump administration

“I do not trust the CDC! One day they say one thing, the other the exact opposite. Like for example when they said that masks helped and saw that they did not help. I do not wear a mask when even the CDC can not figure it out, why should I… maybe they will change it all again tomorrow. ” He’s up to run and rattles off one sentence after another, my craftsman’s assistant, Mike. I stand back pretty speechless, the man is usually funny, entertaining and quite decent to be with. Half of what he says is blatantly wrong. But he has a point.

The CDC, the US government’s response to the National Board of Health, is the absolute highest authority here in the United States when it comes to making research and the latest knowledge in disease control and monitoring available and is also internationally recognized as a leader and reliable. The employees’ research competencies are unsurpassed and the weight and respect for their knowledge has been carefully built up over decades.

Especially in these so uncertain corona times, it is important for the individual citizen and the politicians and health authorities of the individual states that they can count on the recommendations, information and research results that the CDC publishes.

The trust and respect for this body is also crucial for the health professional bodies ‘implementation of measures and for the citizens’ trust in the system in general. The CDC is an independent institution that not only Americans put their trust in. Or so it has been until now.

Trump’s attempt to control what the population is of about Corona

The guidelines recommended by the CDC can be life-saving. Unfortunately, even in the institutions that were supposed to objectively bring knowledge to the country’s decision – makers, political spin has now crept into the so respected institution.

Recently, the directives for when a person should be tested were suddenly changed. Until then, it had been said that if you had been in contact with a person who tested positive, you should be tested. On 24 August, this recommendation was inadvertently changed to the point that there was no reason to be tested if you had been with one or more infected persons for less than 15 minutes. The recommendation is now again that you should be tested if you think you have been in contact with an infected person, no matter how long.

It turns out that the text of changes made available on August 24 was not written by CDC researchers. Nevertheless, it was to be found on the CDC’s website, despite strong objections from the CDC’s management. Trump officials had rewritten the existing guidelines and put the new recommendation around the CDC’s strict guidelines for publishing material. The Trump administration had tried to put up with the CDC’s linguistic lingo, but it was still possible to see that it was not a professional who had written the updated recommendation. The text came from the White House Corona Special Unit.  

We are constantly learning news about Covid-19. Therefore, knowledge is also constantly updated. But the CDC is not known for making available knowledge that has no evidence. They are not known for making knowledge available one day and then removing it the next. This is the third time since May that information has been posted on the CDC.

Why is Trump undermining reputable public institutions?

The Trump administration thus uses the CDC’s name and credibility to write their own invented guidelines, guidelines that researchers at the CDC do not have the authority to change and that are not supported by researchers at the institution under which they are published.

The new guidelines had not been through the strict quality process to which all material published on the CDC’s website is normally subject. Yet it was the CDC’s name, credibility and reputation that were used to authorize the Trump administration’s postings.

This is not the first time Trump has discredited a reputable institution, and there is a meaning to the madness, namely to undermine our belief in established institutions and in facts and science.

When my craftsman’s assistant again yesterday came up with the same quarrel that I heard him express last week, it’s an expression that all sections of the population are aware that something is going on in the CDC. For some, the changes mean that you can not trust public bodies. For others, they are proof that there is a deliberate manipulation of knowledge and that an intentional aftermath of this promotes Trump’s populist messages. 

Trump does not care about human life, he is a man of power who will do whatever it takes to retain power. Whether that means he discredits reputable institutions, lies and manipulates in his attempt to hold on to the stool.

It is not just about one wording to another or about a game of power in a public body. It’s about human life.

Right now Mike is going to paint in my garage. The heartbreaking thing is that it is the weakest in our society, such as Mike, who suffers from a heart defect and is therefore vulnerable should he be affected by Covid-19. who’s going to pay the price for Trump’s icy cynicism.

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