Coronasmittet Trump nægter at deltage i virtuel debat og insisterer på at mødes med Joe Biden

Trump er som en 2-årig, der nægter at samarbejde, hvis han ikke får sin vilje

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A Corona-infected Trump refuses to participate in virtual debate and insists on meeting with Joe Biden

Trump is like a 2-year-old who refuses to cooperate if he does not get his way

Trump has Covid-19, we all know that. But instead of isolating himself, he works from The Oval Office, where the employees he must be in contact with during the day must wear PPE (Personal Projective Gear), because Trump can still infect others.

The next debate between Trump and Biden will take place on Thursday, October 15, in Miami, Florida, in a form of town hall debate.

If Trump went to Miami, he would expose the political employees who travel with him to the risk of infection, he would also expose pilots, drivers, chefs and other serving spirits to the risk of infection.

In addition, he will expose the participants in the Assembly House debate to the risk of infection if he shows up smack full of viruses.

Trump cannot behave as he pleases in virtual debate

Therefore, the organizers of the debate have announced that it will take place virtually. Trump’s reaction? “I’m not going to take part in a virtual debate.” Of course not how naive to think he would take the lives and health of others into his considerations. “Sitting behind a screen has nothing to do with a debate. They can interrupt me when it suits them. It’s a waste of my time. ”

Tjoh, bum, bum, as the situation is now, millions of hard-working Americans sit and take one meeting after another at Zoom. Maybe they think it’s ridiculous. But that’s the way it is, the situation is over here, not least thanks to Trump.

And if the organizers were to press ” mute ,” to avoid the same scenes as at the last ShitShows debate between Trump and Biden, I’m pretty sure most Americans, who actually want to hear a debate with substance and content, is totally ok with that. Last week’s debate was unworthy, even for Trump.

Trump is dependent on his own anger and the energy of his audience

Trump is running on anger and on reactions from his small, indoctrinated, loyal crowd. In a virtual debate, he can not get drained in the same way nor feel the reaction from the audience, as he is used to from his rallies. In addition, he risks being interrupted and not getting the same kick out of swearing his opponent to face to face.

In his interview on Fox Business, of course, Trump said nothing about the importance of protecting those around him from Covid-19. He does not protect his staff in the White House, so why should he want to protect the voters participating in the debate or his opponent Joe Biden and his team?

If Trump can not control and bulldoze over his opponent, as he is accustomed to, then he will not join. He has no intention, not even the ability, to communicate and behave according to a predetermined set of rules, as required by other proper people. Therefore, he folds his arms like a stubborn 2-year-old and refuses.

But wonder if he does not change his mind when he gets spoken to 10.

Millions of Americans are going to sit ready behind the TV screen to watch the debate, and it does not look good if the country’s president does not want to participate simply because he can not get his way.

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