Trump lavede en fodfejl, da han ville stoppe hjælpepakke og i stedet stemme Højesteretsdommer igennem

Trump forudser valgnederlag og en juridisk proces, der ender i Højesteret

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Trump screwed up when he wanted to stop aid package and instead vote Supreme Court justice through

Trump predicts election defeat and a legal process that ends in the Supreme Court

If there’s one thing Trump respects, it is stock prices. When a journalist highlights the poor economy of the United States, Trump dismisses him or her with a reference to the fact that the stock market is soaring. When he can get to that, Trump highlights that the stock market, despite recession and poor unemployment rates, continues to perform excellently.

But yesterday he came up with an announcement he must have known would affect the stock market. Under normal circumstances, it would be unlike Trump deliberately sending the stock market on a downward slide. Although he waited with his announcement, which in the usual style came on Twitter, until an hour before the stock markets closed, it had violent negative consequences for stock prices.

Trump interrupts talks on aid package and then regrets

Trump yesterday ordered his administration and Republican lawmakers, who until then had been in talks with the leader of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi , to stop negotiating a new Corona aid package for Americans with immediate effect.

The reaction of the reporting journalists was met with disbelief. Journalists characterized Trump’s action as political suicide. Why, however, would Trump stop helping millions of Americans less than 30 days before the election? Nancy Pelosi went so far as to say that there might be something wrong with the medication the president received as a result of his Covid-19 treatment. Her reaction must be seen in relation to Trump’s tweet accusations that Nancy Pelosi did not negotiate with pure flour in the bag.

Trump does not listen to experts, he trusts his intuition. That was proved once again yesterday when he chose to overhear the world’s probably most powerful economic official, the head of the Central Bank, Jerome Powell. Powell is responsible for getting the US and thus also large parts of the world economy through an economic crisis we have not seen for over 100 years. He strongly urged Congress to implement the Corona aid package they were negotiating. He stressed that a too small aid package would “lead to a weak economic recovery and unnecessary financial difficulties for families and businesses.”   

Trump does not care about the citizens he is elected to take care of. He does not lie sleepless over the many Americans who have become unemployed, have had to close their businesses or whose children’s schools are closed due to Covid-19. He made this clear with his announcement yesterday, when he abruptly asked his administration, and the Republican politicians, to stop all negotiations that had to do with the necessary aid package.

But he does not care about the stock market. Therefore, after changing the outcome of his announcement, he changed course, not out of love and care for his people but out of fear of a stock market in free fall.

It was a big political mistake. For Trump once again showed his true self, where empathy is a city in Russia and stock prices are God. It was solely due to compelling circumstances in the form of the sharp fall in the stock market that a few hours after his first now-we-close-for-negotiations-about-aid package, he again announced via Twitter that he would sign certain elements of the stimulus agreement , so that airlines, smaller companies and certain individuals can get financial help to get through the coming months without having to fire employees, turn the key or leave home.

And Trump also exposed himself on another flank. He showed his hand as he asked his administration and Republican politicians to focus all their efforts on the inauguration of Trump’s nominated Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

No sacrifice is too small when it comes to the pinnacle of power

Trump often emphasizes that he is the leader of the Americans, and as their president, he has the ultimate responsibility for the citizens of the United States. The problem is that he treats them just as he treats family members, close associates, loyal political supporters – namely, by using them to the extent that it can benefit him and his path to power in a daunting use-and-throw-away attitude to life.

If the lives and health of the people are in danger, he is willing to sacrifice them on the altar of power, if that means he can maintain the highest and most important office in the world.

But what does Trump’s perfection and his set of powers have over his citizens with the inauguration of the conservative Amy Coney Barrett?

Voice suppression helps Trump in the swing states

The election forecasts speak their clear language. Trump can well see which way the arrow is turning for his chances of remaining seated as the 45th President of the United States . They are poor, very poor. Therefore, the strategy is to use the courts to ensure that he can stay in the White House. 

From his previous presidency, Trump has decades of experience in litigation and using the courts to delay proceedings that either won him time, drained the opponent of financial means to continue a lawsuit, or otherwise allowed him to get out. of the legal squeeze he had ended up in. There is no reason to believe he will not do the same after the presidential election.

Before the election on November 3, he has made sure that it is difficult, especially in the swing states, to use his constitutional right to vote. Politically elected Republicans in these states have enacted election-suppressing laws that make it difficult to cast their vote. But it is not only in the swing states that Republicans are trying to put obstacles in the way of citizens being able to cast their votes.

The Supreme Court is going to decide who will be the next president of the United States

If the election gets close, it is in my best estimation Trump’s plan that he, in the states where the turnout is closest, will conduct lawsuits where the goal is to question the election result. At least one of these cases will end up in the Supreme Court, which will decide who will be installed as the next president of the United States on January 21. Yes, the same Supreme Court that with the election of Amy Coney Barrett will have 6 conservative votes and 3 progressives. If the decision ends up in the Supreme Court, who do you think they will come to be the next president of the United States ?

If this result is to be avoided, the Americans will have to cast votes that speak a very clear language and vote to a greater extent than we have seen before, so that the election result will not depend on the results of one swing state.

Isn’t it just hard enough and well square, maybe even conspiratorial? If one lets history in the form of Trump’s actions be an indication of what we can expect, I do not see anything to suggest that I am wrong.

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