Der er visse ligheder mellem Trumps administration og Mette Frederiksens

Forskellen ligger i håndteringen af information fra eksperterne

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There are certain similarities between the Trump administration and Mette Frederiksen’s

The difference lies in the handling of information from the experts

Health authorities around the world agree that wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to protect against the spread of Covid-19. This is especially true in the crowded public transport, which generally has poor ventilation and where many people from different areas stand and sit close together.

We are now here in the United States again up on almost 60,000 positive tests a day. In the absence of central leadership, each state fights its own struggle to limit infection rates and spread in an attempt to save human beings and in an attempt not to overburden hospitals.

Last month, the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control), the US response to the National Board of Health, worked on a proposal to ensure that employees and passengers in all public transport wore masks. Health Minister Alex M. Azar II backed the proposal. But the White House´ Corona Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, blocked the bill.

The bill was more sweeping than anything else we have seen before. When the CDC, with the authority and position they hold, sees it as imperative to make such drastic changes, then there is reason to listen.

If the proposal had been introduced, it would have meant that employees and passengers at airports, trains, buses and subways all over the United States would have to wear masks. But Pence’s task force wants it to be up to the individual states to decide whether they will require employees and passengers to wear masks. On the whole, it is the Trump administration’s wish that all handling and any restrictions of the Corona crisis should take place decentrally and be up to the individual state.

Both in Denmark and in the USA, the health authorities provide proposals for behavioral changes

The Trump administration has full control over what measures to implement because they require their Corona task force to approve and sign all Coronavirus-related policies from the CDC.

In Denmark, the National Board of Health also makes suggestions for what behavioral changes they would recommend politicians to introduce. Mette Frederiksen and her administration then decide how they will react to these proposals. At that point, the Frederiksen and Trump administrations are similar.

But where Mette Frederiksen generally listens to the experts, Trump listens to his gut feeling and the radiologist who currently has access to Trump’s ear.

You can think about Mette Frederiksen and her leadership style, whatever you want, but in a worldwide pandemic, the consequences of which no one yet knows, I wish we here in the US had a leader who listened to the experts’ advice.

Americans’ stance on individual freedom is used strategically by Trump

I have now lived in the United States for almost 10 years and I still do not understand that the individual freedom to choose must put the lives and limbs of a group or other individuals at risk.

Why should Mr. Brown have the right to kill his older neighbor because he reserves the right to send his Corona bacilli in addition to his old neighbor when they both stand like herring in a barrel in the bus on the way to work?

It is smart of the Trump administration to hand over the responsibility for handling Coronavirus to individual states. On the one hand, it relieves Trump of direct responsibility, on the other hand, it means that the states are so busy dealing with the situation that they do not turn to Trump – they are simply too busy saving human lives for that. It’s a cynical approach, but it’s strategically cunning. Meanwhile , thousands of Americans die every week.

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