Champagnen ligger på køl, i dag fejrer vi demokratiet

Endelig er dagen kommet. Vi har talt ned i mere end 3 år, valget i USA afgøres i disse timer.

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The Champagne is in the fridge, today we celebrate democracy

Finally the day has come. We have been talking down for more than three years, the election in the United States is being decided in these hours.

The homemade marzipan is ready to be coated with chocolate, the buns are rising and the orange cake is cooling. I can not sit still, have to keep going.

This morning I woke up with a tense feeling all over my body. It’s today! Finally the day has come. There are elections in the United States, now there is only left to wait.

We will most likely not get the result today, millions of postal votes, primarily democratic, will have to be counted in the coming days. Afterwards, there may be a long and tough battle through the courts.

It is nothing new that it takes several days to count up postal votes. What is new is the huge number of postal votes. I wonder that it is only the Republicans who have actively repeatedly tried to restrict the citizens of the country from exercising their constitutional right to vote. Why are they not as interested in a functioning democracy? Why will they not respect the individual they claim to be fighting for when he or she puts his or her tick?

Of course, all votes that follow the rules of stamp, signature, etc. must be counted – that is, of course, how it is in a democracy, no matter how much Trump would like it to be different. Everything else is unacceptable and has nothing to do with a functioning democracy.

I push my concerns about whether Trump goes out and declares himself the winner of the election before all the votes are counted up in the background. Hope that the democratic processes work, even under unprecedented pressure.

When the choice is between the schoolyard bully and ordinary good behavior, I know which side I am on – especially when more than a spout or trouser water is at stake.

The television is running, reported from various polling stations. The first results will only come when the East Coast polling stations close down, hours from now.

Much is at stake. The handling of votes and the democratic process that begins after the people have spoken will determine whether the United States is still a functioning democracy after this presidential election.

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