Så fik vi svaret på USA´s moralske kompas efter 4 år med Trump

Præsidentvalget blev ikke en klar afvisning af det USA, Trump har stået for de sidste 4 år.

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The results are in and we have the answer to America’s moral compass after four years with Trump

The presidential election was not a clear rejection of the United States Trump has stood for for the past four years.

It’s the day after that. Last night I went to bed disillusioned. Both my husband and I received phone calls from Denmark with the same disbelief as 4 years ago with the following question: “Are you coming home now?”

The United States has been divided for many years. But the last 4 years here in the United States have been filled with political scandals, a declining barometer of what to say to its political opponents, a contempt, a hatred and a division of families, neighbors and communities.

I was convinced that the Americans with their ballots would show each other and the world that “we are better than this.” That’s not how it went. Millions and millions more voted for Trump again, despite or perhaps because they now know what he stands for.

What is the reason so many have voted for Trump? Has the Trump campaign succeeded in shooting fear into people? Fear of each other, fear of change, fear of the unknown, which is inevitably a part of life?

Or do people really think Biden and Harris are socialists? How it can be socialist to go in to raise the tax for those who earn more than 400,000 dollars, ie on the good side of 2.5 million Danish kroner a year, I do not understand. Yes, there is a wide spectrum within the Democrats, but calling Biden a socialist and a Marxist, as Trump has done, has no hold in reality.

How can so many vote for a person who does not respect democracy and does not want the votes of all citizens to be counted? It’s completely insane to go out and declare yourself a winner before all the votes have been counted. This is done in authoritarian states, then not in the United States. Until now.

While it may have been tedious reading for some, it was part of the strategy when the Trump administration changed its post this summer. They had foreseen the many postal votes, and they knew which demographic was voting by letter and which at the polling station.

Despite how disillusioned I feel with how many have voted for 4 more years with Trump, there are just as many, in fact several million more, who have used the only opportunity they have to say from by casting their vote.

Trump’s contempt for democracy is shameful and his silent followers’ backstabbing is appalling. Not to mention the citizens who obviously do not feel affected by Trump’s constant attacks on anything he cannot identify with.

I hope that when the postal votes are counted and we know the result in the last important states, then Biden wins. But when Trump, the symbol of the leader of the free world, in advance fuels skepticism about the democratic process, and so many apparently agree with him – then it’s hard to see how the United States should emerge from the democratic crisis the country in.

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