Danmark har slået sin minkbestand ned – af hensyn til fællesskabet. Ikke alle Europas regeringer er villige til at udvise samme solidaritet.

Hvad blev der af ansvarsfølelsen og fællesskabet, hvis det enkelte land sætter egne økonomiske interesser over Europas borgeres helbred?

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Denmark has killed its entire mink population – for the sake of the community. Not all European governments are willing to show the same solidarity

What would become of the sense of responsibility and community if each country puts its own economic interests above the health of Europe’s citizens?

Denmark has just shut down its entire mink population. Not because the EU or WHO asked us to, but because the world is in the middle of a pandemic and the government would rather react too violently than risk that a future vaccine would not have an effect on a mutated virus.

That decision has had dire consequences for the individual mink farmers, for the government and on a large number of points that have to do with the Danish population’s trust in diplomacy and authorities.

The decision was made because one thought not only of the security of the Danish population but of the whole world.

We do not see the same solidarity and willingness to sacrifice from Europe’s ski sports countries, despite the fact that they could choose to act on the basis of knowledge we already have from last year – in contrast to the action taken by the Danish government in the mink case.

Last winter, Corona was introduced in Denmark and many other EU countries, when skiing enthusiasts returned home from a skiing holiday in February. Ischgl in Austria.

That is why Germany has appealed to the EU’s ski nations, i.a. Austria, if not to keep their ski resorts open. It denies the countries. There are billions at stake in lost earnings if they do.

Austria obviously sees it as of minor importance that their ski guests risk bringing Covid-19 home to their respective countries, i.a. Denmark – with all that it entails in the form of expenses for hospitalizations, lost profits for companies because employees have to be quarantined, etc., etc. Not to mention the potential deaths that the spread of infection entails.

If anything, the Corona crisis has shown that Europe is not as entrenched a unit as we went and thought. Trade agreements work, of course, but solidarity between the peoples and the resulting handshakes and acts of solidarity may lie in a very small place. It may have implications for dealing with what will hopefully soon be the final phase of the Corona crisis. But it can also be important in other areas where the EU needs to be able to cooperate – areas that have nothing to do with trade but the well-being of citizens.

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