Trump pønser på at indsætte militæret for at kunne blive ved magten

Trump opildner demonstrationer fra højreekstremister, så han kan erklære undtagelsestilstand og sætte valget af Biden ud af kraft.

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Trump is plotting to deploy the military in order to stay in power

Trump is inciting demonstrations by right-wing extremists so he can declare a state of emergency and put the election of Biden out of force.

“Hold back, but be prepared,” Donald Trump said when asked under heavy pressure to distance himself from right-wing extremist groups. It’s not as long ago as it feels.

Since before the November presidential election, Trump has been trying to obstruct and undermine democratic processes. I have previously described this in several blogs.

Trump still has not acknowledged his election defeat. An election defeat that stands clear after countless recountings of American votes, and which has been repeatedly confirmed by the courts.

Right now, Trump, in an attempt to stay on the pinnacle of power, is running several plans, all more or less insane and undemocratic.

Let me name two:

On January 6, Congress will officially count the votes of the electors, those who, with 270 votes, give presidential power. Vice President Mike Pence will be present. He is responsible for ensuring that the counting and casting of votes is correct. A congressman, Republican Louie Gohmert of Texas, has now sued Vice President Mike Pence because he wants him to reject the election result in the swing states and thus declare Trump the winner. If that happens, democracy will be put out of play. It will be interesting to see how the eel-smooth Pence, who himself has presidential ambitions, intends to behave.

Another of Trump’s plans is just as dangerous. A large demonstration has been announced on January 6 with the participation of armed right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists who support Trump’s idea of ​​overthrowing the election result.

The plan is to create chaos and violence. Michael Flynn, whom Trump has just pardoned, has whispered in Trump’s ear that he can use the unrest from the demonstration as an excuse to send troops to the swing states and demand a new election. The idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds – although I acknowledge that here, after four years with Trump, we are again and again gaping at how he allows the interpretation of the law. If one thinks that what I am writing here is too far out, one must know that here in the United States, reputable newspapers and television stations deal with the probability that the two scenarios I describe above can be done, and whether Trump will succeed with his plans on January 6, 2021.

This summer, Trump sent troops to the city of Portland in the state of Oregon when there were demonstrations in connection with the murder of George Floyd. The mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan , went public and denied that Trump was sending troops to our city, as he had threatened. Yes, there were violent demonstrations, and there was vandalism, etc., which is in no way in order. But the city took care of it itself, we did not need black-clad officers who picked people up on the street and threw them into unidentified vehicles, as we saw in Oregon. This is not how it is done in a state governed by the rule of law, this is not how it is done in Seattle.

The Republican Party is in disarray, perhaps in disintegration. Senior officials and former Republican Trump supporters are nervous that Trump will actually take seriously his ideas of putting the military into the swing states and overthrowing the election result.

There is a law from 1807, the so-called Insurrection Act , which allows Trump to put the constitution out of action and deploy the military, so Trump can conduct a new election in the so important swing states.

Trump has repeatedly insulted the military. He should probably not expect much help for his military dictatorship from the military.

Trump is unpredictable. But he does not give up so easily. He is constantly trying to find loopholes, and he is doing that now. Whether he creates unrest, strife, violence in the streets and insecurity, he does not care. He does not helm until all possibilities, however undemocratic they may be, have been tested in an attempt to give him the power he wants.

January 6 will be a horror in many ways – both in the established political system within the high walls and outside on the streets.

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