Hjernevaskede amerikanere og republikanske medløbere er den største trussel mod demokratiet i USA

Trump bør afsættes og republikanske politikere skal vise, at de demokratiske processer er urørlige efter optøjerne i Washington D.C.

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Brainwashed Americans and Republican accomplices are the biggest threat to democracy in the United States

Trump should be ousted and Republican politicians must show that democratic processes are immovable after the riots in Washington DC

Then what I feared happened. Still, I look at the TV screen with disbelief, tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. But what is happening in the country I love so much? 

Events are evolving rapidly. The square in front of the US Congress building and on the stairs in front is filled with Trump supporters. Trump flags are flying, many protesters are dressed in camouflage clothing, several look like people on their way to war with visible automatic weapons hanging along their thighs, posture oozing with adrenaline rushes.       

Windows are smashed and politicians, journalists and administrative staff have to seek refuge in their offices while thugs run through the building that, if anything, is the symbol of US democracy. How it could even happen that elected politicians could sit so unprotected while performing one of their most important tasks is in itself incomprehensible.     

This is not a demonstration, it’s riots – yes, a terrorist attack and coup attempt. Trump has succeeded in stopping the constitutional process that was taking place and has de facto put an end to the unfolding of a democratic process. 

Republican politicians and right-wing media have a big responsibility. They have uncritically supported Trump all the way, they have given him speaking time. Everyone knew what would happen today, Trump has repeatedly announced his plan, i.a. when he wrote via Twitter on December 20: “Great protest in DC on January 6. Came! It’s going wild! ”  

Trump has succeeded in brainwashing more than 70 million Americans with his hatred and his lies. Today we see the proof that he is not harmless and full of hot air. The result of manipulation, propaganda and lies can overthrow democracies it has been seen before. Democracies are more vulnerable than many in my generation and younger understand. After the events in the capital of the United States, the symbol of America’s democracy, it should be abundantly clear that for a democracy to survive, it takes hard work, perseverance, and enlightenment to survive. 

Members of Congress, especially Republicans, who by their tacit acceptance or loud backbiting have allowed this, must stand together and certify that it is Biden who is the next legitimate president of the United States.   

According to the New York Times, it was Vice President Mike Pence who contacted the Pentagon to get the National Guard to the Congress building around Trump. 

Trump is simply watching his brainwashed followers follow the scenario he has been announcing since a few days after it became clear in early November that he had lost the presidential election.

Republicans have let Trump be Trump. It has proven to be dangerous. Now they have to show a sense of responsibility. Follow the democratic rules and principles, acknowledge your defeat. It hurts to lose, it is not easy, but for the survival of democracy, responsible elected politicians should take their responsibilities seriously – it is the future of democracy that is at stake.     

If Senators and Mike Pence do not insist on completing the certification of state election mandates that make it clear that Biden is the next president of the United States tonight or tonight, Article 25 of the Constitution should enter into force. Section 4 of Section 25 has never been enacted before, but allows Congress to remove the President with the approval of the Vice President.   

Trump clearly has dictatorial ambitions, and we have a democratically elected president standing ready and waiting behind the scenes. Let him come to a little before January 20, which is the official inauguration day for American presidents. 

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