Sugardating er en form for prostitution

Spørgsmålet er, om vi som samfund skal lovgive imod det

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Sugardating is a form of prostitution

The question is whether we as a society should legislate against it

Of course, sugardating is a form of prostitution. The definition of prostitution is that a sexual service is offered against some form of payment. And that’s exactly what sugardating is all about.

So far, it has been easy for both the young women who offer their sexual services and the older men who want to pay for them to find each other through various online sites. SF now proposes that it should be illegal for sugardating websites to receive payment to provide a forum where the parties can meet. The party compares the websites that facilitate the contact between young women and older men with rufferi.

Sugardating as words provides connotations about something sweet and naughty. But it’s not as sweet and naughty as it sounds. Sugardating is not about two adults, equal people.

Well enough, the sugardate trade does not take place from the street corner, but it can still be equated with a drug prostitute who offers herself and her body as a commodity in Skelbækgade to afford her next fix.

In both cases, there is an unequal power relationship, and as always, it is the weakest, namely the woman, who pays a high price – physically and mentally. Money is power in a completely different way than a young woman’s body is.

And before you smoke up the red box and say that two parties with a year difference can easily initiate and have a relationship, then that’s not the topic here. For, of course, there are well-functioning couples where there is a relatively large age difference, that is not what this text is about.

I was born 3 months after my aunt died of an overdose. She was a drug prostitute and drew on Halmtorvet. I grew up with the stories my grandmother passed on from her young, beautiful daughter, who with disgust in her voice told her mother about what she had to do for nasty, old men to afford to squirt in her arm. My aunt was of legal age, she entered into the agreements with the men voluntarily. But the reason she did it was about gaining access to what she was missing. I would argue that women who offer sexual services for cash payment or an item that can be purchased for cash belong to the same category.

Not all sugar daters end up paying a high price in terms of lack of self-esteem, scars on body and soul and irreparable damage. But some do, and we should take care of them and protect them.

Yes, prostitution and ruffery will always exist. But just because something happens does not mean we have to legitimize it, because it is a form of acceptance. We must not accept and contribute to young girls and women with their bodies being able to pay for older men’s sexual fantasies, even if the girls and women claim to perform their sexual services of their own free will.

The way a society shows its values ​​on scars through legislation. Actions have consequences. Legislation in this area will show that Denmark takes care of its weakest, even when they do not even know that they are.

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