Vaccinér lærere og skolepersonale inden eleverne sendes tilbage i skole

– ellers risikerer vi, at lærerne strejker

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All teachers and school staff should be vaccinated before students are sent back to school

– otherwise we risk teachers going on strike

When teachers go on strike, it affects not only the students but also their parents and the local community.

The youngest students from 0.-2. class should have been back in their classrooms last Thursday in my school district here outside of Seattle.

But the teachers decided to strike because they do not feel safe with the security protocols, the school district had announced in relation to reintegrate pupils. In solidarity, not only the teachers concerned but all teachers in the school district went on strike, which meant that all 20,000 students did not receive tuition for the duration of the strike.

Why am I telling you now? I do this because Denmark is in a similar situation. In a little while, the students in the Danish schools will be locked back in their classrooms.

I am sure that the Danish teachers and staff at the schools in Denmark have the same considerations in relation to their own and their loved ones’ health as the teachers have here in Bellevue.

We are all hammering tired of a life with restrictions, shutdowns, etc. The nerves are frayed. The parents were furious on social media.

Here in my school district, the anger of many was directed at the teachers. There are probably several reasons for this, including that here in the United States we do not have a strong tradition of the labor force gathering in trade unions. The surrounding society is for the most part negative about the idea.

But perhaps it is also easier to direct the anger to where one can immediately see a consequence for one’s own life. And you can do that when you have school-going children at home every day, while at the same time having a working day to function.

I do not blame teachers or other school staff if they have certain concerns about standing up in front of their classes and potentially exposing themselves or their loved ones to a virus we far from understand or know the consequences of. A virus that regularly presents new mutations, the consequences of which we do not know either.

Most school students’ needs for learning and social and emotional relationships are handled and thrive best in schools. Therefore, students should return to schools as soon as possible. But it must be done in a responsible way – for everyone, including the teachers, school secretaries, caretakers and all the others who make our children’s school day work.

It can be done politically: start mass vaccinations of school, high school teachers and school staff now, before Denmark is in a situation where the children risk neither receiving education in their classrooms nor at home.

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