Corona – Hvorfor afkræver det internationale samfund ikke Kina klare svar?

Vi må vi insistere på, at Kina tager ansvar og deler deres viden.

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Corona: Why does the international community not demand clear answers from China?

We must insist that China take responsibility and share their knowledge.

I am gradually convinced that the coronavirus that is ravaging the world comes from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. It is not a good tone to advocate for, I am well aware of that.

Let me be absolutely clear: I’m not saying that China deliberately let viruses escape from their laboratory – I’m saying that viruses escaped from their laboratory. There is a difference. Unfortunately, there is no difference in the consequences.

It is not said by politicians, few journalists report on it in their newspapers, on television and on the radio, but you follow the podcasts and announcements of various virologists, among other things. the podcast ” DarkHorse ” with hosts who both have a Ph.D. in biology, they argue that several things, including the way the virus responds and develops indicates that the likelihood of the virus coming from a laboratory is greater than that it does not. It’s research language when it’s most hovering, but the message is clear.

It is only now, more than a year after China became aware that they were facing a problem that could have unforeseeable consequences, that the country is sending a team of scientists into the country to take samples, analyze and later hopefully provide answers. on how what we stand for could happen.

But lurk me if not the Chinese government has cleaned with stronger cleaners than the ones I have standing under my sink.

All traces have long since been erased, and China’s propaganda machine is running at full curtain. They have long ago inaugurated a corona exhibition at the Chinese National Museum in Beijing, where they pay tribute to their own reaction and corona handling and claim that the coronavirus we are now battling with all over the world does not come from China at all. For the sake of good order, I must mention that all research indicates that it has its origins in China.

I am not out to shame a population, I want the world’s politicians and governments to hold the system in China to account and ask the country’s leadership to take responsibility for their contribution to the situation the world is in now.

However, it is not solely about placing a responsibility. The more the Chinese can tell us about the virus they undoubtedly have more knowledge of than they let the rest of the world know, the better we can understand it and respond appropriately. We constantly neck at least 10 steps afterwards. The less we know, the greater the likelihood and risk of viruses mutating and becoming more dangerous than the English, Brazilian and South African mutations we are already seeing.

China has great interests in running its propaganda apparatus in position and making it look as if the country responded promptly and has done everything in their power to be transparent in their handling and knowledge sharing. Of course, we know from various Chinese who have paid with their lives or ended up in prison that this is not the case.

China is not only an economic superpower, they also dream of expanding both territory and influence in the world. At the same time, it is not exactly a country known for its human rights.

If we let China set the agenda and let ethics and morality be a, yes, city in China, they have a shared responsibility for how bad this ends up being. And it can be much worse yet.

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  1. Desiree, af en eller anden grund kan jeg ikke komme ind på dit sidste inlœg på din blog. Måske har kina lukket den? Prøver igen i morgen. Knus, Marianne

    On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 6:47 PM Danish-American Eyes on Society wrote:

    > desireeohrbeck posted: ” Vi må vi insistere på, at Kina tager ansvar og > deler deres viden. Læs hele bloggen her: ” >


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