Hvis liv er mest værd – de unges eller de ældres?

Lempelse af restriktioner er en kold kalkule om, hvor mange menneskeliv vi er villige til at ofre på bekostning af trivsel.

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If life is worth the most – the young or the old?

Relaxation restrictions is a cold calculation of how many human lives we are willing to sacrifice at the expense of well-being.

“Shoot me a bullet in the forehead, I’m just a nuisance anyway. This is how society treats the elderly. ” That’s what my dramatic grandmother once said many years ago.

“Mom, look at us – we live in hell,” my 10-year-old son said the other day when I jokingly said during a board game that it went very well, here on day 350 of the children’s home schooling.

Today, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen held another Corona press conference. It was also today that P1 Debate had a panel that discussed young people’s well-being or lack of the same under the Corona Restrictions.

It’s a shame for everyone. It is a pity for my 10-year-old son that he has not been to school for almost a year now and that he has not had the opportunity to hang out with his peers during recess. Childhood is short, it seeps out between his fingers. It’s hard, and it takes a huge effort, for him and for us parents, to keep the mood up. Like so many other parents, we do everything we can to support both of our kids in terms of learning and mental well-being. The above example clearly shows that some days succeed better than others.

The time he has lost my son will never get back. But he has life ahead of him, hopefully ahead is an endless series of football matches, birthday parties and fun experiences with friends.

But it is also a pity for the elderly. We are primarily doing this for our elderly and for our healthcare system not to collapse. It is our elderly who pay the highest price in this pandemic.

And what, quite frankly, is the alternative? – The government knows that when they open up, infection rates, hospitalizations and mortality can be read directly within a few weeks. They work with what they call a “calculated risk”. It is clear that with today’s easing, the infection rates will increase with higher mortality among our elderly as a result. Unlike my son, the elderly have time against them, such is the clock of life.

The calculations also take into account that healthcare professionals who are more than commonly exhausted will pay a price when patients sign up. There are limits to how much more they can hold on to.

This is hard for everyone. We all want our lives back. But we now know that an opening, no matter how small, means higher infection rates. Conversely, there are socially both personal and economic considerations to take into account. Buttons are being turned on, the government has a pretty good idea of ​​which buttons are triggering how many are infected, the question is which groups should benefit from the easing.

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