Hvis man som skoleelev ikke vil lade sig teste, bør man ikke have lov til at komme i skole

Børn bliver måske ikke så syge af Covid, men det gør deres bedsteforældre.

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If you are a student and does not want to be tested, you should not be allowed to go to school

Children may not get as sick from covid-19, but so do their grandparents.

The schools are opening around Denmark. It is well. However, children under the age of 12 do not have to be tested, and if they are over the age of 12, they are strongly encouraged to do so, but it is not a requirement to be able to go to school.

Excuse me: How can it be okay for a student to refuse to be tested and potentially infect right and left to innocent students who risk bringing the infection home to their parents and grandparents?

Politicians should either announce that no one should be tested or that everyone should be tested. A principle of voluntariness that exists between two chairs can only lead to misunderstandings and frictions between students, teachers and parents.

In addition, the principle of volunteering means that those students who themselves have a weakened immune system or have parents and grandparents who are particularly vulnerable are forced to stay at home at the expense of students who are free to stroll around the school without taking into account their classmates and thus fellow citizens. It is a form of bullying where the strongest decide; it has apparently never been the intention of the schoolyard bully to set the agenda.

In Denmark, we are known for taking care of the weak, thinking of the community rather than ourselves. This makes up for the principle of voluntariness in relation to the students’ tests.

One thing is that the little students do not get very sick when they get covid-19, and one obviously therefore thinks it is okay that they should not be tested, something else is that they may be infected when they have a virus in nose and throat – without even knowing it. Here, some would say that children do not infect as much as adults. For me to see, it does not matter if they are as contagious as the adults: If they are contagious, there is a risk. There have been various reports from science – it is uncertain how much children with coronavirus are contagious, our knowledge is constantly evolving with this disease. Therefore, it makes sense to test everyone, just in case.

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Schools should test all students at all grade levels. If they do not have the resources to do so, they must wait to open until they have the resources required for all students to be tested.

If there are students who refuse to be tested, they should be sent home – for the sake of the efforts and the sacrifices that large sections of the population make to keep the number of infections down.

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