EU har spillet corona-fallit – Mette Frederiksen skal søge hjælp, hvor den er

Selvfølgelig skal Danmark bruge Israels erfaringer, og statsministeren skal ikke sige nej til vidensudveksling, fordi der er gået venstrefløjspopulisme i sagen.

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The EU has failed to deal with Corona – PM Mette Frederiksen must seek help elsewhere

Of course, Denmark must use Israel’s experience, and the Prime Minister must not say no to the exchange of knowledge, just because some politicians want to make the visit about left-wing populism.

It became clear quite early on that the collaboration on the handling of corona and later the manufacture and distribution of vaccines was not working. On average, 5 per cent. of the EU population received a vaccine, Denmark is slightly higher. EU countries are lagging behind as the virus rumbles out of there.

In many ways, it has been ugly and sad to see how an EU that I thought would stand together to deal with the crisis has drowned in bureaucracy and lack of cooperation. The EU lags far behind the vaccination plan. What initially appeared to be an advantage, namely that the EU as a whole negotiated contracts with the pharmaceutical industry, has proved to be ineffective. Therefore, it is only natural that Mette Frederiksen has chosen to seek other avenues in the search for solutions.

Israel is far ahead in vaccinating its population, more than 40 per cent have received full vaccination, over 55 per cent. have received at least one injection. There are many reasons why the country is so far ahead with their vaccination program, i.a. that they have entered into an agreement with Pfizer to share health information about the population in exchange for receiving a large number of doses.

It is not such a plan that is planned in relation to Frederiksen’s meeting in Israel. Israel does not have manufacturing capacity. But they have already vaccinated such a large part of their population that they have valuable experience in distributing and managing a nationwide vaccination program. We can use that knowledge and experience in Denmark.

The Palestinian question has nothing to do with the exchange of knowledge that can benefit Danish citizens.

Therefore, it is logical that Mette Frederiksen seeks outside the EU’s borders in her search for how Denmark should get out of and on in its vaccination process in the near future and in the longer term. For the truth that we have been too long to acknowledge is, after all, that it looks like we are going to have to relate to the corona for many years to come, perhaps forever.

Whether Israel should have a different strategy in relation to the vaccination of Palestinians in the occupied territories muddies the picture. Palestinians living in Israel are being vaccinated. And yes, there is a point in that i.a. The UN says it is Israel’s responsibility to allow the vaccines ordered by Palestine to actually arrive. But the Palestinian question has nothing to do with the exchange of knowledge that can benefit Danish citizens.

The Russians are ready to sell their Sputnik v to Europe, China will probably do the same with their CoronaVac . Perhaps it plays into Mette Frederiksen’s considerations that she would rather cooperate with a country that gets its vaccines from Western countries we have more in common with than dictatorships like Russia and China, which both have ambitions to increase their world influence.

Of course, Mette Frederiksen must take care of her own population and save Danish lives if she can. Put at the forefront, her priority as the country’s leader must of course be to do everything she can to get the Danes and Denmark well out of the pandemic. She must not say no to exchanging experiences or a future collaboration on vaccinations for the Danes, now and in the coming years, because in Denmark there has been left-wing populism in the Prime Minister’s attempt to find solutions, for the future of the Danes and Denmark.

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