Blå øjne, lys hud og dansk uden accent garanterer ikke, at du er mere dansk end Abdulhadi

Demokratiske værdier og kamp for menneskerettigheder har intet med hudfarve men alt med sindelag at gøre

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Blue eyes, fair skin, and speaking Danish without an accent do not guarantee that you are more Danish than Abdulhadi

Democratic values ​​and the struggle for human rights have nothing to do with skin color but everything to do with mindset.

It irritates me endlessly when Danish media talk about taking women and their children “home” to Denmark from the camps in Syria. Denmark is not their “home”.

When their sharia project exceeded all expectations, and their husbands pushed homosexuals to their deaths from tall buildings, slaughtered and raped Christians, and beheaded journalists, they had no moral qualms about what they saw, experienced, and participated in, and happily burned their beetroot passports. for open screen.

This morning I read three articles on the subject. Jyllands-Posten describes how a Danish citizen has been in prison for 10 years and has been subjected to torture and sexual assault in the Gulf state of Bahrain.

Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, his name is. Yes, the name sounds strange, it is not as easy on the tongue to say for most Danes as Anders Jensen. Nevertheless, Abdulhadi has fought for democracy and human rights, and therefore he is now sentenced to life in prison and rotting in a prison under, to say the least, reprehensible conditions. He has been doing this for 10 years.

The second article is about a young Danish man with blue eyes, fair skin and a sounding Jutlandic Danish pronunciation without an accent. The article is from Politiken. Later in the morning, Jyllands-Posten had an article about the same IS fighter that the newspaper calls “IS dangers.”

Him here is a real charm bass. Despite growing up in a pre-Danish family, he ended up going to Syria to fight for IS. Here, a family divorced their 15-year-old daughter away; the story does not report anything that the girl was involved in that decision. The fact that he married a child without so much as expressing the slightest scruples does not seem to affect the man, whom Politiken calls Peter, but who Jyllands-Posten mentions by his real name Anders Jensen.

Anders has also thought it’s fine that the women within IS came for a little walk at the police station to find out how they should dress if they did not just comply with the rules of complete cover when walking in public space. .

Incidentally, it was also just silly that he could find a large, empty apartment when he needed it. Like another Nazi, he simply took over an abandoned apartment he found appropriate. Why Politiken’s journalist does not ask Anders whether he considered who had previously lived in the apartment is incomprehensible to me.

All in all, this and many other interviews with former IS fighters and mothers in the al-Hol and al- Roj camps are an expression of handheld microphones. I have the impression that journalists from various Danish media are so happy when they finally get the opportunity to have an interview in-house that they forget the clarifying, in-depth and critical questions. It gives the beautiful young people we so desperately want to believe in “just” making stupid youthful mistakes the opportunity to completely paint the picture of themselves that is most favorable and that can give them the best possible publicity for their cause. and in the Danish population.

What Anders saw and even helped to do for IS, he is not interested in telling about. And the journalist accepts it. Imagine if the Danish media started making demands before they created such an attractive platform as a voice in the media is. On the whole, Donald seems rather careless and does not express any kind of remorse or remorse in relation to the life he has led during the now overthrown caliphate. Perhaps he also has a firm belief that with his Danish appearance and citizenship he will probably “come home” to Denmark. Here he can continue his radicalized lifestyle to the danger of his equally blue-eyed compatriots.

For my sake, Danish Anders can with the blue eyes sit in a prison and rot. I much rather saw Abdulhadi walking up and down the streets of a Danish provincial or big city.

Diplomacy should be dragged out when it comes to types like Anders Jensen. Because yes, there is a difference in crimes, and there is also a difference in the degree of Danish mindset.

Not everyone is entitled to the same hard-working government, regardless of whether they all state that they are Danish. I would rather see a democracy like Denmark signal to the outside world that if you are in prison because you have fought for democracy and human rights, then the Danish state does what it can to get him out.

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