Nej, vi taler ikke for meget om indvandrere, flygtninge og integration – det gælder Danmarks fremtid

De små poder i klasselokalerne bliver afgørende for, hvad vi vil med vores samfund og demokrati.

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We are not talking enough about immigrants, refugees and integration – the future of Denmark is at stake

Elementary school children are crucial when it comes to where we want to take our society and democracy.

The other day I listened to P1 Debate , where the Radical Left’s Samira Nawa Amini argued that “foreign policy and foreigner debate ” takes up too much space. 

I disagree with that. The consequences of immigration affect all parts of society. Whether we relate to education policy, welfare policy, penal framework discussions, housing policy , etc. , etc. , the influence of Islam and immigration is crucial to how we want Denmark to develop in the future.

Furthermore, we should be able to agree that the challenges will not disappear if we make the ostrich Swede model, stick our heads in the sand and close our eyes to the problems.

Unfortunately, Denmark has become a society where strong forces are at stake, working hard to use the democratic rights that Danish law allows for non-democratic indoctrination.

Take e.g. the debate on independent schools. The first free school saw the light of day in 1852 as a reaction to the public peasant school’s strict principles of discipline and memorization of especially biblical texts. The founder Chresten Kold saw imagination and creativity as the driving force behind children’s professional development, his thoughts were inspired by NFS Grundtvig.

So far so good, it all sounds very healthy and completely in the Danish spirit.

Unfortunately, work is underway to set up indoctrination schools where children learn that the only true faith is Islam.

Danish legislation gives free schools the opportunity to determine their own student composition and build on their own values. When the legislation was passed, no one had foreseen how it could be abused.

The schools have no requirements for the teachers’ educational background, you can only shudder at the thought of who is being invited into the classroom fold.

The idea that one could bring in a potter, a writer or others of that caliber and teach the children was perhaps a good idea as a basic idea. It was then that Denmark consisted exclusively of a group of people who largely shared the same traditions, the same culture and the same basic Christian-based values.

But it is a pretty bad idea not to have requirements for teachers’ education when the principle is abused to erode the basis of Danish values ​​and instead preach extremism – even paid for by Danish tax dollars.

The Denmark that works so hard to get a difficult-to- integrate group integrated thus pays to hatch parallel societies in the earliest childhood years – where it is important to get them into the Danish fold and show them what values ​​Denmark based on.

In today’s Denmark, it is blatantly naive that Danish tax dollars in the form of state taxes have to be paid to indoctrinate the next generation of podcasts. In order for the Denmark we want to exist in the future with the Danish values ​​and manners, it is important that children are introduced to the society of which they must be a part in the future. A society based on democracy and gender equality. A free society that has taken generations to build.

Schools that preach that students should keep their distance from non-Muslim Danes and, in general, promote an us-and-them with hatred for exactly that country’s values, we so diligently try to get them to be a part of, hear not at home in Denmark.

In a society like Denmark, it is crucial to have a common core and an understanding of the Danish culture and the Danish community, which everyone should want to contribute to. One may question whether it makes sense in this context to support schools that teach Islam and Arab culture as the desirable form of society.

Danish tax dollars should not go to promoting thoughts and ideologies that go directly against the democratic spirit. Time and time again, it has emerged that independent schools promote values ​​that are far from the Danish and slow down integration.

That’s where we’re. So what do you do? Do you insist that Kold’s basic idea of ​​free schools is beautiful and good and good for your pod’s creative learning? If you do, then you continue to provide the opportunity to rabid Islam preachers have free access to young students’ worldview.

In my view, we need to change our approach to society as it changes. Denmark needs to introduce laws that make it more difficult to set up schools that go directly against Danish values.

Opposition to the change of something as core Danish as free schools is as naive as the desire to stick to the good old days. They no longer exist, and if we do nothing to make it easier to intervene and influence the next generation of young people to have a democratic mindset with a love of Danish culture, then in a few years there will be no Danish culture to pass on.

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