Ups! Når man vil ramme sin modstander, men skyder sig selv i foden

Floridas republikanere laver valgrestriktioner, der rammer egne vælgere.

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Oops! When you want to hit your opponent, but it backfires

Florida Republicans are making election restrictions that hit their own voters.

You probably remember how Trump thundered against the fact that the Americans voted by mail in the last presidential election – and how the outcome, due to postal votes, benefited the Democrats?

And what do you do when you have a hard time winning? Well , if you are a Republican, then you are cheating on the scales and introducing rules that make it harder for your opponent’s supporters to vote. Obviously, democratic rights and ” liberty and justice for all” still do not mean much when it comes down to it.

The state of Georgia has already introduced austerity measures to make it harder to vote by mail. Texas and Arizona are also on the move with new initiatives. Each state has its own characteristics. Common to the legislation is that it seeks to target non-Republican groups. It is undemocratic and unethical.

What do the changes consist of? There are many new initiatives, but here are a few examples:

The identification requirements of the individual voter are tightened. If you move around a lot, as many people with connections to the military do, then there may be a discrepancy between driving licenses and other documents, e.g. your current address and you will not be allowed to cast your vote.

You must also, within a certain period of time, ask to vote by mail at each election and will not automatically receive a ballot paper. If you do not apply to vote by post according to carefully specified rules, you will not receive a ballot paper and thus lose the opportunity to cast your vote.

In Florida, one wants to please Trump. Therefore, new restrictive rules have been urgently considered to cast votes in the upcoming elections. There’s just one monkey there.

Because in Florida, it was precisely postal votes that in its time meant that the balance of power changed, so it is now the Republicans who are in power.

Unlike other states, Republicans have been actively pursuing a strategic program for the past 40 years to promote the ability to vote by mail. But why now?

Florida has a large population of past and present military people, and the state is also known for its large population of retirees. These groups traditionally vote Republican.

In the case of military personnel, they often move around a lot and are posted, which makes it easier to vote by mail, and in the case of pensioners, leaving home is not always easy. Both groups are crucial in the election for Republicans.

But now Florida intends to introduce restrictions that make it harder to vote, and which in particular make it harder to vote by mail. Among other things. there are plans to set up fewer mailboxes where people can send their ballot papers from. If you are elderly and have difficulty walking, then your ballot paper may be on the table at home after an election. You never left, the trip was too long and arduous.

Rumor has it that Republican lawmakers too late came to mind that the legislation they were in the process of mashing through was likely to hit their own supporters harder than their political opponents. Despite this foot error, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced that he will probably sign when the bills land on his desk – one is probably a loyal Trump soldier.

Thus, Florida’s Republican lawmakers are most likely to suppress their own votes when they hit the groups that traditionally vote Republican.

How will Republican lawmakers stumble out of having shot themselves in the foot after the next election result?

Before we get the answer to that, one can only lament the hundreds of austerity measures that Republican lawmakers and many swing states are introducing these months to keep certain groups away from the ballot box.

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