Hårdere straffe vil kunne få terroraspiranter på andre tanker

Hvis folk med terroristdrømme havde udsigt til årtier bag tremmer, når de sad og planlagde død og ødelæggelse, kunne det være, at trusselsbilledet i Europa ville se anderledes ud.

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Tougher prison sentences would make terrorist aspirants think twice

If people with terrorist dreams had the prospect of decades behind bars when they sat and planned death and destruction, it could be that the threat picture in Europe would look different.

Two days ago, a young man of 20 years was arrested at the airport here in my state, Washington. The man was on his way from Seattle to Amsterdam and from there wanted to move on to the Middle East to fight for ISIS.

Earlier , a mosque had tried to de-radicalize him, his mother had repeatedly approached the FBI, and he had been excluded from social media due to his updates.

The FBI has been keeping a close eye on the man’s internet activity and activities since November, after the mosque approached him the same month, saying the man had chatted with ISIS members and watched propaganda videos on the mosque’s computers.

Now the members of the mosque who reached out to the authorities have been proclaimed heroes.

The man is charged with providing material assistance to ISIS, and for that he could end up behind bars for up to 20 years.

The United States is known for its harsh punishments. One can discuss which offenses deserve harsh punishments and which do not. We have that discussion all the time here.

But when it comes to Islamist radicalization, there is consensus that such dark forces should have such harsh punishments that others are deterred before they start playing with the idea of ​​cutting off the heads of people, pushing homosexuals out of buildings, blowing up innocent people. air and fight democracy.

As the homogeneity of Europe changes and a religion with fundamentally different values ​​is now a part of every European country, so there is no longer a consensus on what is morally and ethically right and wrong, one might consider similarly harsh punish when it comes to this type of crime – also in Denmark?

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