Trump undersøger mulighed for at indtage Det Hvide Hus til sommer

Selv hvis det skulle vise sig, at han vandt det amerikanske præsidentvalg (og det gør han ikke!), bliver han ikke genindsat som præsident.

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Trump is exploring the possibility of moving back into the White House this summer

Even if it turns out he won the US presidential election (and it will not!), He will not be re-instated as president.

Here we go again. Trump is like a Jack in the Box – you know, the children’s toy where you turn a handle on a box until a clown jumps out and you sit back scared.

He always has some sort of pull in the threads behind the scenes – to get maximum media coverage, but probably also because his confused soul, and his faithful gunmen who willingly with their backstabbing push him forward, believe in some of the misguided thoughts he keeps promoting.

Most recently, it has emerged that he is waiting for the results of yet another vote count of the votes in the state of Arizona. One Republican privately hired company is trying to get the vote annulled, and Trump believes it could be the first domino piece that could help reinstate him as President of the White House.

Let’s face it with seven-inch nails: It has been repeatedly stated that the American election was the ultimate safest and most correctly executed in the history of the United States . Furthermore, the votes of the citizens have been counted again and again and again – and again… – with the result that Joe Biden has again and again – and again, – been proclaimed the winner of the election.

And so Mike Pence did his duty that day in Congress, respecting democracy.

And here’s the crux of why Trump now hates Pence so fiercely. After the election, Trump did everything in his power to prolong the result by, in one state after another, bringing one impossible legal argument to the fore after another. Arguments that in several cases were swept off the court by Republican judges on the grounds that there was no evidence for the allegations.

At the time, Trump even aired in the best dictatorial foggy dreams the possibility that he could stay in the White House while counts and various lawsuits – even after his presidency expired. Actually pretty ingeniously thought of by a man who has decades of experience with the legal system and dragging his own innumerable lawsuits into the long haul.

But then there was just that with the Constitution. And it could not even his most faithful gunmen, like Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo get around.

But let’s play with the idea that the result of all these counts shows that Trump still won the election. It does not, but let’s take the argument all the way out where there is no way back. Then maybe we can close the case.

Whether or not Trump had won, there is nothing that can change the fact that it is Biden who sits as president of the White House. There is simply no legal basis for doing anything.

Is it a problem? Yes, it is, if so many as it is, fully and firmly believe that democracy has gone bankrupt, that something has gone wrong – that democracy has not been respected.

Millions of Americans are convinced that something has gone wrong in the democratic process. That there have been errors in the ballot boxes, that there are thousands of votes hidden away in boxes at various polling stations, etc., etc.

And what does that mean? This naturally means that no matter how many times we get by knowing that electoral procedures are followed to the letter, how many times re-counted how many Internet security experts and sages who speak out – so have faith and confidence in the American democracy a little a crack.

But it also means that those politicians who are well aware that Trump will not be installed in the White House are taking advantage of the momentum of his diversionary maneuvers as an opportunity to influence future elections in other ways, and thus get the results they want.

And how do they do that? – they do this by changing the rules of the game for the next time elections are to be held, so that the local rules for who can vote and when significantly increase the probability that they will get the result they want. Specifically, it is made more difficult to vote by minimizing opening hours, having fewer polling stations, tightening identification requirements, etc.

Quietly, the rules of the democratic game are changing, so that large groups in society are deprived of the opportunity to make their voices heard. And politicians do it from their neat offices in the states’ local political bodies without breaking the law, without having to get involved with conspiracy theorists.

And maybe that’s really what Trump knows. The long-term strategy can be pushed forward, occasionally popping up from his box and causing everyone’s eyes to turn towards him, while his dazzled sect members cast their veil of distraction, play their part and scream for attention.

Whatever the strategy, it is dangerous – for democracy and for the future of the American people as a cohesive country.

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