I USA er du på røven, hvis du ikke har et job – men corona har ændret på magtbalancen mellem arbejdsgiver og arbejdstager.

Fyringer, offentlige hjælpepakker og tid i isolation får folk til at tænke over, hvad de vil med deres liv.

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Photo by Olivier Douliery

In the US, you are fucked if you do not have a job – but corona has changed the balance of power between employer and employee.

Getting fired, economic impact payments, and time in isolation have made people think about what they want in life.

As of May 31, there were 9 million job vacancies in the United States. People are quitting their jobs to a degree never seen before here, in April alone, 4 million quit their jobs around the United States. It indicates a self-confidence in people with no or low education. The United States is known for its quick trip to the bottom if you lose your job. There is a lot at stake for the brave people who dare to quit their jobs.

Bars, restaurants and hotels were hardest hit when everything closed down here. In March and April this year, bars and restaurants gradually began to reopen. During the same period, 1.3 million laid off their jobs in the bar and restaurant industry.

A year ago, people were laid off from one day to the next due to corona in the very same industries. Now there are notices of vacancies hanging in the windows of many restaurants that are desperately looking for labor and trying to outdo each other in attractive salaries.

Why is that? Wouldn’t one think that the way the American system is structured would make people do everything to take and keep a job? Maybe something other than a monthly paycheck is at stake.

For while all these fired people have gone home, for many backed by various checks from the government that enabled them to pay their bills and put food on the table, they have had what it usually takes to think and reflects on his life. Time.

Many have become aware that they work in a vulnerable industry where there are quick hires – but also quick layoffs.

And then they think about what it is they want with their lives. For many, it is something different from what they did – both professionally and family-wise. Therefore, they use the new opportunity to apply for new educations or apply for jobs in industries other than the one they have experienced can remove the carpet under them in one quick roof, without them having any control over their life situation.

It’s so easy to run around the hamster wheel, to do what’s expected in the role you’re in now. And here in the United States, for many it has been a necessity to go to work and look after a job you really could not. lie. The system here is very different from the Danish one, and it is not far to the bottom if you are out of work from one day to the next.

To keep a job, you do not like the hard work. For many, it becomes routine to do what is expected, see one week take the next, one year the next – without giving up alternative ways of living a thought.

But the corona pandemic has challenged and forced most of us, given us time to think about our values.

And that is perhaps very good – for the individual’s future dreams on private and work fronts. Most importantly, if women and men with aspirations for something other than what they spend their lives on without passion are given the opportunity and courage to jump out and live their dream. “Nothing is so bad that it’s not good for anything,” as my matter-of-fact grandmother would say. This obviously also applies to pandemics.

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