Debatten om vanvidskørsel minder mig om våbendiskussionen her i USA

Når man låner sin bilnøgle ud, kan det koste menneskeliv – og det må man tage ansvar for, hvis det ender galt.

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The Danish debate about insane speeding is similar to the gun violence debate in the United States

When you lend someone your car keys, it can end up costing lives – and, yes, you have to take responsibility if something happens.

In several states in the United States, parents can be punished if their child or teenager gains access to and uses a weapon that has not been stored properly.

In Denmark, parents, boyfriends and leasing companies can have the car confiscated if they borrow or lease it to someone who is taken in a crazy drive.

This is how it should be – both in the USA and in Denmark. As the owner of a weapon or a car, you have a responsibility for your property and can not just wash your hands and hide behind the fact that you did not know it would end the way it did, with a shooting or with a child who becomes killed or maimed.

There are several arguments in play when I hear the Danish debate. Some believe that the owner of the car can not be held responsible if things go wrong. To that, I would simply say that it is a evasion of responsibility of one’s own responsibility and the role of parent.

I doubt that even the same parents would find it okay for the state to deprive them of various rights because they were not deemed fit to be able to make the right moral choices themselves. If one wants to be deprived of responsibility on one point, one must be willing to consider how that argument ends in its ultimate consequence – and that is a rather frightening scenario.

As a parent, boyfriend, friend, landlord, you have a responsibility. Talk to the person you are lending the keys to, imprint on them the responsibility of getting into a potential death machine. And do not lend the car if you think the person can not live up to the responsibility it is to drive responsibly.

Another argument is downright unsympathetic. It sounds something like this: Young people have speed in their blood, they have nowhere to go for the desire to give the gas that man has always broken the law, and it will continue to do so, no matter what the economic consequence is.

What has just gone wrong in a person’s head thinking like that? The argument leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to dealing with personal responsibility, how the relatives’ lives can be changed with a flick of the finger and never be the same again after they have been told that one of their loved ones has been subjected to insanity. consequences.

This scornful attitude towards other people’s lives, unsympathetic and rather obsessively emotionally underdeveloped attitude, makes it run cold down my spine. What kind of citizens are they when they are not behind the wheel?

And as for car renters, could they appropriately think about their responsibilities instead of just focusing on rental income? With the possibility of penalizing, it could be thought that their algorithms pretty quickly make it impossible for insane drivers to qualify or afford dead-driving in muscle cars.

It is probably very good that parents are being punished, so they may be able to think a little about what irresponsible citizens they have raised their children to become.

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