Derfor opfordrer sundhedsmyndighederne igen alle i USA til at bære mundbind

Selvom du er vaccineret, kan du stadig både blive smittet og smitte andre

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Here is why the health authorities again urge everyone in the United States to wear a mask

Even if you have been vaccinated, you can still get infected and shed the virus to others

For the last few months, and especially since July 4, we in this house have again participated in social events, not worn masks outdoors and let the children play, swim and be seen with friends and girlfriends – all exclusively outside, but completely different , than before the summer holidays.

But after the health authorities in recent days have changed their message about how the delta variant spreads, we have again had to reintroduce restrictions in our own and in the children’s dealings with the outside world. Now they wear masks again, even when seen with friends outside.

It apparently never stops, the Corona saga continues, and science is lagging behind with a gentle stream of new information to the citizens of the world in an attempt to help us reduce the spread.

Let it be clear first: Getting vaccinated is still your best weapon to protect yourself from getting sick.

We all knew by now that the delta variant is the most contagious of the variants so far. We also knew that a fully vaccinated person can become infected and that the vaccine means that the vast majority have mild symptoms. But it is new that an infected person who has been vaccinated has as much virus in his system as non-vaccinated, and that he or she can be infected just as much.

That is why everyone, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated, is now encouraged here in the United States to use masks indoors and outdoors again when we move around in public.

What is the basis for the health authorities’ announcement? July 4th is one of the biggest holidays here for everyone – perhaps with the exception of some indigenous peoples, but let it be – where neither political nor religious affiliation affects the good party atmosphere. It now turns out that the authorities have followed a major outbreak of the delta variant, which began on July 4 , in which several hundred people became infected with the virus. Despite the fact that they were fully vaccinated.

Viruses are constantly evolving and adapting. We do not know what the next variant offers – maybe we will get one soon, the vaccinations do not work against.

That risk is highest when a community has many vaccinated, while the level of spread of infection is high , as is the case now. Therefore, we must not relax the requirements for wearing a mask or other precautions such as keeping a distance. Because the more people who are infected, the greater the chance that the virus will mutate to a level where it will eventually be vaccine resistance.

It does not have to go so wrong. If everyone gets vaccinated fast. We have no other weapons that can stop a development that can have catastrophic consequences for all of us.

My son is 11 and therefore not vaccinated. My daughter is 13 and has been fully vaccinated for several months. Unfortunately, the same is not true of all her friends, whose parents, for some, have concerns about vaccinating their children. Until everyone who can is vaccinated, society in a myriad of different areas will pay a price – at the macro and micro level.

On a more personal level, I’m probably not the only one who would like to see happy children who play and create social contacts and have a normal everyday life for children and young people. For that matter, I would also very much like to see adults of all ages who can move safely and securely inside and out without worrying about getting infected or getting infected. If we are to get there, everyone – even those with concerns – must roll up their sleeves, bare their upper arms and get vaccinated and then see to wearing that mask. If we do not, we will never win back our freedom individually and together.

It is actually quite easy, both for those who are for and for those who are against vaccines and masks. Because we want the same thing. Have our lives back. In that desire, we might, whether with different beliefs, form a common front. Then we can always afterwards return to our lives based on the beliefs and ideologues we find best and afterwards quarrel across .

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