Hvorfor lytter nogle danskere til fladpandet USA-inspireret vaccinemodstand?

Er udokumenterede covid-påstande i højere kurs end sund fornuft og dokumenteret videnskab?

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Why do some Danes listen to US-inspired dark web anti-vaxxer conspiracies?

Are undocumented Covid claims considered more valid than common sense proven science?

“Children do not get as sick as adults.”

“Vaccines can affect fertility.”

I have heard such arguments in the Danish vaccination debate.

Covid is going strong – the virus is ever-changing. Now it is no longer primarily the older part of the population that is hard hit.

Here in the United States, hospitals are filling up with children, people in their 20s, 30s, 40s. A friend circulated on Facebook a post from a mother waiting in a parking lot with her cancer-stricken child who could not get help because the beds in the pediatric ward were filled with covid patients.  

Yesterday, a woman here in my state, Washington, died after waiting for a vacancy in the intensive care unit outside her local hospital, another had to wait for six hours for a life-saving operation. A third patient had to be flown to another state because there was no room in the hospitals here. A hospital doctor said in an interview that one should be careful about doing something hasty and dangerous, the hospitals may not be able to accept one if one needs their help.

On my TV screen, two parents are standing next to their son’s hospital bed. The son lies with a mask over his face, which gives him the oxygen he needs so he can breathe. He speaks in shock, clearly having a hard time finding the strength to get the words out.

The journalist asks the parents why they have not received the vaccine.

“We were not sick, so we did not think we needed it,” they reply.

Do people not understand that you get the vaccine so as not to get sick?

It is better to get the vaccines in the Danish arms than it is here. Still, I hear arguments in the debate in Denmark that remind me of the rhetoric of the American vaccine debate. Claims that it is unhealthy for children to wear masks, that it can affect fertility to be vaccinated, that the vaccine is so new that it is not necessary for the healthy to receive the sticks. All without any base in reality, in scientific studies and according to medical knowledge.

Here in the United States, the internet is flooded with articles that go directly against the message that the health authorities are trying to get through. Shortly after hearing the crazy undocumented claims here, I can hear the echo of the completely undocumented allegations circulating in the Danish debate – with the result that fewer people get vaccinated and take the necessary precautions so that we can get ahead of developments and mutations and with the result that the divide in populations grow bigger.

How did we arrive at a place where common sense and documented science are trumped by quack-postulates?

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