Betal for din egen behandling på hospitalet, hvis du ikke er vaccineret og får brug for behandling

Lev med konsekvenserne, hvis du har vist så lidt respekt for det omgivende samfund.

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You should pay for your own treatment at the hospital if you are not vaccinated and need Covid-related hopsptal care

Out of respect for your surrounding community, you should own up to your responsibility and live with the consequences of your choices if you decided not to get vaccinated.

Infection rates are rising in Denmark. The whole world is watching, while Denmark, as one of the first countries, is forced to deal with the new Covid variant. England and Norway also have high Omicron numbers.

These days, new infection rate records are regularly broken in Denmark. Experts predict that the variant will be the dominant one this week. In other words, Omicron is incredibly contagious.

I was starting to think we had turned a corner, especially after Denmark a few months ago declared Covid was no longer a critical disease to society in Denmark. Both the BBC and CNN had the story from the small country. A hope sprouted, was this the beginning of the end for this horrible virus?

But the country made the announcement too quickly. Danish politicians and experts are now nervous about whether the healthcare system can cope with the pressure in the coming months. The country is running out of beds in the intensive care units, and even if they could get more beds ready, they do not have enough staff to take care of the patients.

In Denmark everyone has had access to the vaccines. The vaccines are even free of charge. It has been incredible easy to roll up your sleeve and get the jab, something that is in stark contrast to the situation in many other parts of the world.

If you have not been vaccinated, you have made an active choice. And let me be clear: I am not talking about those citizens who, for health reasons, cannot be vaccinated. They are even more than those of us who are not immunity compromised dependent on the rest of us rolling up our sleeves.

No, I’m thinking of you who, for no good reason, make the incredibly selfish choice that you do not want to be vaccinated – just because. Maybe you’re lost in the conspiracy fanatic world, maybe you have just not come around to getting it done. Regardless, at this point in the pandemic, your excuse is pretty bad and I think you ought to live with the consequences – and stay away from the hospital if you get sick with Covid and need treatment. And if you do not want to stay away but want treatment, it’s only fair that you pay for your Covid-related self-induced treatment yourself – a treatment that, when it comes down to it, could in all probability have been avoided if you had had a little respect for your fellow human beings.

I’m not just talking about the Danes. We have the same problem with people who do not want to get vaccinated here in the United States. In several places, surgeries have been postponed because the hospitals are full of unvaccinated Covid patients. My point of view applies to anyone who has had access to the vaccines but has not wanted to get the jab.

In the western part of the world, we should at least have the level of respect for our fellow citizens and for the people in other parts of the world who do not have the same free access to vaccinations as we do, that we dial down our reluctance and teenage rebellion attitude against authorities. You can protest and demonstrate all you want, but do it after you have been vaccinated. And why don´t you put on a mask while your are at it?

You can´t have it both ways. If you become ill with Covid, and you need hospital treatment, and you have made a conscious choice not to let yourself be vaccinated, then you have to pay for your treatment – or ideally stay away from the hospital.

You are dragging down the health care system which is already low on ressources. You basically fill up a hospital bed someone else needs. Other patients are at risk of dying from cancer, from the consequences of a traffic accident or something else, because they cannot access a hospital bed. All because of your foolish choice.

And yes, I have read that you reach people by trying to understand and reasoning with them and not by scolding – but two years into the pandemic’s horrific restrictive everyday life and rising death tolls, my patience is running thing.

Sure, it´s your right to choose not to get vaccinated. But if you make that choice you should have the decency then to live with the consequences when you experience the Covid symptoms and you start coughing and gasping for air.

Because, you could have chosen differently – for the good of your society and for your fellow human being. If you have no problem knowing how this disease have life threatening consequences for your fellow human being, then shouldn´t you should also be willing to live with life-threatening consequences for yourself?

One thought on “Betal for din egen behandling på hospitalet, hvis du ikke er vaccineret og får brug for behandling”

  1. Du har fuldstœndig ret, Desiree. Uvaccinerede er nogenlunde at sammenligne med folk med selvmordsbœlter, bortset fra at, i modsœtning til at blive spredt i småstykker over hele fortorvet, optager de plads på hospitalerne, der kan bruges til bedre ting.


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