Er europæiske terrorister på mission i USA den nye trend?

Skal USA forberede sig på terrorangreb fra europæiske borgere?

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Will we see more European terrorists in the United States in the future?

Perhaps the United States needs to get used to Islamist terrorists making the trip from Europe to the United States to commit their atrocities.

School shootings, gang violence, violent acts of right-wing extremists. The United States has plenty of problems within its own borders.

On Saturday, 44-year-old Englishman Malik Faisal Akram, disguised as a homeless man, was invited in for tea at a synagogue in Texas. Here, the man from Blackburn in England pulled a gun and took four hostages.

Akram was mentally disturbed, his brother claims. But aren´t all terrorists? Apparently, Akram was not diagnosed. Any family member can claim that the perpetrator was mentally ill. After all, this claim is more convenient than having a terrorist in your midst.

“It makes sense that European Islamists would go to the United States. America has for years been proclaimed to be the Islamists’ enemy number one.

Everyone who would even think of murdering innocent people is mentally challenged. I would argue that Islamists per definition, because of their oppressive ideological views, are mentally deranged.

Islamists and mental issues go hand in hand, one does not exclude the other. Quite the opposite. Let me be clear, before I am accused of something I do not stand for, that I’m talking about extreme Islamist attitudes, not about ordinary Muslims.

Everyone knows it’s easy to get acquire a gun in the United States.

Malik Faisal Akram told the US authorities that he was staying at a hotel in New York, but in reality he spent time in a hostel in Texas, where he also bought a handgun.

The man demanded that Pakistani Aafia Siddiqui was released. She is serving an 86-year sentence for attempted manslaughter of U.S. military personnel.

Akram was shot by the FBI, after an 11 hour standoff with authorities. During these 11 hours, he kept his hostages captive.

Here in the United States, both children and adults receive training in how to react if there is an active shooter. According to the rabbi of the synagogue, this training was what enabled him to divert Akram by throwing a chair at him and flee with the other hostages.

On the news in the United States, journalists and commentators did not hesitate calling the incident Islamic terrorism.

In America, we live peacefully with the few Muslims who live here.

Religion plays a big role in Americans’ personal lives, but is kept private, far from public settings. This works. Politics, not religion, is deviding people here.

It makes sense that European Islamists would go the the United States. America has for years been proclaimed to be the Islamists’ enemy number one.

It is easier to get into the United States via Europe than it is to get to the United States from many Middle Eastern countries. So maybe the terrorist attempt was just the beginning of a new trend where Europe is exporting their terrorists to the United States?

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