Harvey Weinstein, the renowned Hollywood producer behind #MeToo movement, receives another sentence for sexual assaults

The sentencing of the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is a sign that men’s yearlong exploitation of women ends now.

Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for rape. Women can no longer be treated as sexual objects and exploited with impunity, writes Desiree Ohrbeck.

He is known for movies such as “Pulp Fiction” and “Shakespeare in Love”. The man whose abuse sparked the MeToo movement, Harvey Weinstein, has received another sentence, this time for 16 years, for sexual assault. Scores of women have come forward and told of rapes, humiliations and years of sexual abuse committed by the man with enormous power, a man who could make or break a career in the Hollywood film industry. Today the court in Los Angeles handed down the verdict. The former Hollywood producer already been sentenced to 23 years in another case in New York – also for rape and various sexual assaults.

“Cancel culture is not without its problematic areas – but when it comes to rape and sexual assault committed by men in positions of power, I have no problem seeing their names dragged through the mud

It has been despicable to watch the media mogul on tv. The man who for decades exploited, raped, and manipulated young women was suddenly so frail that he had to use a walker and a wheelchair to get in and out of court. It’s far from the first time we’ve seen men who have taken advantage of their positions of power arrive in huge muscle cars and leave as if they’ve aged several decades the very second their time for reckoning has come – just look at Bill Cosby and various Catholic priests. Every time I watch with rage running through my body. They took advantage of their position, subjecting children and women to physical, psychological and sexual humiliation, and the second they have to face what they did in court, they turn into pitiful men, playing victims without taking responsibility for their misdeeds.

Weinstein’s predatory tactics were the same every time. He used his influence to lure women into private meetings, assault them and, after his abuse, threaten to silence them. He is neither particularly unique nor inventive – men who take advantage of their position of power often share common traits. The list of women who have come forward in the Weinstein cases is long – actors, models, dancers, physical therapists. Instead of admitting and apologizing to the victims, the abuses continue in the courtroom: The charges were either denied or alleged as part of a “transactional relationship”.

“I was excited about my future,” cried one of the witnesses. “Everything changed after the abuse… I became invisible, to myself and to the rest of the world. I lost my identity. I was broken, empty and alone.’

Cancel culture has its problematic areas – but when it comes to rape and sexual assault committed by men in positions of power, I have no problem seeing their name dragged through the mud. This is not much of a reparation for the brave victims who came forward, but does show a change in sentiment and that the judicial system is on their side.

The misogynistic pig was found guilty and was sentenced. The 70-year-old will serve 39 years for sexual assaults – a sentence that came decades too late, but better late than never. Today is a good day for the legal system and for justice – and an expression that women can no longer be treated as sexual objects and exploited with impunity.

Manden bag #MeToo får endnu en dom for seksuelle overgreb

Vigtig strafudmåling til filmbagmanden Harvey Weinstein kan tages som udtryk for, at mænds årelange udnyttelse af kvinder stopper nu.

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