Keep the Russians out. Also on the tennis court.

Wound the Russians where it hurts – on their identity and sense of nationhood.

Time is ticking, the clock strikes, and as time goes by, principles are flushed down the toilet. Last year, Russian and Belarusian tennis players were banned from entering Wimbledon. This year, things are different. Why, is not entirely clear: We know more, about Russia’s bombing of civilian targets, rapes used as a strategic wopen, abductions of Ukrainian children, internment camps, prison sentences for journalists, civilians and lawyers who dare to question Putin and his horrific war, than we do did last year.

Nevertheless, tennis players from Russia and Belarus will be allowed to run around on the world’s most prestigious tennis courts, while the world cheers on the sport.

Technically, Russian and Belarusian tennis players and their entourage must sign a statement saying that they do not represent Russia or Belarus, that they do not receive financial support from the countries, and that during Wimbledon they will not express support for their regimes’ war against Ukraine.

But Russia cheats as always. Of course the players receive financial support from their country or companies connected to the state. As recently as yesterday, a Russian tennis player removed a Russian oil and gas sponsor logo from her clothing.

Wound them where it hurts – the Russians. On their pride, on their identity. Don’t let them enter prestigious competitions – of any kind. It shouldn’t be up for debate, but when sports, money, viewership and sponsorships are at stake, principles and integrity are sacrificed alongside thousands of innocent Ukrainians in a war they did not want or start.

The question is whether the big business that takes place around the negotiation tables are pointing to cracks in the general sentiment towards Russia? I hope not, especially for those who keep insisting that politics and sports have nothing to do with each other. Imagine a scenario where wars are fought by powerful nations – like Russia or China. Imagine watching invasions and takeovers of territories of sovereign states on the news – while the elite of the powerful nations watch from the bleachers where they cheer and shout, while the sports teams of their aggressor countries run around a sports field or court.

Russia must suffer – economically and from identity degradation. That is achieved by aiming at the elite, because they are the ones keeping Putin in power. No fur-clad Russian woman should be able to shop in the expensive parts off Paris, no Russian children should go abroad to study at prestigious Western universities, and all Russian values in the West should be frozen. In addition, all Russian athletes should be denied access to all international sport competitions, allowing them to attend only contributes to strengthening their identity and nationhood and their belief in belonging in the company of other well respected states. The same treatment should apply to Russian culture and entertainment.

Hold nu russerne udenfor. Også på tennisbanen

Ram russerne, hvor det gør ondt – på deres selvforståelse, deres identitet, deres nationalitetsfølelse.

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