Photo By Eva Lundahl

Danish linguist living in Seattle. Obsessed with political news, current events and cultural aspects of life

Born and raised in Denmark. Not your average white, well-educated, middle class suburban welfare state raised woman. Oldest of 5 children, I share only my mom’s dna with my siblings. Moved from the rough side of Copenhagen to the very outskirts of the countryside as a kid. Made it out of a religious sect and started my journey towards being an independent thinker.

MA in Nordic Philology from Copenhagen University. Worked with refugees, well-educated immigrants, high school kids and college students.

I have worked in Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, and the United States.

I am always up for a debate about culture, politics, and religion. I can do the coctail party and reception small-talk if I have to, but somehow I will always try to start a conversation about the more challenging topics the world find itself in. I love to see what the people I surround myself with in a given situation is all about politically and ideologically.

Within the last year, I have found a new passion: writing op-eds about things I see and experience around me and relating them to the political atmosphere and culturally rooted behaviors.

Photo by Eva Lundahl
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