Socialisering foregår i skolen. Uden den bliver næste generation uvidende og ignorante og demokratiet udvandes

Den demokratiske fane skal holdes højt. Men det skal ske gennem lovgivning, ikke individuel heltedåd.

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Socialization takes place in school. Without it, the next generation becomes ignorant and ignorant and democracy is diluted

The democratic flag must be held high. But it must be done through legislation, not individual heroic deeds.

When I went to school, I was exempt from what was then called Christian Studies. My family were Witnesses of Johova , and their faith was apparently so weak that we little pods at any cost had to be screened for alternative ways of relating to religion.

Right now, France in particular is under pressure. But across Europe, peoples and politicians are struggling to deal with the hatred and insanity that blind religious sectarianism can be a hotbed of.

Even many years after I left the sect, I had a hard time understanding what people outside (Jehovah’s Witnesses) thought about Christianity and religion, for I had never been exposed to what different thinking people thought. If at that time in the 1980s I had been allowed to sit in the classroom at Ulstrup School, it may be that I would have understood that there are many ways to be spiritual. Perhaps the same can be said of today’s youth if they are exposed to different ways of looking at the world, religiously, ideologically and culturally?

When we hear in the news about both with immigrants, about camps filled with mud after the slightest rainstorm, about children cutting themselves because they can not endure living, then I understand well, one dreams of a better life in a Europe flowing with milk and honey.

I’m divided. On one side is my notion of who it is that is seeking Europe. I myself have gone to the USA to get adventures and better opportunities than I had in Denmark. I can easily understand that you look for where you think the possibilities for a better life lie.

On the other hand, I struggle with an anger at the indifference and contempt for the values ​​and societies that provide space and screens – obviously also those that will destroy our democracies from within.

When I hear about a high school teacher who wants to promote the debate and have his students think independently but ends up being beheaded in the open street when I read that a migrant who arrived in one of the aforementioned boats a month ago goes into a church and liquidate 3 innocent churchgoers, when I hear about a Belgian teacher being fired because he has shown a prophetic drawing, I am filled with resentment.

For how can one come and want the benefits without accepting the premises of the way of life that is precisely the basis for the continent to have the standard it has?

I am afraid that the rights that my generation enjoyed and the manners we did not even question are slowly being eroded. When I think back to my school days, I can not imagine at all that there were topics we were not allowed to discuss. Not so anymore.

The United States has a huge fear of being touched in terms of daring to talk about the problems the country has with race and religion. Many universities have banned topics and literature that until recently have been part of the general education and used in the education of critical thinking young people. Ignorance and ignorance, not to mention intolerance, are not conducive to anyone, either here in the United States or in Europe.

When we give in, we give both right-wing extremist Christians in the United States and Islamists a victory – the problem is that they never get enough. Once they have one victory, they move on to the next item on their agenda. A democracy is only as strong as its citizens, and it can be strong if we stand firm on fundamental principles and do not shy away from misunderstood considerations.

If there is one thing the last 4 years in the United States have taught me, it is that one cannot take democracy and civil rights for granted. If you do, the population can quickly lose ballroom rights. Perhaps Europe is realizing the same thing.

If the people of Europe are scared and politicians do not dare to show where they stand in terms of legislation, then the next generation of young people will not only become ignorant and ignorant , they will also accept living in a society that has degraded democracy.

Right now, it seems as if dark forces are succeeding in terrorizing the majority population to a cowed bend in the neck and a red pen on the newspaper editorials and in the teachers’ annual plans.

It should not be up to individual brave teachers to take it upon themselves to teach students freedom of speech and general human rights, no matter how brave and honorable it may be. Individually, we are not achieving anything, it is in unison, and with the support of legislation, that we must fight for the values ​​we say we tax, which are the foundation of our secular democracies.

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Jo, Barrett er modstander af abort, Naser Khader

Khader opfører sig som Trumpisterne på Fox News, når han udbryder ”Fake News,” om det, han ikke kan lide at høre.

Hør P1 Debatten med mig og Khader her

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Yes, Barrett is opposed to abortion, Naser Khader

Khader behaves like the trumpeters on Fox News when he exclaims “fake news” about what he does not like to hear.

On Tuesday, Naser Khader, Foreign Minister for the Conservative People’s Party, accused me of passing on Fake News in the P1 Debate and asked for documentation of my allegations.

This is not personal, in fact I voted in his time, when I lived in Copenhagen, on Naser Khader. At the time, he was in the New Alliance. I’m sure we still share many views. 

The second segment of P1 Debate was about the new US Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Host Gitte Hansen played a clip in which Trump introduces Barrett and the audience then claps. “And you’re standing there cheering, Naser Khader, too,” I heard her say from my dining table on the other side of the globe, far away from DR’s radio studio.

I was shaken. Nothing less. Could feel my heart rate rise. Does he, Khader, know at all what Amy Coney Barrett stands for?

Amy Coney Barrett is ultra-conservative. Her conservatism can in no way be compared to being conservative in Denmark. The 1: 1 comparison between conservatism in the USA and conservatism in Denmark is completely out of the question. I can have my doubts about whether Naser Khader knows that.

Barrett’s stance on abortion is well known to Democrats and Republicans

When I got through to the radio studio, I briefly outlined what Amy Coney Barrett should be involved in deciding. There is nothing odious in my claims, all the media here in the US, from FOX News to MSNBC cover the huge impact she is going to have.

And then I said what was on my mind most: “I have to say, I’m really repulsed that Naser Khader stands, if he did what you said, stood and clapped, then it’s both distasteful and it’s inappropriate. . She is against basic human rights. It’s a disaster! ”

“You are demonizing her. She is a conservative, “Naser Khader replied

If Naser Khader thinks that Amy Coney Barrett is a fairly ordinary conservative who can be compared to what we in Denmark know as conservatism, then he simply does not follow well enough.

“She has signed that she is a strong opponent of abortion. Plus she has sat on a school board where she has denied children who had gay parents being able to come to that school. She is so conservative, ”I raged.

Naser Khader’s answer? “It’s fake news. Documentation is requested. ”

This is not Fake News, here you have the documentation, Naser Khader

The New York Times, Forbes, Fox News, AP, and many other media outlets that few would call Fake News have, since Barrett’s nomination, covered her stance on abortion, which is widely known to every American.

Specifically, in 2006, she signed a statement written by one of America’s first abortion resistance groups, Right to Life Michiana (formerly St. Joseph County Right to Life). The statement states, among other things: ” We… oppose the right to abortion and defend the right to life from conception…” ( New York Times link )

It amazes me that Khader is unaware of Barret’s widely known views. It is precisely this attitude that makes the insertion of her among so many Christian and conservative Americans seen as a victory.

In Denmark, we take it for granted that women have the right to decide over their own bodies. But here in the United States, attitudes toward abortion are one of the most important issues and crucial to where Americans put their ticks. The election of Barrett is seen by many as beneficial to Trumps appeal to the voice of ultra-Christian voters. All recognized media have covered this. A quick Google search should be able to verify this.

As for not wanting to let children of gay couples and single parents be admitted to the school where she sat on the board, which, incidentally, would not hire gay teachers either, I naturally also have my sources in order.

Amy Coney Barrett sat on the school board (2015-2017) at Trinity, which is 3 private Christian Catholic schools and both before, during and after her time, the rules that discriminate against LGBTQ were implemented ( link )

Again, contrary to Khader’s claim, this is not about Fake News but quite generally readily available knowledge from reliable news sources.

Naser Khader’s ignorance is a slap in the face to women and LGBTQ people

It’s fair when Naser Khader asks for documentation of my allegations, but it’s below the low point when he, like the Trumpists here, when they are met by knowledge they do not like, shouts “Fake News”.

I assume that when Naser Khader stands in the DR studio and pats the new Supreme Court judge, he does so out of ignorance. For I have a hard time believing that he is in favor of women not having the right to rule over their own bodies and that LGBTQ people should not have the same rights as everyone else. Maybe take me error.

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Danskerne kan noget, som bringer dem sikkert igennem corona: Tro på autoriteterne

Danskerne er ikke vant til de store udsving i deres levevis. Derfor har coronaen været en rutsjebanetur – også for mig, der bor i USA.

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The Danes know something that brings them safely through the corona : Believe in the authorities

The Danes are not used to the big fluctuations in their way of life. That’s why the corona has been a roller coaster ride – also for me who lives in the United States

Denmark is facing major changes due to high coronation . Allow me to share my experiences after living for months with coronary restrictions in the United States, where the pandemic is out of control.

My kids have not been to school since last week in February. All indications are that they will not return to their schools this school year. My husband has been working from home for the same period, his workplace has asked employees to work from home indefinitely, probably until summer.

When I see news from Denmark, I think it seems that new restrictions are on the way.

The picture that emerges when I read, hear and see people’s reactions to the corona here in the United States is that the hardest part is the mental forces that this crisis requires. There are many concerns. What happens if we become infected? How long does this last? When do the children return to school, and what does this time do to their mental health? When will a vaccine arrive? What happens if we lose our job? And what about our loved ones if they get infected or sit alone month after month? Can you trust what the public authorities are saying? How restrictive should I be in my travels when my neighbor is not?

Positive energy in the first stage of the pandemic

Getting used to corona quarantine has been quite a roller coaster ride . The first time we kept to ourselves, had no physical contact with friends and we met at the Friday bar online – it’s not quite the same. But we had a positive attitude, there was cheers, smiles and laughter – a will to make it succeed.

The long, cool move in the second stage of the pandemic

After some time, I put a reading lamp and an armchair into the bedroom and buried myself under a plaid with a good book. I needed a break from the needs of the kids. But that does not go in the long run. The kids came constantly roaring and did not understand where their maid had gone. I had to get up from the chair. There should still be lunch and snacks ready for the breaks and they should have help to make their everyday life work. A balance had to be found, but breaks for me had to be there – hence the armchair.

In the middle of the summer holidays, it was clear that the kids would not return to their schools when the school year began. That message was difficult. Because until then, we had agreed that the corona situation would be under control at about the same time as the children’s school year began.

It sounds naive now, but that’s how we thought for what now seems like an eternity ago. The brain had to understand that we had to adjust to the long, tough move.

Our 12-year-old daughter was furious at the news. She wanted in school, cost what it would! In her world, we are almost a necessary appendage that conveniently provides the most basic necessities. Where life really unfolds is in the interaction with friends.

What I have learned in the 8 months the corona has turned our lives upside down

All four of us have been home since late February. And here’s what I’ve learned: Take it easy. One finds a rhythm.

But I have also learned that it takes an incredible amount of effort from both children and adults to hold on to themselves and not panic when there is no predictability. We do not know how long we will live as we do now. We do not know how many human lives the pandemic will require.

Therefore, my focus has changed. Of course, the kids have to learn what they have to learn in school – and I think they do too. If not, then they should probably catch up. I spend less effort going through their work and checking if they have now remembered it all and attended the meetings they are going to.

More important is to relate to their physical and mental health. This is where I put my efforts into the rest of the pandemic race.

That is why we have also arranged for them to go to Taekwondo three times a week. And how does it go in these corona times ? Yes, twice a week they log on online and follow the lessons with a lot of other students, and once a week they meet alone with their instructor.

In addition, we bought an exercise bike. Here in Seattle, as you know, it is raining a lot, and for the next 9 months we can look forward to it not being possible to move outside to the same degree as it has been in the spring and summer.

We have set individual goals and overall family goals for the new monster in the living room – and made sure to put in rewards that are attractive to the kids. Exercise is not only good if you want to get rid of your corona part, it is also good for mental health.

But exercise all over the world does not make up for the social needs that children in particular have.

Perhaps the most important of our initiatives is that we have made a weekly online appointment with a child psychologist for each of the children – they each have their own need for help and support. Just as important as the weekly appointments with the therapist is that they see that the adults, who otherwise from their point of view must look as if they have no control over a shit in their world, do what they can to help and try to understand that it is not easy to be a child in the world they are in right now.

Our youngest son can not remember what life was like before the corona . Our elders need distance and to find their own way – it is obviously impossible in the situation we are in. They need to share their thoughts with a professional – it ultimately helps the whole family to thrive better, when they get some tools to understand and deal with their thoughts emotions.

Our corona reality right now

We have relaxed the attitude of seeing friends. We meet with two different pairs of friends. It has been absolutely amazingly uplifting. In my eagerness to make this work, I had forgotten how life-giving other people’s togetherness can be.

Each child is now allowed to see the same 3 children. The atmosphere at home and the children’s mood has improved markedly.

We get to bring everything from food, fruits and vegetables to books and clothes to the door. We get nowhere where there are other people. We have not been out to eat since January, we do not go to the cinema, to museums or to the theater. There has been one child’s birthday, but it was held at Zoom. When we go anywhere, we wear masks everywhere.

All the while, the corona is present in the everyday life that has now become so common that I fear if I can ever sit down at a restaurant table without thinking about all the baktus flying through the air. If everything was opened tomorrow, I do not think at all I would want to sit in a bar or a restaurant. It is thought-provoking how quickly man can get used to an everyday life that less than a year ago would have appeared as something from a dystopian film of the future.

Encouraging words to the Danes

When I see news from Denmark, I think it’s probably a shock for the Danes to hear that the numbers are growing every day. That they have become accustomed to the fact that a pandemic that is out of control was something that belonged to Southern Europe and the USA, Brazil and India, far away from Denmark’s borders.

How will the reaction be from the Danes’ side if strict restrictions are introduced – and here I do not think the restrictions, which must be described as fairly light , which the Danes have so far had to live with? How will they react if they, like us here in the United States, come to live with the same drastic reduction in lifestyles for months? 

The Danes are not a people who are used to the big fluctuations. There is not much in recent times they have had to endure.

But the Danes have and can do something that other countries do not have and can do. There is a belief that the authorities want the best for the citizens, I have not seen in any other country outside Scandinavia. That, coupled with the fact that systems and processes have been fine-tuned for decades, creates fertile ground for a system that can get through the crisis in a better way than many other countries.

I hope the Danes stand together, because if everyone does their part, the country will return to a more normal everyday life more quickly. I do not want anyone to go through the same experiences that we have had here in the United States. But if so, keep up the good work. There is a tolerable everyday life in the intolerable.

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Jo mere divers den danske befolkning bliver, jo mindre taler vi sammen

Med spørgsmål og udveksling skal demokratier bestå

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The more diverse the Danish population becomes, the less we talk to each other

With questions and exchanges, democracies must survive

When I was a teenager, I threw myself into as many discussions with my family as I could possibly get to. My mother often looked at me angrily as she said, “Not everything is a discussion, everything is not to be debated!” “This is how you say when you do not have enough arguments”, I thought and continued my questions and arguments.

My mother was and still is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and so was I, as a teenager living at home. There was just the problem that the older I got, the more critical questions I started asking.

“Why not have an abortion if you have become pregnant after a rape?” “Why is it the husband who is the head of the family, if it is the wife who is the wisest?” “Why not have sex before marriage?” “Why is the only permissible cause of divorce that one party is unfaithful?” “Why not love the one you love if you share the same sex?” – yes, to my mother’s great despair I had many questions.

My mother gave up, called the congregation elder who came and tried to knock some scriptures into my head.

At school I was called Ask Jørgen. I was hugely curious and inquisitive, I still am.

Exchange of views enriches

I live in the United States, just outside Seattle in the state of Washington. Fortunately for me, the vast majority of Americans are open and accommodating and like to share their thoughts on most things.

Living in the United States is a paradise for a curious soul. Here live people from vastly different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. There are many reasons why people think, believe and think the way they do – and I love hearing about them.

Today I had a conversation with a man about being the only Trump supporter for a baby show in Seattle, where the rest of the guests were Bident supporters.

I ask and ask. When I meet Trump supporters, I ask them what it is that appeals to them by him. When I meet African Americans, I ask how they experience the system in terms of race and equal opportunities. When I meet people who belong to LGBTQ, we talk about prejudice and acceptance.

We like to exchange views – just not when it comes to religion

But when it comes to religion, the situation is different. The only ones who bother to talk to me about that subject are the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses who occasionally knock on my door.

Jehovah’s Witnesses like to talk about their religion – on their terms. They have rehearsed answers to most things. I know, because even as a big kid, I practiced with the adults before knocking on people’s doors.

But if you start asking Jehovah’s Witnesses questions that they have not practiced, then the ground is shaking under their feet. Maybe that’s why they operate in pairs?

In Denmark, Jehovah’s Witnesses have always been looked down upon when they came in their suits with their Watchtower and Awake! Some have felt sorry for the poor children who are being dragged around Saturday morning and have offered them a cup of coffee. Others have suggested that if one simply spoke reason to them, then perhaps they would change some of their archaic attitudes.

Diversity closes the conversation, it is not good for democracy

In school we learned that if you have an attitude, then you must be able to argue for it – with words or pen and paper. Not in the form of pants water or a blood spout in the recess. No one should be afraid to say their opinion – or whether it would be settled in cash after school if they said something the bully of the class did not like.

Talking together and listening to each other and being critical is one of the crucial pillars of democracy, it is socialized into our pods from day one. It is through questions that we get to know each other – and perhaps dots for seats and customs that need a post-check.

If one cannot answer questions but has to resort to scriptures or hand out a spout of blood, then one’s attitudes are not strong enough. Questions can be difficult, they can be strong and powerful – they can make even the toughest nut to crack when he can not answer for himself. That’s why we taught young people in Jehovah’s Witnesses not to ask too many questions;

Democracy is in danger when anxiety stops for questions

Because it is i.a. that a secularized Western democracy can. Ask questions, be critical, engage in dialogue without regard to God, King and Fatherland. Or so it has been in the past.

As Denmark’s population composition has become more diverse , we should be able to have more enriching, interesting, exchanging conversations.

But it seems to me that the more diverse the population group in Denmark, yes in Europe, becomes, the fewer exchanging conversations we have with those who do not think, believe and think the same as us – for fear of being exposed to what is worse than trouser water and a blood spout.

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Debatten mellem Biden og Trump i aften er aflyst – i stedet transmitteres deres forsamlingshusdebatter på forskellige tv-netværk

Amerikanerne går i aften glip af en duel på argumenter og personlighed

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Americans want face-to-face action

The Americans missed a duel on arguments and personality as Trump would not participate in a virtual TV debate with Biden. Instead, it turned into two separate meetings.

Tonight, the second of a total of three planned presidential candidate debates should have taken place. The format was town hall style where citizens could ask questions to Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump.

After Trump was diagnosed with Corona, the debate committee changed the format and decided that it should take place in such a way that Biden and Trump should debate behind computer screens and thus not be directly confronted with each other or stand in front of an audience.

Very quickly, Trump announced that it would be a waste of his time and that he did not intend to participate. Precisely the assembly house debate format does not work well for Trump because he is not able to relate empathetically to ordinary people’s problems, so I wonder if he was inwardly relieved that he should not stand next to Joe Biden, who if anyone knows to the stumbling blocks that life lays out for one?

If, in a debate in front of ordinary people, Trump were to be confronted directly with Biden, the contrast in human relations with other people would be immensely clear.

Instead of the planned debate between Biden and Trump, the American people can now look forward to having to check out two different TV channels. Both candidates have been allotted 90 minutes and perform separately in the town hall style they were originally intended to have attended together. They are not going to relate to each other and each other’s answers to questions from the audience in the hall. There will be two different audiences giving feedback to the candidates.  

After all, part of the essence of an assembly house debate is precisely the reaction from the audience when the candidates answer or do not answer questions. The basis of comparison is largely non-existent, if one does not just take into account their different personalities.

Americans want action face to face

I’m not going to sit in front of the screen to see either of the two dueling candidates, and that’s how I think many Americans feel. The point of having different kinds of debates is partly to see how they relate to each other’s answers and whose arguments are strongest.

Many Americans are looking forward to these presidential candidate debates. Many do not follow politics on a daily basis and decide which candidate should have their vote based on how the candidates fare in the duel debates leading up to the election.

Americans are a sports-loving people. They sit in front of the screen and follow the debates as if it were a boxing match. That is part of the appeal for many. Which candidate can get the best rhetorical blows in? Who can knock out his opponent with his words? That’s not going to happen tonight.

Joe Biden will be the pragmatic, empathetic and boring candidate when he stands in front of his audience tonight. Trump becomes the exact opposite as he rattles things off in the East and West, insulting existing and non-existent opponents.

Unfortunately, we will not see the opposites meet face to face either in real life or behind their own screens in a duel of words and arguments – and that is a shame. For Joe Biden, who tonight’s debate format would have been a gift to, but mostly for the American people.

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DRs nye serie ”Ulven kommer” er smerteligt genkendelig

Dramaet sitrer ikke kun i serien men også i hukommelsen

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DR’s new series “Cry Woolf” is painfully recognizable

The drama vibrates not only in the series but also in the memory.

The nausea moved up through the throat. I sank and sank. Meanwhile, I got a stomach ache, looked away from the screen, got up, lit candles, considered whether to turn off the television. »Is it too much for you? Is it getting too close? ”My husband asked.

Old emotions, even in a new life in a safe environment far away from sudden blows and mood swings, lurked just below the surface.

One identifies with the concerned social worker and the school teacher

Yesterday, Danmarks Radio premiered the series “The wolf is coming”. In a Danish style, Holly accuses her stepfather of violence, and the Danish teacher involves the municipality, which takes custody of the mother and places Holly and her little brother with a foster family.

Holly is brave. At least as a 14-year-old I did not dare to tell anyone about what was going on at our house.

There were several things that made the hairs stand up in the nape of my neck. The actors play their roles excellently and convincingly. It is easy to imagine the social worker from the municipality who sees a child in need and wants to help. The teacher who reacts after reading a Danish style, which for him is a cry for help, is also sympathized with. Holly’s mother who is confronted with a reality she cannot or will not relate to is played convincingly.

And then there’s Holly. Holly is 14, and it is her Danish style, in which she describes a violent episode at home in the family’s villa in a suburban neighborhood in Central Jutland, that makes the social authorities in top gear and the family drama roll.

Holly is brave. At least as a 14-year-old I did not dare to tell anyone about what was going on at our house.

Biggest of all is the Failure

DR portrays the mother’s reaction absolutely fantastic, frighteningly well. I can hardly be the only viewer who has experience with a mother who refused to believe the evidence presented by both her daughter and by the public authorities but instead accused her daughter of needing attention, inventing stories – yes, to definitely lie.

Holly’s reaction to the failure, her quiet but desperate pleading on the phone in an attempt to get her mother to be there for her, is raw and painfully recognizable. Holly hopes that by revealing the family secret, she will now have a mother who is there for her, shielding her, giving her the faith and feeling that Holly means everything. That she as a mother will be there for her daughter. Those feelings are coldly and dismissively put to shame with the classic “What, though, have you done?”

I wonder if my school at the time in the 1980s would have reacted if I had raised the tab for what everyday life looked like in my family far out in the country in V. Velling, where violence, humiliation, social control and mental illness were part of everyday life ?

The mother’s reaction is perhaps very human when one puts one’s own needs above those of one’s children and deliberately closes one’s eyes to dissatisfaction and failure. I do not know. One thing I do know, though: When you, as a child or young person, finally take courage and tell the world outside what is really going on behind the facade, you hope that someone, preferably your mother, listens and takes you seriously.

I wonder if my school at the time in the 1980s would have reacted if I had raised the tab for what everyday life looked like in my family far out in the country in V. Velling, where violence, humiliation, social control and mental illness were part of everyday life ? I hardly think so. The signs from 3 out of 5 school-going children must have been there, but no one responded. I hope they would today.

DR puts an important theme on children’s dissatisfaction and society’s responsibility under the microscope

DR plays on the fact that we as viewers do not really know if Holly is telling the truth. Is she just a hurt teenager with a budding young mind who has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that her mother has a boyfriend and a sexuality? Is she lying to get attention? Did the Danish style prevail, so that fantasy mixed with the characters in her everyday life?

I can not imagine that a public service channel like DR in a drama series that is broadcast in prime time, intends to run the situation so far that after the last episode we are sitting with a social worker who has overreacted and a young girl , we’ve found out we can not trust. It would be against the spirit of the times and all that the public debate, including Mette Frederiksen, has focused on since Frederiksen’s New Year’s speech, where she announced that she sided with the children and was “the children’s minister.”

Although I will probably get nausea and stomach ache again, I am grateful that DR dares to focus on the difficult topics. Surely it’s that I’m sitting ready in front of the screen next Sunday hoping Holly gets a smile on her face and that her little brother gets the shine off her broken arm.

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Der er visse ligheder mellem Trumps administration og Mette Frederiksens

Forskellen ligger i håndteringen af information fra eksperterne

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There are certain similarities between the Trump administration and Mette Frederiksen’s

The difference lies in the handling of information from the experts

Health authorities around the world agree that wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to protect against the spread of Covid-19. This is especially true in the crowded public transport, which generally has poor ventilation and where many people from different areas stand and sit close together.

We are now here in the United States again up on almost 60,000 positive tests a day. In the absence of central leadership, each state fights its own struggle to limit infection rates and spread in an attempt to save human beings and in an attempt not to overburden hospitals.

Last month, the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control), the US response to the National Board of Health, worked on a proposal to ensure that employees and passengers in all public transport wore masks. Health Minister Alex M. Azar II backed the proposal. But the White House´ Corona Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, blocked the bill.

The bill was more sweeping than anything else we have seen before. When the CDC, with the authority and position they hold, sees it as imperative to make such drastic changes, then there is reason to listen.

If the proposal had been introduced, it would have meant that employees and passengers at airports, trains, buses and subways all over the United States would have to wear masks. But Pence’s task force wants it to be up to the individual states to decide whether they will require employees and passengers to wear masks. On the whole, it is the Trump administration’s wish that all handling and any restrictions of the Corona crisis should take place decentrally and be up to the individual state.

Both in Denmark and in the USA, the health authorities provide proposals for behavioral changes

The Trump administration has full control over what measures to implement because they require their Corona task force to approve and sign all Coronavirus-related policies from the CDC.

In Denmark, the National Board of Health also makes suggestions for what behavioral changes they would recommend politicians to introduce. Mette Frederiksen and her administration then decide how they will react to these proposals. At that point, the Frederiksen and Trump administrations are similar.

But where Mette Frederiksen generally listens to the experts, Trump listens to his gut feeling and the radiologist who currently has access to Trump’s ear.

You can think about Mette Frederiksen and her leadership style, whatever you want, but in a worldwide pandemic, the consequences of which no one yet knows, I wish we here in the US had a leader who listened to the experts’ advice.

Americans’ stance on individual freedom is used strategically by Trump

I have now lived in the United States for almost 10 years and I still do not understand that the individual freedom to choose must put the lives and limbs of a group or other individuals at risk.

Why should Mr. Brown have the right to kill his older neighbor because he reserves the right to send his Corona bacilli in addition to his old neighbor when they both stand like herring in a barrel in the bus on the way to work?

It is smart of the Trump administration to hand over the responsibility for handling Coronavirus to individual states. On the one hand, it relieves Trump of direct responsibility, on the other hand, it means that the states are so busy dealing with the situation that they do not turn to Trump – they are simply too busy saving human lives for that. It’s a cynical approach, but it’s strategically cunning. Meanwhile , thousands of Americans die every week.

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Coronasmittet Trump nægter at deltage i virtuel debat og insisterer på at mødes med Joe Biden

Trump er som en 2-årig, der nægter at samarbejde, hvis han ikke får sin vilje

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A Corona-infected Trump refuses to participate in virtual debate and insists on meeting with Joe Biden

Trump is like a 2-year-old who refuses to cooperate if he does not get his way

Trump has Covid-19, we all know that. But instead of isolating himself, he works from The Oval Office, where the employees he must be in contact with during the day must wear PPE (Personal Projective Gear), because Trump can still infect others.

The next debate between Trump and Biden will take place on Thursday, October 15, in Miami, Florida, in a form of town hall debate.

If Trump went to Miami, he would expose the political employees who travel with him to the risk of infection, he would also expose pilots, drivers, chefs and other serving spirits to the risk of infection.

In addition, he will expose the participants in the Assembly House debate to the risk of infection if he shows up smack full of viruses.

Trump cannot behave as he pleases in virtual debate

Therefore, the organizers of the debate have announced that it will take place virtually. Trump’s reaction? “I’m not going to take part in a virtual debate.” Of course not how naive to think he would take the lives and health of others into his considerations. “Sitting behind a screen has nothing to do with a debate. They can interrupt me when it suits them. It’s a waste of my time. ”

Tjoh, bum, bum, as the situation is now, millions of hard-working Americans sit and take one meeting after another at Zoom. Maybe they think it’s ridiculous. But that’s the way it is, the situation is over here, not least thanks to Trump.

And if the organizers were to press ” mute ,” to avoid the same scenes as at the last ShitShows debate between Trump and Biden, I’m pretty sure most Americans, who actually want to hear a debate with substance and content, is totally ok with that. Last week’s debate was unworthy, even for Trump.

Trump is dependent on his own anger and the energy of his audience

Trump is running on anger and on reactions from his small, indoctrinated, loyal crowd. In a virtual debate, he can not get drained in the same way nor feel the reaction from the audience, as he is used to from his rallies. In addition, he risks being interrupted and not getting the same kick out of swearing his opponent to face to face.

In his interview on Fox Business, of course, Trump said nothing about the importance of protecting those around him from Covid-19. He does not protect his staff in the White House, so why should he want to protect the voters participating in the debate or his opponent Joe Biden and his team?

If Trump can not control and bulldoze over his opponent, as he is accustomed to, then he will not join. He has no intention, not even the ability, to communicate and behave according to a predetermined set of rules, as required by other proper people. Therefore, he folds his arms like a stubborn 2-year-old and refuses.

But wonder if he does not change his mind when he gets spoken to 10.

Millions of Americans are going to sit ready behind the TV screen to watch the debate, and it does not look good if the country’s president does not want to participate simply because he can not get his way.

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Trump lavede en fodfejl, da han ville stoppe hjælpepakke og i stedet stemme Højesteretsdommer igennem

Trump forudser valgnederlag og en juridisk proces, der ender i Højesteret

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Trump screwed up when he wanted to stop aid package and instead vote Supreme Court justice through

Trump predicts election defeat and a legal process that ends in the Supreme Court

If there’s one thing Trump respects, it is stock prices. When a journalist highlights the poor economy of the United States, Trump dismisses him or her with a reference to the fact that the stock market is soaring. When he can get to that, Trump highlights that the stock market, despite recession and poor unemployment rates, continues to perform excellently.

But yesterday he came up with an announcement he must have known would affect the stock market. Under normal circumstances, it would be unlike Trump deliberately sending the stock market on a downward slide. Although he waited with his announcement, which in the usual style came on Twitter, until an hour before the stock markets closed, it had violent negative consequences for stock prices.

Trump interrupts talks on aid package and then regrets

Trump yesterday ordered his administration and Republican lawmakers, who until then had been in talks with the leader of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi , to stop negotiating a new Corona aid package for Americans with immediate effect.

The reaction of the reporting journalists was met with disbelief. Journalists characterized Trump’s action as political suicide. Why, however, would Trump stop helping millions of Americans less than 30 days before the election? Nancy Pelosi went so far as to say that there might be something wrong with the medication the president received as a result of his Covid-19 treatment. Her reaction must be seen in relation to Trump’s tweet accusations that Nancy Pelosi did not negotiate with pure flour in the bag.

Trump does not listen to experts, he trusts his intuition. That was proved once again yesterday when he chose to overhear the world’s probably most powerful economic official, the head of the Central Bank, Jerome Powell. Powell is responsible for getting the US and thus also large parts of the world economy through an economic crisis we have not seen for over 100 years. He strongly urged Congress to implement the Corona aid package they were negotiating. He stressed that a too small aid package would “lead to a weak economic recovery and unnecessary financial difficulties for families and businesses.”   

Trump does not care about the citizens he is elected to take care of. He does not lie sleepless over the many Americans who have become unemployed, have had to close their businesses or whose children’s schools are closed due to Covid-19. He made this clear with his announcement yesterday, when he abruptly asked his administration, and the Republican politicians, to stop all negotiations that had to do with the necessary aid package.

But he does not care about the stock market. Therefore, after changing the outcome of his announcement, he changed course, not out of love and care for his people but out of fear of a stock market in free fall.

It was a big political mistake. For Trump once again showed his true self, where empathy is a city in Russia and stock prices are God. It was solely due to compelling circumstances in the form of the sharp fall in the stock market that a few hours after his first now-we-close-for-negotiations-about-aid package, he again announced via Twitter that he would sign certain elements of the stimulus agreement , so that airlines, smaller companies and certain individuals can get financial help to get through the coming months without having to fire employees, turn the key or leave home.

And Trump also exposed himself on another flank. He showed his hand as he asked his administration and Republican politicians to focus all their efforts on the inauguration of Trump’s nominated Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

No sacrifice is too small when it comes to the pinnacle of power

Trump often emphasizes that he is the leader of the Americans, and as their president, he has the ultimate responsibility for the citizens of the United States. The problem is that he treats them just as he treats family members, close associates, loyal political supporters – namely, by using them to the extent that it can benefit him and his path to power in a daunting use-and-throw-away attitude to life.

If the lives and health of the people are in danger, he is willing to sacrifice them on the altar of power, if that means he can maintain the highest and most important office in the world.

But what does Trump’s perfection and his set of powers have over his citizens with the inauguration of the conservative Amy Coney Barrett?

Voice suppression helps Trump in the swing states

The election forecasts speak their clear language. Trump can well see which way the arrow is turning for his chances of remaining seated as the 45th President of the United States . They are poor, very poor. Therefore, the strategy is to use the courts to ensure that he can stay in the White House. 

From his previous presidency, Trump has decades of experience in litigation and using the courts to delay proceedings that either won him time, drained the opponent of financial means to continue a lawsuit, or otherwise allowed him to get out. of the legal squeeze he had ended up in. There is no reason to believe he will not do the same after the presidential election.

Before the election on November 3, he has made sure that it is difficult, especially in the swing states, to use his constitutional right to vote. Politically elected Republicans in these states have enacted election-suppressing laws that make it difficult to cast their vote. But it is not only in the swing states that Republicans are trying to put obstacles in the way of citizens being able to cast their votes.

The Supreme Court is going to decide who will be the next president of the United States

If the election gets close, it is in my best estimation Trump’s plan that he, in the states where the turnout is closest, will conduct lawsuits where the goal is to question the election result. At least one of these cases will end up in the Supreme Court, which will decide who will be installed as the next president of the United States on January 21. Yes, the same Supreme Court that with the election of Amy Coney Barrett will have 6 conservative votes and 3 progressives. If the decision ends up in the Supreme Court, who do you think they will come to be the next president of the United States ?

If this result is to be avoided, the Americans will have to cast votes that speak a very clear language and vote to a greater extent than we have seen before, so that the election result will not depend on the results of one swing state.

Isn’t it just hard enough and well square, maybe even conspiratorial? If one lets history in the form of Trump’s actions be an indication of what we can expect, I do not see anything to suggest that I am wrong.

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Trumps positive Covid-19 test skygger for denne uges mange skandaler

Trump er altid omgæret af drama, men denne uge var dramatisk som ingen anden

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Trump’s positive Covid-19 test overshadows the recent many scandals

Trump is always surrounded by drama, but the past week has been dramatic like no other.

Last night I sat in front of the TV screen with my husband as usual. We get today’s news from various TV channels to get as objective and versatile a news picture as possible. However, it is difficult to keep up with the latest monstrosity in an now infinitely long series of embarrassing, unworthy actions, bills or outbursts of rage from Trump. Several times a week, newsreaders try to relate to the latest developments in the Trump saga, which are always defined as “unprecedented.”

As I sit in front of the TV screen, I prepare for another day on The Trump Shit Show. I could not keep up, but I can not. There is a kind of necessity in following the development. Many emotions run through me when watching today’s political events. I am almost masochistic depending on the news flow, I swing from being upset and ready for battle to giving up and fatalistically powerless.

Maybe it’s the huge amount of scandals that arouse so many emotions in me, so I, like a deer standing frozen and looking directly into the headlights approaching , without being able to escape the disaster that strikes in a little while, sitting and staring desperately at the screen without reacting? I do not know, but I wonder how Trump can, over and over again, get away with saying and doing things that any other president would have long ago been ousted from the throne for.

A fairly ordinary week in the United States filled with one political scandal after another

We have become accustomed to the newscasters saying that they have spent most of the day putting together a program that they must set aside a few minutes before the broadcast to deal with ” breaking news.” Every single day offers a new drama, and journalists are rarely given the opportunity to go in depth with one topic before a new one comes along and demands their attention.

And that’s what Trump can do to turn people’s attention away from what he does not want to talk about.

This week, there were at least three topics, which in normal times would each have cleared the front page of the newspapers and got full “air time” on the news channels.

Firstly, there was the revelation in The New York Times that Trump has not paid income tax for 10 out of 15 years, and that for several years he only paid 750 dollars, just under 5,000 Danish kroner, ie far less than e.g. a schoolteacher or a firefighter pays per year.

Since Richard Nixon turned out to be a “crook” who cheated on taxes, presidential candidates have put their tax information in front of the public. But not Trump. Would the American people have voted differently if they had known that he lost more money than he earned, and that he paid less in taxes than the hard-working voters he appeals to?

Secondly, it was also this week, Tuesday, that the first debate between the two presidential candidates, Trump and Biden, took place. How Trump evades paying taxes was largely not mentioned on the shout “debate .” The 90-minute mudslinging, which was seen by more than 70 million. Americans, and whose rules of the game both parties had agreed to in advance was an unbearable disaster that I watched with a friend and her boyfriend as they shouted at the TV screen with their mouths full of my fried chicken.

It should not occur to anyone that even if Trump signs a set of debate rules, he has no intention of abiding by the rules if the situation develops in a direction he does not like. He has never followed the rules, that is one of the things that appeals to his voter base.

The day after the presidential debate, I received what can almost be described as a condolence text that indicated how sorry the sender was on behalf of the United States. Others in my Danish circle of friends have expressed that they are concerned when they look at developments in the USA. At the same time, they express that the Americans have got what they asked for. I rarely take that discussion. Millions of Americans mourn the state their country is in and the imprint the United States leaves on the world.

But the week did not end with the release of Trump’s tax returns or the mudslinging debate with oaths and curses that even seasoned Fox News presenter Chris Wallace was unable to stop.

For the week’s third scandal came yesterday in the form of audio recordings from 2018, where Melania swears and sulks that she does not bother to stand for the traditional Christmas decoration of the White House, and how little sympathy she has for the children who are separated from their parents at the Mexican-American border.

In itself, each of these news stories in normal times would help to determine the choice that is less than 40 days away. But not in the United States we currently see. It has become normal when you meet your neighbor to ask: “Have you heard the latest news?” It is completely impossible to keep up with all the political scandals that are going on here.

What does Trump’s positive Covid-19 test mean for the election and for the United States?

And then there was the fourth and biggest story. After months of refusing to wear a mask, holding rallies where people stood like herring in a barrel without masks and mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask everywhere, yesterday we received the news that Trump and Melania were both tested positive for Covid-19. Despite the fact that Trump has tried with all his might to make the debate about anything other than Corona, that is now all that is being talked about.

When the shock and announcement of Trump’s positive Covid-19 test had subsided, the concern came. What happens next? Will Trump have the US presidential election postponed? Is he deploying Mike Pence, who could then release Trump and his family from prosecution? What does this mean for the average American? What consequences does this have for the country in the long run?

And then the conspiracy theories emerge. Can you even count on the information coming out of the White House? Trump is lying, some statistics say on average 2 times in his waking hours since he was elected, so how do we know the information we are getting is truthful? The mood here vibrates, and no one eventually believes in anything they hear.

As we look away, decisions are being made that are crucial

That Trump has now tested positive for Covid-19 now fills, understandably, the whole news picture. But in the meantime, measures are being implemented that Trump has no interest in the media having to focus on. I often mention:

The Senate wants the Supreme Court judge nomination of Amy Coney Barrett through as soon as possible. Her conservative voice will be a disaster for women’s rights, minorities’ and universal suffrage. I have no doubt that Trump, too, for personal reasons, would like to have her vote through as soon as possible so that he can secure her vote when and if he goes all the way through the legal system after the election and challenges the election result, which ultimately to be decided by the Supreme Court.

Texas has closed the possibility of handing out ballot papers in large parts of the state, thus barring hundreds of thousands of eligible citizens from exercising their constitutional right to vote, but there is no room for that in the news picture. Texas is already one of the states in the United States that has put the most obstacles in the way of the population to make it difficult to cast its vote.

In the debate, Trump refused to distance himself from the right-wing extremist group ” Proud Boys” but said that they should stay in the background, but stay ready.

When I open my eyes in the morning, the first thing I do is reach for the phone and check what happened in the news picture while I was sleeping. The media is as divided as the population. One side turns a blind eye and refuses to deal with the daily scandals. The other sits out at night with small, drooping eyes, desperately trying to convey and understand one stream after another of an endless series of scandalous Trump news.

This is how it has been for almost 4 years, one dramatic week after another finds its end, and I long to keep up. Trump has been hospitalized with breathing problems and questions are queuing up. What happens if he becomes seriously ill? I do not know how to react, so I sit nailed in front of the TV screen – and before I know it, another day has passed with Trump news.

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