Sygeplejersker og sundhedspersonale er pandemiens helte – nogle betaler med døden for deres heltedåd

Mere end 180.000 sundhedspersonale har betalt med deres liv under covid-19-pandemien

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Nurses and health professionals are the pandemic´s heroes – some pay for their heroic deeds with their lives

More than 180,000 healthcare professionals have paid with their lives during the covid-19 pandemic

If you are a nurse, SOSU assistant or healthcare professional who has worked with corona patients, I would like to thank you.

Healthcare professionals around the world have brought sacrifices, both mentally, physically and in the form of thousands of lost human lives in the healthcare sector.

The WHO estimates that up to 180,000 nurses, doctors, nurses, porters and health professionals in general may have died of covid-19 in the period January 2020 to May 2021. The WHO has stated that the figure may in fact be estimated 60% too low.

After nearly two years with this disease monster, nurses and health care professionals are at the brink of exhaustion. They are burnt out, stressed, suffer from anxiety and are tired to the core of their bones.

Here in the United States, many nurses are looking for work in other sectors of the healthcare industry to get away from the hospitals. This means that those who are left behind have to run twice as fast or compromise on the quality of their work because they simply cannot do everything.

I have followed the development from the sidelines. My friend works as a nurse at a hospital here in Seattle. She is a wound care nurse, so she comes into close contact with the discharges of vulnerable citizens. It is a job that requires hygiene standards to be followed closely. The job is made no less dangerous by the fact that many of those she treats are homeless, drug addicts and mentally vulnerable. They are often aggressive and unpredictable in their behavior.

For the first many months of the pandemic, she had to reuse her surgical mask for up to two weeks and was of course not vaccinated. She saw several nursing colleagues leave their jobs, after which she had to step in and cover their work. At the hospital, there is a constant shortage of nurses and the nursing positions in her ward have still not been filled. In several hospitals in my state, many surgeries are postponed indefinitely because the resources are spent on Covid patients.

Denmark has done formidably well, partly because the population, and thus also the health personnel, have had access to vaccines. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere in the world. In Africa, only one in ten in the healthcare industry is vaccinated.

Regardless of whether it is politically motivated when Denmark sends vaccines to a specific country in Africa, it helps the healthcare staff and the country’s population when the nurses are healthy enough to be able to take care of their patients.

In eight days, the G20 countries will meet. Between now and then, It is the goal to have 500 million doses produced and that at least 40 percent of the world´s population is vaccinated. Right now, it seems that 82 nations are not reaching that goal, mainly due to lack of access to vaccines.

Countries with access to and an abundance of vaccines have promised to provide 1.2 billion vaccines to those countries that are in short supply. But they have not yet lived up to their commitment. Only a total of 150 million have been reached. Meanwhile, the healthcare workers in these countries pay the highest price with their lives when they try to save their patients.

Once the vaccines reach the countries that still need to receive them, it is vital that healthcare professionals are the first to receive the jab that enables them to survive and save others.

If the health care system is on the verge of collapsing, we have no welfare, then a country’s system is collapsing. It’s that simple, and it does not matter what form of government you have. This applies to the welfare state of Denmark, and it applies to countries that do not have the same welfare structure as the Scandinavian countries.

The corona pandemic has cost far too many lives. Today, I bow my head in respect for nurses, ambulance drivers, porters and everyone else in the healthcare sector to respect all the lost heroes who paid the ultimate price with their lives.

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Tre oplevelser har lært mig, at det ikke er altid nemt at træffe det ansvarlige corona-valg

Hvornår melder man afbud, og hvornår vælger man at tage afsted til et arrangement med en lille tvivl i maven?

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Three recent experiences have taught me that making the responsible corona choice is not always easy

When do you cancel, and when do you choose to go to an event with a little doubt in your stomach?

“I’m calling because your son is not feeling well, so please come and pick him up at your earliest convinience.”

That´s the voicemail I received from my son’s after-school program yesterday.

Things are under control in little Denmark. In fact, the country has lifted all of their Corona restrictions. Throughout the pandemic the country has not seen the dreaded pressure on their healthcare system and the population have a pragmatic approach to getting the vaccines. Unfortunately, this is far from the case in the rest of the world.

When I received the message about my son, I was on my way to an outdoor BBQ event. The event was meant to mark the beginning of our first physical meeting in a year and a half for the members of the Advisory Committee I sit on for the Scandinavian Studies Department at the University of Washington in Seattle. I had been looking forward to the freshly caught Alaska salmon on the grill, a cool glass of wine in my hand, and reuniting and conversing with members who, like me, are passionate about promoting Scandinavia in our northwestern corner of the United States. The event was to be held outdoors and it was a requirement that everyone was vaccinated. 

“You have to pick him up and take him straight to the test site,” I told my husband. “Then I’ll try to find rapid tests in the meantime.”

It quickly turned out to be quite impossible to find rapid tests anywhere. After four attempts a some phone calls, I gave up. My online order will arrive in the mail within the next two days. My son’s Corona test results will arrive within 15-48 hours. There is a lot that is different here compared to Denmark…

Maybe my son is just feeling sick because he has not been near other kids for more than a year and is now picking up bacteria. Maybe it’s just a lot to start in school and institution after staying in a house with his parents for so long without any other social stimulus. Maybe he really will test positive for the Corona virus. Maybe, maybe.

So what does one do? Do you cancel the social event that starts in less than an hour, or do you take the chance and bet that the test will come back negative?

A few weeks ago I gathered up enough courage and booked an appointment with a hairdresser. But not just any hairdresser. I asked my friend – who is a nurse and who is super diligent when it comes to being safe, her level of hygiene, etc. – which hairdresser she goes to. When I arrived, the lady was wearing a mask and was sanitizing the chair after her last costumer. “That´s a good sign,” I thought. We started conversing, as one does and I asked her if she had been vaccinated. “No,” was the answer to my great surprise. And for the time being she did not intend to do so either. “I’m sorry,” I said “I would love to support a self-employed female business owner, but I just do not feel comfortable with this.” In that situation, the choice was not difficult. It’s just hair, I can put it in a bun and almost forget that about my split ends.

Last week I went to have taken blood samples taken. Again, I started conversing the masked and gloved woman I was sharing the room with. While she was getting the needle ready, I asked about her vaccination status. I should not have done that, because while I was sitting there and watching the needle go in, she replied that she was afraid that the vaccine would affect her DNA. She was not vaccinated and did not plan to get the vaccine. I was shocked. Meeting conspiracy theories in a medical clinic in a city where more than 80% are vaccinated, is something I was pretty unprepared for.

I felt like yanking my arm away from her and rushing out of the clinic. But I stayed in my seat. And then I took a deep breath and started talking to her about the misconceptions about the vaccine without giving in to the far out indoctrination it turned out that her boyfriend had fed her. “It can be difficult to make a different choice than your surroundings if it creates conflicts at home and goes against the perception in the social circles one moves in,” I said, and she nodded.

In the state of Idaho, which borders my state of Washington here in the northwestern corner of the United States, they have just announced that, for the first time ever, they are forced to choose which Covid patients they choose to treat. The hospitals have no more capacity. Several patients have already been sent to our state. Healthcare professionals are now forced to choose to help only those citizens who have the greatest chance of survival.

The citizens here in the United States who are hardest hit are the non-vaccinated. The group consists of children under 12, those who for various health reasons can not tolerate being vaccinated and then the last group – namely vaccination opponents. 1 in 500 have died in the US – from a disease that could be prevented with two small jabs in the upper arm.

But the reality is that everyone has to make personal choices every day that weigh risks, pros and cons in their daily lives. In that equation, one can potentially risk taking another another person’s life.

Nej, det er ikke uamerikansk at gøre vaccinationer lovpligtige

At tvinge amerikanerne til at blive vaccineret ved lov er temmelig amerikansk – og en patriotisk løsning. I sin tid tvangsvaccinerede George Washington hæren for at redde nationens fremtid.

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No, it is not “un-American” to make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory – on the contrary, it is American and rather patriotic

George Washington forcibly vaccinated the Army – to save the nation’s future.

If more soldiers died from a preventable disease than from the enemy´s sword and you could save your men from dying by a single shot of vaccine, what would you do as Commander in Chief? – you would of course get your army vaccinated as fast as possible. That’s exactly what George Washington did in his day. I will get back to him.

Recently, the Ohio Republican Jim Jordan stated that it is “un-American” to make Covid vaccinations mandatory. But maybe Jordan should reconsider his words before lecturing poeople on what is American and what is “un-American.”

Before, during, and after the insurrection on January 6, Jim Jordan had several phone calls with Trump. That day, hordes of terrorists attacked the very symbol on  what is American, namely democracy.

In the heated debate in the United States, the reference to “the founding fathers” is always slapped on the table as a debate stopper. In particular, it is Republicans who like to patent what they think these gentlemen would have thought about today’s issues. Currently, they pull out the founding father´s in the debate over Corona vaccinations.

Especially the always high-pitched Republican Jim Jordan has received media attention by saying Biden’s new vaccination mandate is “unamerican.”

But before he and other Republican politicians claim to own the right to know what is and especially is not “American”, they might want to readdress American history before lecturing the rest of us.

And here we return to George Washington, arguably one of the most “American” Americans. Back in his days, Washington soldiers died like flies, 90% of deaths in the army was due to illness. So what does a wise leader do in such circumstances? – he makes sure, of course, that he has people who can fight at his disposal who are not sick or dying. Therefore, in 1777, he mandated mass inoculation requiring all soldiers to be vaccinated for smallpox.

Let’s see Biden’s vaccination mandates rolled out, so society and schools can stay open. That way, we also ensure that school students learn their country’s history so they are able to refute blatant falls statements about our founding fathers and what is “unamerican” and what is in fact pretty patriotic.

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Danmark løfter alle Corona-restriktioner, imens USA strammer reglerne

Den danske vaccinations-succeshistorie trækker i dag overskrifter i amerikanske medier.

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Denmark lifts all Corona restrictions, while the US introduces new rules

The Danish vaccination success story makes headlines all over American media today.

Denmark was the first country in Europe to introduce Corona passport. The passports made it possible for Danes to maintain a semi-normal life. During the time passports were required for dining, attending schools, etc. more and more Danes got vaccinated. Thanks to the Danes’ sense of community, all Corona restrictions have now been lifted. On Saturday, a concert will take place in Copenhagen, more than 50,000 people have bought tickets.

Meanwhile, the conditions are, to say the least, somewhat different here in the United States.

I got my Moderna Covid-19 vaccine long before my Danish friends. But then the vaccination misinformation started in this cowboy country, and Denmark has long since overtaken the United States in terms of percentage numbers for how many in the Danish population who has received the vaccine.

Yesterday, we were informed that a family at a middle school here in the area had sent their child to school for five days after learning that child had tested positive without informing the school.

The students have been home from school for 540 days and have just been back for a week. What a mockery of the sacrifices it has cost the children, the families, the teachers and the schools, when they first had to deal with online teaching and now finally – with a sea of ​​restrictions – are back in the classrooms!

Is it any wonder that the country’s second largest school district, located in California, now requires students ages 12 and up to be vaccinated if they want to be allowed to go to school?

Last week, 250,000 American children tested positive. We have gone from being at a level where 10,000 Americans tested positive a day to the figure now being 150,000 every single day. Every day, 1,500 Americans die from Covid-19.

Yet, many ordinary Americans will not take the vaccine. The hospitals are full of them. In several places the morgues have been filled up and refrigerated trucks have been called in. Cancer treatment is paused, non-life-threatening surgeries are postponed. It didn´t have to be like this.

Finally, Uncle Joe responds. He normally chies away from conflict. But not now. No more begging and enticing, no more carrots. Now he swings the whip.

On Thursday, Biden held a press conference, where he said, “What more do you need to know? The vaccinations are free, safe and easy to obtain. They are FDA approved. We have been patient, but our patience is running out.”

Politicians have tried to reach the skeptical vaccine opponents with carrots in the form of cash dollars, free education, beer and hot dogs. It has not worked, now the whip must come out, and it is about time.

If you do not want to be vaccinated for personal reasons, then you can not expect to be able to strut around either at work, in the supermarket or at school and spread your virus.

The grip has been tightened, and Biden now makes it mandatory for all public employees, contractors and health professionals to be vaccinated. In addition, employees of companies with 100 or more employees must be vaccinated or provide a negative Corona test weekly.

But Americans are a stubborn people who cherish their individual freedom as a fundamental principle even in situations where it is headlessly stupid. Even Trump was recently booed when he called on the audience to get vaccinated.

Opposition to the authorities telling people what to do has always been a part of this country. But it is insanity, when people are willing to risk their own and others’ lives for a principle they only understand the seriousness of when they lie in a hospital bed with tubes in their nostrils and gasp for air.

In the meantime, I hope that America turns her attention to tiny Denmark, which seems to have found the balance between respect for the individual’s needs and rights and a responsible health policy – now with freedoms we can only dream of in this Covid restricted freedom-loving country.

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Politikere i USA spiller hasard med børns liv

Klasseværelset er blevet en politisk covid-19-kampplads.

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Politicians in the United States are gambling with the lives of children

The classroom has become a politically covid-19 battleground.

“Excited, nervous, ready!” – my daughter replied when I asked her how she felt. 540 days have passed since she last set foot in her school.

“Excited to come back and see my friends, nervous because I do not know how it will be, and ready to go to school again,” she elaborated as we were on the way to school while listening to the well-oiled K-pop, she thought would get her off in the right mood.

The schools my kids are going back to are significantly different than the ones they left. Masks are required, social distancing is enforced, there are allocated time slots to wash their hands and they are seated in designated places in the lunch room to make contact tracking possible when we get the first back to school corona infection outbreaks.

These measures are not in place in all public schools in America.

The state of Florida was the first to warn that they would withhold financial funds if the public schools required the children to wear masks. Since then, the states of Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah have come up with similar threats.

Need I say these states have a Republican governor? US President Joe Biden has committed to spend federal funds to pay if the governors make do of their threats.

A new low has been reached in the eternal political boxing arena. In this one, they seem to be willing to let children and their families pay the price.

Here in the United States, not all students have their first day of school on the same date. From the schools that have been going on for a few weeks, we know that there have been outbreaks and mass infections. In a classroom with kindergarten students, a teacher took off her mask as she read aloud to the class, while her students sat in a semicircle in front of her. The entire first row was infected with covid-19, even though they all wore masks. This age group has not yet been approved to receive the vaccine. Is it not the responsibility of adults to protect them and their families?

4.8 million children have tested positive in the United States, more than 200,000 alone last week. More than 2,000 children have been admitted to hospitals with covid-19, and many children have also infected their family members.

Quick tests are not widespread here in the US, as they are in Denmark, England and elsewhere in Europe. That is why the consequence of an outbreak becomes so much more serious for the schools here in the USA, because the infection can spread violently before it is discovered – a somewhat different situation than is the case in the Danish classrooms.

My daughter is in 8th grade. At her middle school, grades go from 6th to 8th, and the school has 1,000 students. Every day she has seven periods, and the school day is divided in such a way that after each period she collects her things and goes to her next classroom where a bunch of new students are waiting.

This means that on average in one day, not including her hallway walks to and from her classrooms, and those she is in contact with during her lunch break, she is in contact with at least 210 students daily, since there are at least 30 students in each class. You do not need a big calculator to see where that disaster train is headed.

I anticipate that in a few weeks we will receive an email stating that one of our children has been in close contact with a student who has tested positive. Then I think we will see a school system trying to juggle home and classroom teaching. The result is that not only my children but American children in general are given an unpredictable course of education that has consequences both mentally and academically.

The choice to send our children back to school has not been easy. It has been between whether we should keep them at home and find online education so that they do not become infected, or whether we should send them to school so that they can have a normal everyday life, knowing that they will be infected at some point.

How can schools be safe and secure places for children? Masks and vaccination are the answer. The delta variant is incredibly contagious, much more contagious than previous variants. However, we do not see the same increase in outbreaks where the vaccination rate is high and there is a requirement to wear masks.

Unfortunately, politicians are busy using schools as a venue for a ridiculous discussion that is completely out of proportion with the general advice from health professional expertise. In the fight to get media attention instead of thinking about the children, republican politicians have found a new low. American children will pay a high price for this.

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Hvorfor lytter nogle danskere til fladpandet USA-inspireret vaccinemodstand?

Er udokumenterede covid-påstande i højere kurs end sund fornuft og dokumenteret videnskab?

Læs hele bloggen her:

Why do some Danes listen to US-inspired dark web anti-vaxxer conspiracies?

Are undocumented Covid claims considered more valid than common sense proven science?

“Children do not get as sick as adults.”

“Vaccines can affect fertility.”

I have heard such arguments in the Danish vaccination debate.

Covid is going strong – the virus is ever-changing. Now it is no longer primarily the older part of the population that is hard hit.

Here in the United States, hospitals are filling up with children, people in their 20s, 30s, 40s. A friend circulated on Facebook a post from a mother waiting in a parking lot with her cancer-stricken child who could not get help because the beds in the pediatric ward were filled with covid patients.  

Yesterday, a woman here in my state, Washington, died after waiting for a vacancy in the intensive care unit outside her local hospital, another had to wait for six hours for a life-saving operation. A third patient had to be flown to another state because there was no room in the hospitals here. A hospital doctor said in an interview that one should be careful about doing something hasty and dangerous, the hospitals may not be able to accept one if one needs their help.

On my TV screen, two parents are standing next to their son’s hospital bed. The son lies with a mask over his face, which gives him the oxygen he needs so he can breathe. He speaks in shock, clearly having a hard time finding the strength to get the words out.

The journalist asks the parents why they have not received the vaccine.

“We were not sick, so we did not think we needed it,” they reply.

Do people not understand that you get the vaccine so as not to get sick?

It is better to get the vaccines in the Danish arms than it is here. Still, I hear arguments in the debate in Denmark that remind me of the rhetoric of the American vaccine debate. Claims that it is unhealthy for children to wear masks, that it can affect fertility to be vaccinated, that the vaccine is so new that it is not necessary for the healthy to receive the sticks. All without any base in reality, in scientific studies and according to medical knowledge.

Here in the United States, the internet is flooded with articles that go directly against the message that the health authorities are trying to get through. Shortly after hearing the crazy undocumented claims here, I can hear the echo of the completely undocumented allegations circulating in the Danish debate – with the result that fewer people get vaccinated and take the necessary precautions so that we can get ahead of developments and mutations and with the result that the divide in populations grow bigger.

How did we arrive at a place where common sense and documented science are trumped by quack-postulates?

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Mange af USA’s covid-dødsfald skyldes overvægt og fedme

Pandemien afslører samfundets store udfordringer med fattigdom, uddannelse og boligforhold.

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Many of the United States’ Covid deaths are due to obesity and obesity.

The pandemic reveals some of society´s greatest challenges – poverty, education and housing.

We often hear that Denmark is behind America by about a 10-year delay.

This seems to also be the case with overweight and obesity. Denmark still has a much healthier population than the US , but more and more Danes are becoming overweight.

If there is one thing the Corona Pandemic has given us, it is data. Data on age, gender and social status. And data on who it is that ends up in the hospitals.

Data from the health authorities (CDC) here in the United States, indicates that 78% of those admitted with Covid-19 (April-December 2020) were overweight.

My intend is not to “body shame” anyone. I am interested in investigating what the background of elevated Covid deaths is and I am interested in the reasons for obesity. We must address problems where we see them. So we can react to what we are facing. So we can do something about it.

Addressing obesity is a taboo – both talking about it as a problem and to relate to why so many become seriously ill in minority environments.

Anyone can die of Corona. We know that all too well. However, if you are overweight, your chances of survival are generally less and your healing process longer. The question is who in our society is statistically overweight.

For it is here that the hospital bed, so to speak, lies buried and reveals an underlying societal problem. And when we look a little closer at the overweight group of citizens, a picture emerges that should make us change our view of society, poverty, education and housing conditions.

Countries such as Denmark, which generally have a healthy population, has not had the same development in serious Covid disease cases and – death , as we have in the US, where both health, housing, access to education and healthcare and to nutritious food for many Americans cannot be compared to the conditions in Denmark.

On a micro level, this does relate to you and me to a very high degree, because the healthcare system must be able to treat other than Covid cases. In the United States, more and more hospitals are reporting that they have problems treating non-Covid patients, such as victims of car crashes.

Denmark is doing a lot of what the United States has not yet understood to be the right thing to do. Here in the United States , fast food is cheaper than healthy food, which means that many do not have the luxury of being able to choose to feed their family with a healthy and nutritious diet. I am aware that healthy food is also expensive in Denmark, but the difference is by no means close to what we experience here in the US.

Here, people go to their cars and drive to their destination instead of being part of a community designed to get around – on foot or by bike.

Here, it costs a fortune to sign your children up for after school activities. Many kids are sitting in front of the screens after school. In Denmark, there are sports clubs which, due to the volunteer run model, make it possible for both kids from poor and wealthy parents to get exercise.

There is still a difference between Denmark and the USA. But it does not change the fact that there is also a tendency in Denmark for the population to become fatter.

The issue is public health and society’s attitude that should concern all of us . As long as we accept differences in society that are directly related to housing, education and ethnicity, there will be an over-representation of overweight in Covid-deaths here in God’s own obesity affected country and in little Denmark.

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Derfor opfordrer sundhedsmyndighederne igen alle i USA til at bære mundbind

Selvom du er vaccineret, kan du stadig både blive smittet og smitte andre

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Here is why the health authorities again urge everyone in the United States to wear a mask

Even if you have been vaccinated, you can still get infected and shed the virus to others

For the last few months, and especially since July 4, we in this house have again participated in social events, not worn masks outdoors and let the children play, swim and be seen with friends and girlfriends – all exclusively outside, but completely different , than before the summer holidays.

But after the health authorities in recent days have changed their message about how the delta variant spreads, we have again had to reintroduce restrictions in our own and in the children’s dealings with the outside world. Now they wear masks again, even when seen with friends outside.

It apparently never stops, the Corona saga continues, and science is lagging behind with a gentle stream of new information to the citizens of the world in an attempt to help us reduce the spread.

Let it be clear first: Getting vaccinated is still your best weapon to protect yourself from getting sick.

We all knew by now that the delta variant is the most contagious of the variants so far. We also knew that a fully vaccinated person can become infected and that the vaccine means that the vast majority have mild symptoms. But it is new that an infected person who has been vaccinated has as much virus in his system as non-vaccinated, and that he or she can be infected just as much.

That is why everyone, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated, is now encouraged here in the United States to use masks indoors and outdoors again when we move around in public.

What is the basis for the health authorities’ announcement? July 4th is one of the biggest holidays here for everyone – perhaps with the exception of some indigenous peoples, but let it be – where neither political nor religious affiliation affects the good party atmosphere. It now turns out that the authorities have followed a major outbreak of the delta variant, which began on July 4 , in which several hundred people became infected with the virus. Despite the fact that they were fully vaccinated.

Viruses are constantly evolving and adapting. We do not know what the next variant offers – maybe we will get one soon, the vaccinations do not work against.

That risk is highest when a community has many vaccinated, while the level of spread of infection is high , as is the case now. Therefore, we must not relax the requirements for wearing a mask or other precautions such as keeping a distance. Because the more people who are infected, the greater the chance that the virus will mutate to a level where it will eventually be vaccine resistance.

It does not have to go so wrong. If everyone gets vaccinated fast. We have no other weapons that can stop a development that can have catastrophic consequences for all of us.

My son is 11 and therefore not vaccinated. My daughter is 13 and has been fully vaccinated for several months. Unfortunately, the same is not true of all her friends, whose parents, for some, have concerns about vaccinating their children. Until everyone who can is vaccinated, society in a myriad of different areas will pay a price – at the macro and micro level.

On a more personal level, I’m probably not the only one who would like to see happy children who play and create social contacts and have a normal everyday life for children and young people. For that matter, I would also very much like to see adults of all ages who can move safely and securely inside and out without worrying about getting infected or getting infected. If we are to get there, everyone – even those with concerns – must roll up their sleeves, bare their upper arms and get vaccinated and then see to wearing that mask. If we do not, we will never win back our freedom individually and together.

It is actually quite easy, both for those who are for and for those who are against vaccines and masks. Because we want the same thing. Have our lives back. In that desire, we might, whether with different beliefs, form a common front. Then we can always afterwards return to our lives based on the beliefs and ideologues we find best and afterwards quarrel across .

Tag nu den vaccine, så vi kan komme videre!

Det er en privatsag, hvad man mener og tror, så længe det ikke skader andre. Men det gør afvisningen af covid-19-vaccinen, og det bør have konsekvenser.

Tegning: Rasmus Sand Høyer


cand.mag., Seattle

»Vi var bange. Vi arbejder ikke i sundhedsvæsnet. Det eneste, jeg vidste, var, hvad mine venner på de sociale medier og mine online mødregrupper sagde. Vi var bange for, at det var for tidligt, det gik for stærkt med den vaccine.« CNN-programmet ”Out Front” interviewede for nylig kvinden April, hvis 59-årige ellers sunde og raske mor nu ligger på hospitalet med covid-19 på 159. døgn.

Samme holdning, altså at det er gået for stærkt, og at vi ikke ved nok om de langtrækkende konsekvenser af vaccinen, kan jeg nu også høre i den danske debat. Hvordan ikke-viden kan stå så stærkt – de interviewede siger jo selv, at de ikke er uddannede sundhedsfagligt – kan man kun himle med øjnene over. Hvornår er information om vacciner, som diverse internettrolde uden nogen form for faglig viden tilvejebringer, blevet en lige så legitim videns- og argumentationskilde som sundhedsfaglig og forskningsbaseret viden?

Det er godt at ville tilegne sig viden, men det er ikke al viden, man tilegner sig, der faktuelt er evidensbaseret. Blot fordi det står sort på hvidt eller kommer ud af en karismatisk personlighed, bliver det ikke til en sandhed – det har jeg erfaret, både som tidligere Jehovas Vidne og som bosiddende i USA under Trump.

Det er sagt mange gange, men det kan åbenbart ikke siges for tit: Der er blevet forsket i mRNA-vaccinationer i mere end 10 år. Desuden viser den hurtige udvikling af vaccinerne, at det hjælper med offentlige støttemidler. Jeg siger sjældent noget positivt om Trump, men han brugte 18 mia. dollars på at sætte skub i en hurtig udvikling af vaccinen – for han vidste nemlig godt, hvor fuldstændigt vanvittigt slemt, det kunne gå. Projektet blev brandet som Operation Warp Speed.

Det er tragisk for April og hendes familie, at moren ligger dødssyg på hospitalet. Det er en tragedie for hver eneste familie, der bliver ramt. Men det kan være svært at finde empatien for lige præcis mennesker som April, når man ved, at det var et bevidst valg ikke at blive vaccineret.

Frygt og skepsis afholder mange fra at lade sig vaccinere. Det samme gør konspirationsteorier. Derfor ligger Aprils mor og 20.000 andre amerikanere på hospitalet med en af de nu efterhånden talrige SARS-CoV-2-varianter. Aprils familiebillede består nu ikke af en glad poserende familie i smuk natur. I stedet holder hun et indrammet familiefoto op for skærmen, hvor en hvid hospitalsseng dominerer. Skal det virkelig så tæt på, før vi føler, det har noget med os at gøre? Før vi føler en forpligtelse til at yde vores del? Er vi virkelig så ligeglade med vores næste eller vores næstes næste?

Jeg og millioner af andre borgere vil gerne vil kunne færdes frit igen – og føle os trygge, når vi gør det. Men fordi en lille gruppe mener, at de har ret til at lade deres personlige og temmelig fejloplyste valg dominere alle os andre, så er mit og mine børns liv og bevægelsesfrihed begrænset. Hvad siger det om vore evne til empati og ja, jeg tillader mig at bruge store ord, næstekærlighed, at vi ikke kan lade os besvære med at yde en indsats, hvis vi ikke synes, situationen har noget med os og vores kære at gøre, og derfor ikke handler?

Jeg bor i USA. Her har vi virkelig følt konsekvenserne af pandemien. Jeg var villig til at gøre det, der skulle til, og lade mig begrænse, da alt her var kaos, og vi ikke havde adgang til vacciner. Folk døde som fluer, det var skræmmende. Vi isolerede os, havde børnene hjemme fra skole i halvandet år, sås ikke med venner, gik ikke til hverken sociale eller sportslige begivenheder, fik alt leveret til døren. Det var ikke let, men vi var indforståede med, at det var nødvendigt i den givne situation. Videnskaben skulle have mulighed for at indhente dette dræbermonster, og imens måtte vi hjælpes ad og hver især yde vores, så færrest muligt blev smittet og døde.

Virussen er stadig et stort problem. I visse områder i USA er graden af vaccinerede under 25 pct. 99 pct. af dem, der ender på hospitalet, er ikke vaccinerede. Europa har stadig store problemer med virus, især vinder den nye Delta-variant frem. Det samme har Brasilien, Indien, store dele af Afrika, Japan – listen er lang. Adgangen til vacciner er mange steder et problem, men det er den ikke her i USA. Her kan du til hver en tid valse ind fra gaden uden at have bestilt tid og blive vaccineret på et vaccinationssted eller dit lokale apotek. Det er tilmed gratis.

Min tålmodighed og forståelse er brugt op. Vælger du ikke at lade dig vaccinere, er det kun rimeligt, at det får konsekvenser for dig – ikke for mig. Jeg og millioner af andre har gjort det, der kunne forventes i form af at holde afstand, lide afsavn og forholde os til konsekvenserne for vores børn, der ikke har haft noget socialt liv i over et år.

Vi har i vores familie ladet os vaccinere. Så vi alle kan komme videre, så vi kan få vores liv tilbage, sørge for, at så få som muligt ikke får denne dræber af en sygdom. Nu må skeptikerne gøre deres del – om ikke andet så for deres egen skyld. Delta-varianten er anderledes end den variant, vi så for et år siden – den er langt mere aggressiv og rammer yngre befolkningsgrupper hårdt. Hvem ved, hvilken endnu mere forfærdelig variant vi bliver introduceret for i morgen?

Kære vaccinationsmodstander: Din insisteren på et frit valg skal ikke påvirke mit frie valg og mine livsmuligheder. Du må selvfølgelig gøre, som du synes – men det vil jeg ikke hæmmes af. Det bliver jeg dog – men ikke så meget længere, håber jeg. Så længe, der ikke er sat beslutninger i spil, der hæmmer muligheden for, at vaccinemodstandere kan færdes frit til fare for os andre og vores kære, er jeg nødt til at indrette mig. Det er bøllekultur, og det skal stoppe.

Den offentlige sektor i Danmark er enorm. Det kan med fordel udnyttes i forhold til at øge vaccinationsgraden i befolkningen. Så snart alle danske borgere har haft mulighed for at modtage vaccinen, skal offentligt ansatte – minus dem, der af helbredsmæssige årsager ikke kan – være vaccineret for at få lov til at gå på arbejde. Vil en medarbejder ikke det, skal han eller hun fyres.

Private institutioner her i USA har set lyset. Måske ud fra deres gode hjerter, måske fordi det koster en formue økonomisk og i omtale, når de sender medarbejdere hjem i isolation. Grunden er ligegyldig, så længe målet nås. For private virksomheder er det logik for burhøns, at de stiller krav om vaccination til deres medarbejdere.

Det er ens private sag, hvad man mener og tror, så længe det ikke skader andre. Men det gør afvisningen af covid-19-vaccinen. Hvis du ikke vil vaccineres, så er det fair, at du ikke må gå på arbejde eller færdes på steder, hvor du sætter andres liv i fare.

Jeg vil gerne af med min maske. Jeg vil gerne igen kunne færdes frit i det offentlige rum. Det samme ønsker jeg for mine børn og mine medborgere. Jeg har gjort min del. Det burde give visse frihedsrettigheder.

Men lige nu vægter konsekvenserne af vaccinemodstandernes frihedsrettigheder tungere end mine. Deres personlige frie valg er mere værd end mit. Det burde være omvendt. Deres fravalg af vaccinen burde have betydning for, hvor de kan færdes.

Få nu bare den vaccination, hvis ikke for fællesskabets skyld, så i det mindste for din egen bevægelsesfriheds.

Just get the vaccine already so we can move on!

It is a private matter what one thinks and believes, as long as it does not harm others. But that´s just it, though, because rejecting the covid-19 vaccine does, and that ought to have consequences.

“We were scared. We do not work in healthcare. The only thing I knew was what my friends on social media and my online mother groups were saying. We were afraid it was too early, that vaccine went too fast. “The CNN program” Out Front “recently interviewed the woman April , whose 59-year-old otherwise healthy mother is now in hospital with covid-19 at 159. day. 

The same attitude, ie that it has gone too fast, and that we do not know enough about the long-term consequences of the vaccine, I can now also hear in the Danish debate. How non-knowledge can be so strong – the interviewees themselves say that they are not educated in health sciences – can only be glared at. When has information about vaccines provided by various internet trolls without any kind of professional knowledge become as legitimate a source of knowledge and argumentation as health professional and research-based knowledge?

It is good to want to acquire knowledge, but not all knowledge that one acquires is factually evidence-based. Just because it’s black and white or comes out of a charismatic personality does not make it a truth – I’ve learned that, both as a former Jehovah’s Witness and as a resident of the United States under Trump.

It has been said many times, but it obviously cannot be said too often: mRNA vaccinations have been researched for more than 10 years. In addition, the rapid development of the vaccines shows that it helps with public funding. I rarely say anything positive about Trump, but he spent $ 18 billion. dollars to boost the rapid development of the vaccine – because he knew very well how completely insanely bad it could go. The project was branded as Operation Warp Speed.

It is tragic for April and her family that her mother is dying in hospital. It is a tragedy for every single family that is affected. But it can be hard to find empathy for just exactly people like April when you know it was a conscious choice not to get vaccinated.

Fear and skepticism deter many from getting vaccinated. So do conspiracy theories. That’s why April’s mother and 20,000 other Americans are in the hospital with one of the now numerous SARS-CoV-2 variants. April’s family picture now does not consist of a happy posing family in beautiful nature. Instead, she holds up a framed family photo in front of the screen, with a white hospital bed dominating. Does it really have to get that close before we feel it has anything to do with us? Before we feel an obligation to do our part? Are we really that indifferent to our neighbor or our neighbor’s neighbor? 

I and millions of other citizens want to be able to move freely again – and feel safe when we do. But because a small group believes they have the right to let their personal and rather misinformed choices dominate the rest of us, my and my children’s lives and freedom of movement are limited. What does it say about our ability to empathize and yes, I allow myself to use big words, charity, that we can not let ourselves be bothered to make an effort if we do not think the situation has anything to do with us and our loved ones, and therefore do not act?

I live in the United States. Here we have really felt the consequences of the pandemic. I was willing to do what needed to be done and let myself be limited as everything here was chaos and we did not have access to vaccines. People died like flies, it was scary. We isolated ourselves, had the kids home from school for a year and a half, did not see friends, did not go to either social or sporting events, got everything delivered to the door. It was not easy, but we agreed that it was necessary in the given situation. Science should have the opportunity to catch up with this killer monster, and meanwhile we had to be helped along and each provide ours so that as few as possible became infected and died.

The virus is still a major problem. In some areas of the United States, the rate of vaccination is below 25 percent. 99 pct. of those who end up in the hospital are not vaccinated. Europe still has major problems with viruses, especially the new Delta variant is gaining ground. The same goes for Brazil, India, large parts of Africa, Japan – the list is long. Access to vaccines is a problem in many places, but it is not here in the United States. Here you can at any time roll in from the street without having booked an appointment and be vaccinated at a vaccination site or your local pharmacy. It’s even free.

My patience and understanding have been used up. If you choose not to be vaccinated, it is only fair that it has consequences for you – not for me. I and millions of others have done what could be expected in terms of keeping distance, suffering deprivation and dealing with the consequences for our children who have had no social life for over a year. 

We in our family have been vaccinated. So we can all move on so we can get our lives back, make sure that as few as possible do not get this killer of a disease. Now the skeptics have to do their part – if only for their own sake. The Delta variant is different from the variant we saw a year ago – it is far more aggressive and hits younger populations hard. Who knows what even more awful variant we will be introduced to tomorrow?

Dear vaccination opponent: Your insistence on a free choice should not affect my free choice and my life options. You must, of course, do as you please – but I will not be hampered by that. I will be, though – but not so much anymore, I hope. As long as there are no decisions in play that hamper the possibility that vaccine opponents can move freely to the danger of the rest of us and our loved ones, I have to adjust. It’s bullying culture and it’s going to stop.

The public sector in Denmark is huge. It can be used to advantage in relation to increasing the vaccination rate in the population. As soon as all Danish citizens have had the opportunity to receive the vaccine, public employees – minus those who for health reasons can not – must be vaccinated to be allowed to go to work. If an employee does not want to, he or she must be fired.

Private institutions here in the United States have seen the light of day. Maybe from their good hearts, maybe because it costs a fortune financially and in publicity when they send employees home in isolation. The reason does not matter as long as the goal is reached. For private companies, it is logical for caged hens that they require vaccination for their employees.

It is one’s private matter what one thinks and believes, as long as it does not harm others. But so does the rejection of the covid-19 vaccine. If you do not want to be vaccinated, then it is fair that you must not go to work or move to places where you endanger the lives of others. 

I want to get rid of my mask. I would like to be able to move freely in public space again. I want the same for my children and my fellow citizens. I’ve done my part. It should grant certain freedoms.

But right now, the consequences of the freedom rights of vaccine opponents weigh heavier than mine. Their personal free choice is worth more than mine. It should be the other way around. Their opt-out of the vaccine should have an impact on where they can go.

Just get that vaccination, if not for the sake of the community, then at least for your own freedom of movement.

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I USA er du på røven, hvis du ikke har et job – men corona har ændret på magtbalancen mellem arbejdsgiver og arbejdstager.

Fyringer, offentlige hjælpepakker og tid i isolation får folk til at tænke over, hvad de vil med deres liv.

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Photo by Olivier Douliery

In the US, you are fucked if you do not have a job – but corona has changed the balance of power between employer and employee.

Getting fired, economic impact payments, and time in isolation have made people think about what they want in life.

As of May 31, there were 9 million job vacancies in the United States. People are quitting their jobs to a degree never seen before here, in April alone, 4 million quit their jobs around the United States. It indicates a self-confidence in people with no or low education. The United States is known for its quick trip to the bottom if you lose your job. There is a lot at stake for the brave people who dare to quit their jobs.

Bars, restaurants and hotels were hardest hit when everything closed down here. In March and April this year, bars and restaurants gradually began to reopen. During the same period, 1.3 million laid off their jobs in the bar and restaurant industry.

A year ago, people were laid off from one day to the next due to corona in the very same industries. Now there are notices of vacancies hanging in the windows of many restaurants that are desperately looking for labor and trying to outdo each other in attractive salaries.

Why is that? Wouldn’t one think that the way the American system is structured would make people do everything to take and keep a job? Maybe something other than a monthly paycheck is at stake.

For while all these fired people have gone home, for many backed by various checks from the government that enabled them to pay their bills and put food on the table, they have had what it usually takes to think and reflects on his life. Time.

Many have become aware that they work in a vulnerable industry where there are quick hires – but also quick layoffs.

And then they think about what it is they want with their lives. For many, it is something different from what they did – both professionally and family-wise. Therefore, they use the new opportunity to apply for new educations or apply for jobs in industries other than the one they have experienced can remove the carpet under them in one quick roof, without them having any control over their life situation.

It’s so easy to run around the hamster wheel, to do what’s expected in the role you’re in now. And here in the United States, for many it has been a necessity to go to work and look after a job you really could not. lie. The system here is very different from the Danish one, and it is not far to the bottom if you are out of work from one day to the next.

To keep a job, you do not like the hard work. For many, it becomes routine to do what is expected, see one week take the next, one year the next – without giving up alternative ways of living a thought.

But the corona pandemic has challenged and forced most of us, given us time to think about our values.

And that is perhaps very good – for the individual’s future dreams on private and work fronts. Most importantly, if women and men with aspirations for something other than what they spend their lives on without passion are given the opportunity and courage to jump out and live their dream. “Nothing is so bad that it’s not good for anything,” as my matter-of-fact grandmother would say. This obviously also applies to pandemics.

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