Så længe amerikanerne elsker deres våben højere end deres børn, vil vi se skoleskyderier. Igen og igen og igen

En 18-årig købte automatvåben på sin fødselsdag og skød derefter 19 børn og to lærere

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As long as Americans love their guns more than they love their children, we will see school shootings. Again and again and again.

An 18-year-old bought an automatic weapon on his birthday and then shot 19 children and two teachers

“It is with a heavy heart that I receive the news of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.”

The email from the school superintendent at my daughter’s school begins with these words. I did see the email ticking in a few hours ago. “Uvalde, Texas School Shooting,” the subject line read.

But I did not open the email. Could not, had to wait a few hours before I was able to read. Eventually, I couldn’t put it off any longer. What if the email said something I needed to know – for the sake of my own children?

Shortly after our family arrived in the United States, a school shooting that is now known as the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, took place at a school for students from 0.-5. grade. 20 children and 6 adults were mowed down by a man with an automatic weapon. The school’s internal system had quickly announced that there was an “active shooter”at the school, and the teachers followed the safety protocols that they and the children had regularly practiced, and hid in closets, barricaded doors to classrooms, and stayed away from windows and doors. They did everything they could. And still, they were hit by tragegy.

I especially remember the Sandy Hook school shooting more clearly than others. Partly because it caused very young children their lives, partly because that day changed something fundamental in me that had to do with grief and anger over what defines how Americans relate to principles and common sense.

Today, I again find myself in a state of shock. I am overwhelmed with grief. It’s something different to experience the news when you live here in the United States and have children who go to a similar school and watching the TV screen show the pictures over and over again than it is to sit on the other side of the globe in Europe and read about an incomprehensible American system that makes such tragedies possible.

I thought for a long time that I had such a hard time understanding the relationship to weapons here in the US because I was Danish. But many Americans share my disgust for a hardcore, antiquated cowboy approach to what is here known as “the Second Amendment,” which is about Americans’ right to bear arms. The fanatical religious approach to the wording of the constitution is nauseating – and puts politicians backed by the arms lobbies and arms manufacturers higher than the lives of children and citizens.

If you think that tragedies like the one that Americans go through every single week cause Americans to buy fewer weapons, you are wrong. Every time a shooting finds its way to the media and people are afraid that there will be regulations in the right to bear arms, there is a queue in front of the arms shops.

And what happens now? Absolutely nothing, of course. Joe Biden has condemned the atrocity, asked the Americans when enough is enough. But he has no real power to do anything. Texas’ governor and prominent Texas politicians such as Ted Cruise are repeating the old phrases about the right of the individual and that it is not the way forward to ban the carrying and buying of weapons. Perhaps Ted Cruise is signaling to the nation’s largest arms lobby, the NRA (National Rifle Association), that everything will continue as planned when they gather for a conference this coming weekend – in Texas.

The man who completed his insane shooting yesterday was 18 years old. As a birthday present, he gave himself various weapons, including an automatic weapon and ammunition. But the mass shooting yesterday is far from the only one that has taken place in the United States this year. In this country, we do not hear about all the mass shootings that take place. If that was the case, the media would spend all their air time reporting on than that. Only a few mass shootings break through to the media, but this year alone, not even halfway into 2022, more than 200 mass shootings have taken place in America.

However, when school shootings involve young children the media reports on it. It’s the same process every time: News hosts with deep sympathizing voices interviewing crying relatives, audio recordings where we hear screams and shooting, pictures of children running scared from buildings, according to the drills they have trained for, and politicians saying they are praying for the victims and their families. Republicans who do not want to change the law and introduce stricter gun control. Democrats who highlight the bloody and morbid relationship by the United States to legislation that gives Americans the right to bear arms in a country that has more weapons than residents.

And meanwhile, in my children’s schools, drills are being carried out every month. Drills that teach them what to do in the event of an earthquake or how to react if there is a bear in the area. I’m fine with those drills. But on the same day as the school shooting in Texas took place, my daughter had an “active threat drill” which is about how students should behave if there is a school shooting at their school. I have not yet learned to relate to these drills in a levelheaded way.

And if you think that tragedies like the one that Americans go through every single week cause Americans to buy fewer weapons, you’re wrong. Every time a shooting finds its way to the media and people are afraid that there will be regulations in the right to bear arms, there is a queue in front of the arms shops. Sales are rising, more deadly weapons are finding their way into American hands.

And what do you do after reading the email from the school superintendent? You talk to your children. If they want to. Because when I gently told my daughter that there might be some at her school who would mention a school shooting, she let me know with her short “okay” that she did not want to talk about it. I check again, prompting another way to engage. “Okay,” she says again with the same dismissive tone. And that’s a human way of reacting, too. By closing off. Because this is her everyday life. She must always be on alert, navigating a reality where she knows a school shooting could at any time happen. I understand her way of shutting this fact out of her life. She is powerless, has no say when it comes to the adults’ mindlessly incomprehensible priorities. Because as long as Americans value their right to bear arms more than the safety of their children, school shootings will take place – over and over and over again.

Debatten om vanvidskørsel minder mig om våbendiskussionen her i USA

Når man låner sin bilnøgle ud, kan det koste menneskeliv – og det må man tage ansvar for, hvis det ender galt.

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The Danish debate about insane speeding is similar to the gun violence debate in the United States

When you lend someone your car keys, it can end up costing lives – and, yes, you have to take responsibility if something happens.

In several states in the United States, parents can be punished if their child or teenager gains access to and uses a weapon that has not been stored properly.

In Denmark, parents, boyfriends and leasing companies can have the car confiscated if they borrow or lease it to someone who is taken in a crazy drive.

This is how it should be – both in the USA and in Denmark. As the owner of a weapon or a car, you have a responsibility for your property and can not just wash your hands and hide behind the fact that you did not know it would end the way it did, with a shooting or with a child who becomes killed or maimed.

There are several arguments in play when I hear the Danish debate. Some believe that the owner of the car can not be held responsible if things go wrong. To that, I would simply say that it is a evasion of responsibility of one’s own responsibility and the role of parent.

I doubt that even the same parents would find it okay for the state to deprive them of various rights because they were not deemed fit to be able to make the right moral choices themselves. If one wants to be deprived of responsibility on one point, one must be willing to consider how that argument ends in its ultimate consequence – and that is a rather frightening scenario.

As a parent, boyfriend, friend, landlord, you have a responsibility. Talk to the person you are lending the keys to, imprint on them the responsibility of getting into a potential death machine. And do not lend the car if you think the person can not live up to the responsibility it is to drive responsibly.

Another argument is downright unsympathetic. It sounds something like this: Young people have speed in their blood, they have nowhere to go for the desire to give the gas that man has always broken the law, and it will continue to do so, no matter what the economic consequence is.

What has just gone wrong in a person’s head thinking like that? The argument leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to dealing with personal responsibility, how the relatives’ lives can be changed with a flick of the finger and never be the same again after they have been told that one of their loved ones has been subjected to insanity. consequences.

This scornful attitude towards other people’s lives, unsympathetic and rather obsessively emotionally underdeveloped attitude, makes it run cold down my spine. What kind of citizens are they when they are not behind the wheel?

And as for car renters, could they appropriately think about their responsibilities instead of just focusing on rental income? With the possibility of penalizing, it could be thought that their algorithms pretty quickly make it impossible for insane drivers to qualify or afford dead-driving in muscle cars.

It is probably very good that parents are being punished, so they may be able to think a little about what irresponsible citizens they have raised their children to become.

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Det her er USA, og her er flere våben, end der er indbyggere

I går blev New York erklæret i undtagelsestilstand pga. en alarmerende stigning i skyderier. Så skal du til New York, er der nogle områder, du skal holde dig fra.

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This is the United States – and here we have more guns than people

Yesterday, New York was declared a state of emergency due to an alarming increase in shootings. Then you are going to New York, there are some areas you should avoid.

When you are a tourist, it can be difficult to know if the area you are in is safe. I experienced this when I was in the United States for the first time. I was in my early 20s and found myself with my travel companions in Los Angeles. We stopped at a gas station and wanted to ask for directions.

“Get in the car, lock the doors, and drive! Do not stop if you hit a red light, “said the man. I stumbled back into the rental car and we drove with beating hearts out of the area as fast as we could.

I will never forget it. And I never forget the feeling of not understanding what was going on – of not being able to read the signals of the surroundings. For I did not have the feeling of being in danger or of being in an area that was dangerous. Not until I was made aware of it.

I lived in Denmark and was a tourist in the United States with all the blindness it entails. When you are in a strange place, everything looks different and the codes are different than you are used to – therefore it can be difficult to see that you are in a place where your life is potentially in danger.

The state of New York has had an explosive growth in shootings of more than 75 percent since the onset of the corona pandemic . In what is usually the most festive weekend of the year here, namely the 4th of July weekend, there were 51 shooting episodes in the state. 

Even after the state has gained some control over the virus that shut down the city of New York in particular and made a large portion of the state’s especially younger uneducated residents unemployed, the shootings continue.

Therefore, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has declared New York a state of emergency. At the same time, millions of dollars have been allocated so that the hardest hit areas get help with programs to help young people out of the criminal environment.

Cuomo , of course, is afraid that the city of New York will get a bad reputation, and tourists will not return after the corona hell it is recovering from. But he is also afraid of the future of both the state and the city of New York in relation to all the citizens who sought out and away during the pandemic and who may not return.

If you have the resources to seek refuge when the crisis hits, you will not return until you feel that it is safe and secure to return to the big cities. It’s a problem, because New York risks withering away and falling into violence, chaos and shootings instead of flourishing with tourism and affluent dollars, which make business thrive and citizens’ incomes rise with all that entails of a society that works.

Maybe this will be a wakeup call for the people who are so lucky to live in a bubble, and who have never before had to take a stand on the life that thousands of black families and Latino families have to deal with with their hearts in their throats every day when they try to take care of their work, support themselves and send their children to school.

It should be a human right to live in an area where there is no risk of being slapped down on the open street. But this is the United States, and here are more weapons than there are inhabitants. And when the crisis is raging, it really does – especially if you live a life where you hit the very bottom of society very quickly. It is not an excuse for the violence, the murders and the horrific crime that carry so much horror with it. It’s just a finding.

So before you explore the exciting residential areas far away from 5th Avenue and the hip shopping streets when you visit The Big Apple, just check online to see if you plan to take the subway or an Uber to an area where your Senses do not respond to the dangers that may be there, even if they are not visible to you. 

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Ikke et ord om våbenlove. Helt ærligt, Joe Biden – der missede du chancen

Hovedemnerne på Joe Bidens første pressemøde var strandede børn ved den mexicanske grænse og infrastruktur. Men i en uge med to masseskyderier nævnte han ikke lovgivning om våben.

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Not a single word about gun laws. Honestly, Joe Biden – that´s a missed opportunity

The main topics at Joe Biden’s first press conference were stranded children at the Mexican border and infrastructure. But in a week of two mass shootings, he did not mention weapons legislation.

“You should teach your boy about accountability when he is near weapons.” The words belonged to my neighbor, the father of the two boys my son was playing with. My then 5-year-old son had had his first play date in their home. I looked questioningly at him with a rippling fear down my spine.

The father said that in order for the boys to get out and play in the backyard, they had to go through his garage. In the garage stood a chair and on the chair lay a weapon. My son had picked up the weapon, and it now provoked the conversation that brought out the fear in me along with that feeling that I will never fully understand the Americans. I was horrified and furious, my neighbor did not understand the problem of having weapons lying freely in front.

It must be said that already at the age of 5 my son had been taught in school on how to react if one sees a weapon. It’s perfectly normal here. Again: he was 5. Children in that age group are more impulsive than cautious, they do not necessarily make the connection between the teacher’s instruction in the classroom and the reality outside. Add to that the impulsivity of a boy with ADHD, and then you have a parent with a heart in his throat.

The United States has in less than a week had 2 mass shootings with many dead. We had almost forgotten how it felt again and again and again to be reminded that we live in a country that has many times more weapons than inhabitants and very few restrictions on who can acquire a weapon. In particular, the killers’ preferred weapon appears to be the AR15, which can fire 45 shots per minute. One can think what one wants about the right to bear arms for protection or to go hunting. I would argue that no hunter needs a weapon developed for war, and that such a weapon does not belong in the hands of private citizens but only within the military.

Since the day I picked up my son from the neighbor, I have always asked parents of children that my children would like to play with if they had guns in the house. When I lived in Denmark , an affirmative answer would have been enough for me to insist that the play agreement took place in my home. We have no weapons and never get them. Now I always ask parents who give an affirmative answer to the gun question if the guns are locked inside a closet. One’s boundaries are shifted when the normal is different from the one one grew up with.

But I never get used to the mass shootings. Every time we hear of another shooting, my heart breaks. I simply do not understand that when the majority of Americans are in favor of more restrictive legislation in this area, then the politicians will not get one implemented.

Yes, I understand that there are donations from Fx NRA (National Riffle Association) involved, you can obviously buy a lot for money – including the ethics and integrity of some politicians, but the NRA is now stung, by going bankrupt, among other things. due to internal corruption scandals, so right now would be a perfect time to get legislation passed.

The vast majority of Americans are in favor of a tightening of gun laws, unfortunately politicians do not represent their peoples in this area.

The Democrats have a majority in Congress and yes, they have to use 60% of the votes in the Senate, but if they now get rid of the filibuster rule that means that they have to use 60% to get something through instead of what you could describe as democratic, namely 51 Per cent., then they could actually implement some sensible policy, i.a. a new and stricter legislation for who can carry weapons, what kind of weapons and where.

And here comes Biden’s first press conference, since he took over the oval office in the White House, into the picture.

Joe Biden was at the press conference – Joe Biden. He whispered, thundered, stammered, smiled and got on well with journalists. But he was somewhat woolly in the mouth when asked if he had intended to support a change in the filibuster rule.

The victims of and the relatives of the last shootings he did not mention in a word. It is unworthy, even though this week he has been out and saying a few words in connection with the shootings and has made his position to implement legislation in the area, but there he did not have the same large audience as he had today .

At this press conference, the nation and the world were ready for the first time at an official press conference to hear him talk about the topics he finds most important to address – it is simply a ” missed opportunity “. Not only does he have the majority of the American population behind him, more progressive Democrats would like to see him step more into character in this area.

In return, we now know that Biden is passionate about getting Americans who have lost their jobs back into work. They must help build the United States. Bridges are collapsing, main roads have deep holes, schools are filled with asbestos, have windows that are leaking and water in the taps, the children can not drink, etc., etc. There are chemicals running into streams and there are in general enough to do and work to perform for the working hands that Biden appeals to.

For years, it has been impossible to get legislation through that would correct decades of neglect of U.S. infrastructure. It’s important policy, if Biden succeeds in getting the repair work started, millions of Americans who are in a vulnerable situation will potentially be lifted up into the middle class, where the possibility of health insurance, own house and annual vacations with the family lies and flashes like the dream of the Democrats for the part of the population that has been left unemployed in large parts of the country where industries have been shut down as a result of development.

The children at the Mexican border were also talked about a lot. Thousands are waiting to have their case processed. According to Biden, many will be sent back to the countries they come from. The situation is developing, Biden may be facing a huge crisis, which lacks beds and the conditions in the reception centers are not good. Children are children, but the vast majority are fortunately 15 years and older. Biden raised a tab that there are new initiatives on the way that will make the situation better. But here, too, he turned out to be an old fox who does not show all his exits. He is a seasoned politician who does not intend to show his hand, it is about timing, as he was told several times.

But there was noisy silence when it comes to mass shootings. I do not know if the press had of knowing that they should not ask questions that had weapons legislation to do, but there was no question that was about the completely misguided approach to weapons that characterizes the United States.

Yes, several states have each tried to introduce legislation that will make it more difficult for e.g. men who are violent towards their wives to gain access to a weapon and make it harder for the mentally ill to gain access to weapons. Several states have introduced that it takes a period of time from the time you buy a weapon until you can actually pick it up at the store – in case it is purchased in affect. But there are plenty of loopholes, if you want to acquire a weapon, it’s a narrow matter. Tighten one place and loosen another. Each state does things differently, a comprehensive legislation is needed before we can really see changes – in the attitude towards the use of weapons and in deaths as a result of shootings.

Biden showed several times at the press conference that he is a man who is fully aware of his own power status as president. I can only hope that the reason he did not speak so bluntly on this very subject, as he did in relation to talking about Mitch McConnell (the minority leader of the Republicans in the Senate), the Republicans in general, China’s Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin is that he has some political, strategic pull up his sleeve.

It is my hope that Biden is as passionate about getting something done in the area of ​​gun laws as he was under Obama. Here, with lightning speed, he produced over 20 proposals for what measures could be taken to do something in the field of weapons legislation. It was not Biden’s fault that nothing was done, as so often before it was two NRA-paid politicians (a Democrat and a Republican) who managed to stifle the measures.

Joe Biden has not yet held the post of President of the United States for 100 days. He made it clear from the start that his first priority is to get a handle on Covid-19. That strategy goes beyond all expectations. Instead of giving 100 million vaccines after 100 days as president, it looks like the number will be approx. 200 million.

I hope that when that Covid fire is extinguished, then Biden will have just as much luck extinguishing the other fires we are dealing with – there is enough to take away, of which a reform of the gun legislation should have the highest priority.

7,957 children and young people die every year as a result of gunshots, completely meaningless deaths, the vast majority of which could be avoided if the adults wanted to make responsible, adult decisions. A president is responsible for leading the way in the process of actively working for change for the benefit of the weakest in our society.

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