Ingen kvinde, homoseksuel eller minoritet kan vide sig sikker i USA

Den amerikanske højesteret tager politisk standpunkt imod kvinders rettigheder. Tiden er ikke til at fortvivle, den er til at kæmpe – for kvinder, minoriteter og sociale udsatte gruppers rettigheder.

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No woman, gay, or minority should feel safe and protected in the United States

The US Supreme Court takes a political stand against women’s rights. The time is not to despair, it is to fight – for the rights of women, minorities and socially disadvantaged groups.

“Keep your fingers from my uterus!”, “My body, my choice!” and “Abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor,” are some of the statements on the banners the demonstrators carry. For the last few days, I have been following the debate about the leaked document from the Supreme Court and the intent to reverse Roe vs. Wade. The population in the United States is shocked about this news. My shock goes deeper than just shaking my head when it comes to the polarized stands in America on weapons, politics and abortion.

The hatred, the lies, the desire for power and oppression leave me with a sad uneasiness and feeling of having been manipulated and misled- even though I was aware that Trump’s appointment of no less than three Supreme Court justices could have fatal consequences, beyond his time in the White House.

Nearly 50 years ago, a case was settled in the U.S. Supreme Court that grants a woman the right to abortion. The law is known as Roe vs. Wade – a woman sued the state of Texas because the state banned abortion unless the woman’s life was at stake. The case ended before the Supreme Court, which ruled that the individual woman’s right to choose abortion is above a state’s abortion law.

Maybe we should do something about the structural reasons for why a reversal of abortion legislation will disproportionately affect the weakest in society instead of making life harder for them?

Since then, the debate has been heated. In recent months, several states have enacted legislation on abortion that makes it virtually impossible for a woman to detect that she is pregnant before the time limit for having an abortion is exceeded.

There are, of course, many arguments from both the pro life and the pro choise sides shouting and waving their banners. That´s how it is in the United States, especially when it comes to highly contested political views.

What I do not understand is why pro lifers can not just be against abortion – for themselves. Why can´t they let other women decide what is right for them? How can you be so self-righteous in your indignation that you feel you have the right to judge another human being who may or may not have a thousand reasons for her choise? Freedom for all, is something America pride itself of, apparently that does not apply to a woman’s right to decide over her own body.

For when self-righteous, often white, ultra-religious with privileges and access to health care feel they have the right to impose their anti-abortion message to vulnerable women, it honestly makes me sick to see their desire for self-assertion and lack of empathy.

This is America, and here, as opposed to Denmark, you do not have access to the health care system when you need it, without having to pay for it. It is primarily black and Latina women who need an abortion – and there are many reasons for this.

Maybe we should do something about the structural reasons for why a reversal of abortion legislation will disproportionately affect the weakest in society instead of making life harder for them? How anyone can think they have the right to harass and persecute others with their arrogant, cynical stance on something that should be a private matter between a patient and her doctor, I fail to understand.

One of the Supreme Court judges’ argues that Roe vs. Wade should never have been in favor of the individual woman’s right in the first place – because the Constitution does not mention abortion. There is quite a lot of our current way of life that is not mentioned in the American Constitution of 1788. If the argument is stretched, then what implications does it have for gay marriages just to name one example?

Several states are ready to introduce legislation that makes it illegal to have an abortion. Other states have indicated that they will help women with the procedure who cannot have an abortion legally in their own state. The United States is more divided than it has been for decades, and women’s rights are now an active part of a larger movement that divides the country even further.

Wanting to control and oppress women is nothing new, men have always wanted to dominate women and their right to control their own bodies. But if you think they will stop at women’s bodies, you are wrong.

In a society with racial, cultural and religious diversity and with a disparity between rich and poor, sontrol and oppression of the vulnerable and minorities is what keeps you in power.

The time is not to despair, it is to fight – for the rights of women, minorities, and socially disadvantaged groups.

Hvem deltog i kupforsøget i USA for et år siden? Et overraskende billede tegner sig

Helt almindelige amerikanere er villige til at ty til vold.

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Who participated in the insurrection a year ago? The answer might surprise you

Ordinary American citizens are willing to resort to violence.

“What the fuck is going on?” Those were the first words I heard when my Danish friend called me on January 6 last year. We were on opposite sides of the globe and were both watching, paralyzed by the images on our TV screens.

The images on the screen showed thousands of aggressive people, many with Trump flags and in military-like attire, hammering at police officers, smashing windows and doors and forcing their way in to the Capitol building, where the crowed went howling and screaming from corridor to corridor to find prominent politicians’ offices. That day, both civilians and police officers lost their lives.

“It will be ok. The American system is strong,” said my former colleague when I spoke to him a few minutes before the conversation with my friend in Denmark. He is an elderly gentleman, and he served at the University of Washington as a professor of history for more than 30 years. I had called him crying, hoping to hear some calming words from this experienced man – I needed him to say that America would be ok after this.

Who went to Washington DC that day when the situation went crazy and people stormed Congress?

Contrary to what one might think, many of the rioters were citizens without extreme right winged leanings. And that fact is scary.

It turns out that those who behaved most violently on January 6, 2020, were not people on the authorities list of threats. Most have never committed a crime before. They were our neighbors, active in their churches – ordinary Americans. In other words, they do not fit the profile of a typical extremist.

But they believed, were completely convinced, that Trump won the presidential election. Their sense of justice had suffered a setback. And so they felt violence was ok.

If ordinary people feel that they have the right to use and react with violent, anti-democratic methods when their sense of justice is violated, then we are potentially facing a huge problem in the future.

Despite the fact that this feeling of injustice and election fraud was rooted in conspiratorial beliefs, the events on that horrible day in January last year, show us that this or a similar attack on our democracy could happen again if an election result goes against some people´s preference.

How long do we have a democracy if various private individuals feel they have a right to violently oppose democracy – even when there is no, as in absolutely none, zip, zero, evidence for their claim of fraudulence?

Since the attack on democracy a year ago, conspiracy theories have not diminished. On various electronic platforms, multiple outrageous conspiracy theories thrives. In these lonely Corona times it might be understandable that some people can fall into a black hole and be trapped and sucked in to such a universe. After all, we all need a sense of community and on a certain level, these groups offer that – however sick they are in their mindsets. But who bears responsibility and who do we hold accountable for the threat to democracy?

In the United States, economic means create power. At the same time, political decision-making processes moves at a snail’s pace. Meanwhile, social platforms are making money, and the conspiracy theories people are willing to believe in are becoming more and more insane.

To put it mildly, it has been an uncommonly ugly sight to see politicians compromise on democratic principles instead of showing the people that they are working to make the democracy they claim to be fighting for stronger and make sure nothing like we saw last year will ever happen again.

Whether it’s a right-wing Trump extremist, a hard-working UPS worker, or a young man looking for an adrenaline rush that took part in the terrorist attack on Congress and US democracy last year, the fact is that they need to be prosecuted – every single one of them.

Because everyone has an individual responsibility, and one should be held accountable for one’s actions – even if one regrets or was caught in the moment and did things one would otherwise never have done.

The investigation process is underway, but it is moving far too slow, and it is important for the surrounding community’s belief in the system to get a feeling that the justice system and democracy work – preferably before the next presidential election.

We cannot forget, however, that the main culprit for the attack on the US election process is Donald Trump – and he must be held responsible for having used ordinary citizens as puppets in his attempt to overthrow democracy in God’s own country.

Trump undersøger mulighed for at indtage Det Hvide Hus til sommer

Selv hvis det skulle vise sig, at han vandt det amerikanske præsidentvalg (og det gør han ikke!), bliver han ikke genindsat som præsident.

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Trump is exploring the possibility of moving back into the White House this summer

Even if it turns out he won the US presidential election (and it will not!), He will not be re-instated as president.

Here we go again. Trump is like a Jack in the Box – you know, the children’s toy where you turn a handle on a box until a clown jumps out and you sit back scared.

He always has some sort of pull in the threads behind the scenes – to get maximum media coverage, but probably also because his confused soul, and his faithful gunmen who willingly with their backstabbing push him forward, believe in some of the misguided thoughts he keeps promoting.

Most recently, it has emerged that he is waiting for the results of yet another vote count of the votes in the state of Arizona. One Republican privately hired company is trying to get the vote annulled, and Trump believes it could be the first domino piece that could help reinstate him as President of the White House.

Let’s face it with seven-inch nails: It has been repeatedly stated that the American election was the ultimate safest and most correctly executed in the history of the United States . Furthermore, the votes of the citizens have been counted again and again and again – and again… – with the result that Joe Biden has again and again – and again, – been proclaimed the winner of the election.

And so Mike Pence did his duty that day in Congress, respecting democracy.

And here’s the crux of why Trump now hates Pence so fiercely. After the election, Trump did everything in his power to prolong the result by, in one state after another, bringing one impossible legal argument to the fore after another. Arguments that in several cases were swept off the court by Republican judges on the grounds that there was no evidence for the allegations.

At the time, Trump even aired in the best dictatorial foggy dreams the possibility that he could stay in the White House while counts and various lawsuits – even after his presidency expired. Actually pretty ingeniously thought of by a man who has decades of experience with the legal system and dragging his own innumerable lawsuits into the long haul.

But then there was just that with the Constitution. And it could not even his most faithful gunmen, like Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo get around.

But let’s play with the idea that the result of all these counts shows that Trump still won the election. It does not, but let’s take the argument all the way out where there is no way back. Then maybe we can close the case.

Whether or not Trump had won, there is nothing that can change the fact that it is Biden who sits as president of the White House. There is simply no legal basis for doing anything.

Is it a problem? Yes, it is, if so many as it is, fully and firmly believe that democracy has gone bankrupt, that something has gone wrong – that democracy has not been respected.

Millions of Americans are convinced that something has gone wrong in the democratic process. That there have been errors in the ballot boxes, that there are thousands of votes hidden away in boxes at various polling stations, etc., etc.

And what does that mean? This naturally means that no matter how many times we get by knowing that electoral procedures are followed to the letter, how many times re-counted how many Internet security experts and sages who speak out – so have faith and confidence in the American democracy a little a crack.

But it also means that those politicians who are well aware that Trump will not be installed in the White House are taking advantage of the momentum of his diversionary maneuvers as an opportunity to influence future elections in other ways, and thus get the results they want.

And how do they do that? – they do this by changing the rules of the game for the next time elections are to be held, so that the local rules for who can vote and when significantly increase the probability that they will get the result they want. Specifically, it is made more difficult to vote by minimizing opening hours, having fewer polling stations, tightening identification requirements, etc.

Quietly, the rules of the democratic game are changing, so that large groups in society are deprived of the opportunity to make their voices heard. And politicians do it from their neat offices in the states’ local political bodies without breaking the law, without having to get involved with conspiracy theorists.

And maybe that’s really what Trump knows. The long-term strategy can be pushed forward, occasionally popping up from his box and causing everyone’s eyes to turn towards him, while his dazzled sect members cast their veil of distraction, play their part and scream for attention.

Whatever the strategy, it is dangerous – for democracy and for the future of the American people as a cohesive country.

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Demokratiet sejrede i USA – nu løfter vi blikket og ser det, der ligger foran os, ikke det, der skiller os

Enhed, inklusion og demokratiets overlegenhed var i fokus i dag.

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Democracy triumphed in the United States – let´s lift our gaze and see the things that lie ahead, not the things that separate us

Unity, inclusion and the superiority of democracy were in focus today.

I sat ready in front of the television. Seeing the democratic process work and previous presidents backing it up, calmed me down in my system. With Joe and Jill Biden, the leadership of the United States returns to a time when intelligence and facts are something you respect, not something you ridicule.

Finally the day came, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States . Democracy won and the mob must pack away their baseball bats and automatic weapons while democratic processes prevail.

Bush was there, Clinton and Obama were there. And Pence was there. The Kamala Harris family was there, it’s a big day for them and for Americans with African American and Asian backgrounds.

The masks spoke their very own language. Pence and Bush sent strong signals with their flags and national symbols: the United States, patriotism and respect for the system go hand in hand. Several members of the Harris family wore glitter masks. All over the United States, little girls with golden skin are thinking, “Everything is possible for me in this country.”

And then there was the women’s attire. Both Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton wore purple, which is the color you get if you combine blue and red – the colors of the Democratic and Republican Party, now it’s time for unity and to stand together. Kamala Harris and her outfit are also an appreciative nod back to 1972, the year Shirley Chisholm , as the first African-American woman, ran as a presidential candidate for the Democrats. Perhaps the purple color was also a thank you to the swing states, often referred to as purple states.

It is important that Mike Pence, the former Vice President of the United States, attended today. Pence received no warm welcome from either the former Democratic presidents or from Bush. Up until the terrorist attack on the Congress building two weeks ago, Pence has faithfully stood side by side with Trump at various rallies and repeated his lies about election fraud. It must not be easy to stand among the political opponents he has so fiercely fought against and who despise him and his former boss.

For me, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris began their new jobs as country leaders yesterday. For the first time since the pandemic took place exactly one year ago, an official memorial service was held for the 400,000 Americans who lost their lives in the Corona pandemic. 400 lamps lit up along the Lincoln Memorials pool and Biden and Harris held memorial speeches. In New York, The Empire State Building lit up like a red, beating heart. Even before they were sworn in, they heralded new times and new tones.

Today Jennifer Lopez, who is Latina , sang ” this land is your land, this land is my land”, and I cried. That song I first heard, I put my legs in an American kindergarten, a few days after we had arrived in the United States. Even then, I got a lump in my throat over the text. The atmosphere that characterized the ceremony today was marked by an inclusion and a celebration of diversity that I experienced on my own body when I moved to the United States with my husband and two small children.

At the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris today, the focus was on the importance of unity despite differences. The United States is made up of people from very different places and with very different backgrounds. It is the foundation of America’s existence and success, and we must embrace and build on it.

Neither the last 4 years’ split, orchestrated from the highest place, nor the attack on the Congress building, the very symbol of American democracy 2 weeks ago, was swept under the rug. It was addressed so that the audience and people in front of the screens at home understood that democracy wins – always. It has done so for the last 244 years, every 4 years since 1789, and so it continues to be. If anything, Americans have been reminded of how valuable democracy is and that it can never be taken for granted.

Biden is a man who reaches out to his opponents. He spoke directly to them and asked them to listen and see what he would accomplish. If they then still disagree with him, then that’s ok, assured him. As long as it is peaceful and democratic. His speech focused on the United States having to learn from the past in order to build a future better than the one it took over.

Biden is well aware of what constitution the United States is in. The United States is in a dark time. Democracy is in crisis, the Corona pandemic is out of control, unemployment is huge, small businesses are fighting for their survival, racial unrest is raging in response to systematic racism, the climate is suffering and political extreme groups are ravaging.

If anyone knows Biden what it takes for a human being and a nation to heal. As a young man, he lost his wife and little girl in a tragic car accident. He later lost a son to cancer. When he talks about what it takes and how he wants to get the nation there, people believe in him. When he talks about inclusion, humility, empathy and compassion, you feel like opening your arms, putting yourself in the saddle and doing your part so that we can be the best version of ourselves, and thus work towards becoming a better nation.

There is hope for a better future. The next generation was represented by Amanda Gorman , an African-American poet, just 22 years old. She talked about unity in her impressively long. Gorman did not shy away from describing the events that shocked Americans and the world 2 weeks ago. But she used them as a springboard to paint a picture that gave hope and a sense that the United States can heal and unite. For the United States is not broken, just unfinished. The US has gotten some nasty scratches, but it still persists. There is always light in the dark if we are brave enough to see it – and be it ourselves.

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Jeg er færdig med Trump

Selv blandt helt almindelige forstadsfamilier, der bestemt ikke er kendt for at deltage i politiske diskussioner, er afstandene efter fire år med Trump så store, at naboer holder sig til at blive enige om hækkens højde.

Tegning: Rasmus Sand Høyer
Tegning: Rasmus Sand Høyer

”Mommy, hvem vandt?” Ordene var min dengang 8-årige datters. Vi var tre danske familier samlet til valgfest i Bellevue i delstaten Washington i USA, hvor jeg bor. Min datter var faldet i søvn, mens vi voksne sad måbende foran tv-skærmen den 8. november 2016.

Jeg flyttede til byen Bellevue i 2010, da Barack Obama var præsident, og USA var et noget anderledes land end i dag. Der har altid været brydninger og endda store uenigheder i USA, bare spørg afroamerikanerne. Men kontrasten og overgangen fra Obama til Trump kunne ikke være mere udtalt.

Mens jeg bar min datter ud til bilen, kiggede jeg hende i øjnene og sagde: ”Det ser ud, som om det er Trump, der har vundet præsidentvalget, men når du vågner i morgen, er Hillary Clinton USA’s nye præsident.”

Jeg har mange gange siden fortrudt, at jeg, i forsøget på at overbevise mig selv, sagde de ord til hende. Allerede på det tidspunkt stod det jo lysende klart, at de var en illusion. For minutter før kunne jeg jo se tallene på skærmen, der talte deres tydelige sprog. Alligevel kunne jeg ikke se, ville ikke se, hvad der ret tidligt på aftenen stod klart. Trump havde mod alle odds vundet det amerikanske præsidentvalg. Flere danske veninder ringede til mig midt om natten. Alle var i chok, flere spurgte: ”Kommer I så hjem nu?”

I efteråret 2015 arbejdede jeg som lektor på University of Washington og underviste et introduktionsfag til dansk litteratur og kultur med 100 studerende. En af forelæsningerne handlede om det politiske system og konsensus i Danmark. Jeg havde inviteret en dansk veninde, der er cand.scient.pol., til at give en forelæsning om, hvordan Trump opfattes i Danmark og Europa. Da det blev tid til spørgsmål, var der kun én studerende, der indtog den position, at muligheden forelå, at Trump ville vinde valget. ”Modig studerende”, tænkte jeg. Dengang var der ingen, jeg færdedes iblandt, der troede på muligheden.

Der venter Joe Biden et enormt arbejde, hvis USA ved næste præsidentvalg ikke igen giver plads til en kaospræsident som Trump.

Min veninde og jeg opsøgte det republikanske parti i Bellevue. Efter at have travet op og ned ad gange i en mennesketom bygning, fandt vi endelig, gemt væk i en krog, et lille kontor med skidenfarvede vægge. Sekretæren åbnede døren på klem, lige akkurat nok til at vi kunne føre en samtale. Hun var mildest talt skeptisk, men vi fik hende overtalt til at spørge sin overordnede, om de ville tale med os. Republikanerne i Seattle-området er ikke vant til at blive taget alvorligt.

En ældre, hvid mand i jakkesæt tilbød os automatkaffe og viste os rundt. Lige inden for døren stod en Trump-papmachéfigur i fuld størrelse, som personalet brugte til at hænge deres frakker på. Lidt nede ad gangen var et billede af Trump-familien lænet op ad væggen. Personalet havde ikke gidet hænge det op på sømmet lige over billedet. Vi fik indtrykket af, at ingen på kontoret regnede med, at Trump ville vinde, og det virkede, som om Trump bestemt ikke var deres favoritkandidat. Afslutningsvis fik min veninde et Trump-Pence-skilt med hjem; dem, vi kender fra amerikanernes forhaver. Vi jokede med, hvordan hun skulle få det med på flyet uden for mange akavede undskyldninger om, at det altså ikke var hende, der var Trump-tilhænger, men at det var til arbejdsbrug og ment som en kuriositet. Vi kender historiens gang, der blev ikke så meget at grine ad.

Da chokket havde lagt sig, besluttede jeg mig for at ville prøve at forstå. Jeg inviterede naboer, jeg vidste havde stemt på Trump, til middag, men samtalerne havde mildest talt vekslende succes. Og så er der min veninde. Hun er sygeplejerske, hendes mand læge. De havde været gift i 26 år. Vi mødte dem. kort efter vi flyttede til USA, og vi blev hurtigt gode venner. Vi holdt ferier sammen, spillede poker, fejrede fødselsdage, jul og Thanksgiving, deres børn legede med vores børn. Jeg havde aldrig hørt dem skændes, på overfladen lignede de et helt almindeligt velfungerende ægtepar med villa, Subaru-stationcar, vovhund og sommerhus. Men da Trump stillede op, begyndte manden at se Fox News, og da min veninde en dag så, at han sad og bestilte våben online, havde hun fået nok. I dag er de skilt, og hun er aktiv i det demokratiske parti. Deres ægteskabs forlis er selvfølgelig ikke alene Trumps skyld, men forskellene imellem dem blev blotlagt, og det, hun så hos sin mand, var for min veninde – som for mange andre amerikanske kvinder, der har ladet sig skille fra deres Trump-tilhængermænd de sidste fire år – dråben. Der findes i dag adskillige Facebook-støttegrupper for kvinder, gift med Trump-tilhængere.

De sidste fire år har været nogle af de mest stressende i mit liv. Nyhedsstrømmen er blevet en sæbeopera. Hver eneste uge, siden Trump blev indsat som USA’s 45. præsident den 20. januar 2017, har budt på sine skandaler. Ofte så mange, at journalister har måttet vælge, hvilke historier de ville gå i dybden med, mens andre vigtige beslutninger og handlinger fra Trump og hans administrations side, der normalt ville rydde avisforsider, er druknet i det kaos, de har været en del af i den amerikanske politiske hverdag i fire år.

Jeg har læst stakkevis af bøger, bl.a. om antisemitisme, om den amerikanske forfatning, om radikaliserede højreorienterede kristne, om USA’s forhold til racespørgsmålet. Jeg har endda købt ”The Mueller Report”, som jeg dog løb sur i efter ganske få sider. Jeg har læst videnskabelige afhandlinger og mere lettilgængelige bøger, som f.eks. Michael Cohens og Mary Trumps. Jeg har læst Yale-professor Timothy Snyders ”On Tyranny” hele tre gange, siden amerikanerne valgte Trump. Jeg hører politiske podcasts, læser politiske analyser og blogs. Men det er, som om jeg ikke bliver klogere. Hver gang, vi tror, vi har set det hele, bliver der skruet op for retorikken og de uhyrlige handlinger, som hverken belæste professorer, politiske analytikere, Trump-afhoppere eller embedsmænd før har set eller kan forklare.

Jeg er træt og udmattet. Jeg orker ikke mere. Jeg gider ikke række ud og tale med flere Trump-tilhængere. Sådan burde det ikke være. Jeg vil ikke udelukkende omgive mig med folk, jeg er enig med. Det øger kun splittelsen, hvis det er sådan, vi reagerer, i en tid hvor det mere end nogensinde er vigtigt at kunne tale sammen. Det ved jeg godt. Men nok er nok.

Jeg vil ikke spilde ét sekund mere på at tale med folk, der får deres informationer fra konspiratoriske hjemmesider og ikke tror på fakta, og hvad etablerede anerkendte nyhedsinstanser fortæller dem. Og før du siger: ”Hør, hov! – de Trump-tilhængere, der har stemt på ham pga. deres pengepung eller klassiske republikanske værdier, tror ikke alle på konspirationsteorier,” må jeg bare påpege, at de med åbne øjne har stemt på en mand, der gentagne gange har delt konspirationsteorier via Twitter, udspyet flere end 20,000 løgne og opildnet voldelige grupper til at marchere i gaderne for ham.

Det burde stå lysende klart, hvad en person med diktatorambitioner kan udrette med de rette rygklappere, stiltiende accept og populistisk retorik. Men det gør det tilsyneladende ikke. Mere end 74 millioner amerikanere stemte på Trump. Præsidentvalget burde ikke have været et neglebidende tæt løb imellem en politisk pragmatisk konsensustilgang og en demagogisk konfrontatorisk galning.

Perioden siden valget i november 2020, der ved gentagne retslige instanser er blevet fastslået legitimt og retfærdigt, har med al tydelighed vist, at der er enorme forskelle i USA mellem dem, der tror på systemets struktur, de demokratiske processer, på sandhed, på fakta, på videnskab, og dem, der ikke gør. Der venter Joe Biden et enormt arbejde, hvis USA ved næste præsidentvalg ikke igen giver plads til en kaospræsident som Trump.

Det land, som jeg forelskede mig hovedløst i, få uger efter vi ankom en regnfuld decemberdag i 2010, har mistet noget af sin sprøde hjertevarme tiltrækning. Selv blandt helt almindelige kedelige forstadsfamilier, der bestemt ikke er kendt for at deltage i politiske diskussioner, er afstandene nu så store, at naboer holder sig til at blive enige om hækkens højde, og hvornår stakittet skal fornys. Og det er måske det, der skal til, mens vi alle sammen trækker vejret dybt og tæller til 10 og håber på en lysere fremtid for et stækket demokrati i krise.

Forsøget på at omstyrte demokratiet i USA er ikke slut – hold øje med den 17. januar

USA har været udsat for kupforsøg, begået af terrorister og ansporet af USA’s fascistiske præsident, Donald Trump.

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The attempt to overthrow democracy in the United States is not over – keep an eye on January 17th

The United States has been subjected to coup attempts, committed by terrorists and spurred on by US fascist President Donald Trump.

As we here in the United States try to get over it and figure out how to react to the coup attempt on January 6, committed by terrorists, violent gunmen are planning a new attack on democracy on January 17, 19 and 20. , where both militia groups and declared gun supporters have planned to show up armed in Washington DC and at other official buildings in the United States. In several places in the United States, there have already been armed riots, including Armed Trump supporters broke in through the gate of the Governor’s building here in Washington state this week.

According to e.g. Professor of Computer Technology at the University of Maryland Jen Golbeck long stood clear, not only in the dark corners of the Internet but also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that people planning the coup attempt on January 6 also planned to storm the Congress building. They talked for weeks on the Internet openly about how many people they would kill and how they would carry out the killings.

At the demonstrations it. On January 17, 19 and 20, participants plan to bring weapons. Not everyone is ready to use violence, but according to Jen Golbeck , there are proclamations on the dark pages of the internet from various individuals claiming they are ready to sacrifice their lives for the ´ cause´.

One can hope that the FBI this time is more prepared than they were on Wednesday, when terrorists in a failed coup attempt easily stormed the Congress building in the fight for their fascist leader, Donald Trump.

Coup? Terrorism? Fascism? Shouldn’t I just relax with the rhetoric now? Let me explain my choice of words.

Exactly the use of these words makes sense when we have to analyze what happened on Wednesday and what, in my best estimation, is going to happen again in the next 13 days in an attempt to create unrest and chaos and overthrow the American democracy as we know it.

Words have power, words have meaning. I do not use them to whip up a mood, I use them because they exactly cover what we saw and see unfold.

Terrorism is a big word. We associate it with the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001, and with Islamists. But terrorism is defined as the `illegal use of violence and intimidation to achieve a political goal.´ That was exactly what we saw on Wednesday as militant Trump supporters tried to stop the democratic counting and approval process of America’s next democratically elected president.

A coup attempt is defined as ‘an attack on the state’. Trump was democratically elected and installed as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2016. Trump tried to incite his mob through populist propaganda to put democratic processes out of play. Then his supporters marched toward the Congress building and stormed it. We have seen in many other countries how democratically elected leaders use democracy to push the boundaries of democracy in an authoritarian, undemocratic direction, and now we see it in the United States as well.

The aim was to intimidate politicians into abandoning the census process, which is a mere formality but an important part of the democratic process. Fortunately, it did not succeed. Politicians insisted on carrying out the democratic process and approving Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. Thus, they took the voices of the Americans seriously.

When I use such strong words, there are undoubtedly people who will accuse me of being extreme and unvarying. There are times when you have to call things what they are. Especially for Danes, it can feel uncomfortable. The Danes are a calm people, we like consensus, we do not use big words. But it is sometimes needed, even though it may be unpopular.

The last word I want to use in this regard is fascism. Yes, all the hallmarks are there: Trump as a cult figure, the rejection of democracy, the symbols, the hats, the uniforms, the flags, the glorification of fighting, conspiracy theories designed to create a different reality than the one we others live in, and finally Trump’s eternal loyalty tests . It could have cost Pence his life as the terrorists ran around the Congress building and furiously shouted `Where is Pence?` Shortly after Trump tweeted that Pence had approved the counting of votes in Alabama, Arkansas and was now hearing objections against the approval of Arizona’s election mandates.

I refuse to downplay the attack on the Congress building on Wednesday. The building has enormous symbolic significance in the United States. It goes by the name. The people’s building, ´ the Americans have strong feelings that are attached to the building that in the eyes of the Americans about something is the symbol of democracy. When they saw the flag of the Confederacy waving in their building, the building of the people, it was too many a drop, something inside them broke.

I dare not even think about what could have happened if men with automatic weapons had rolled into the House of Representatives and the Senate and had started slapping politicians down. It is extremely rare that all politicians are gathered, as they were on Wednesday. It could have ended horribly wrong. It might do so next time.

There must be action now. Better today than tomorrow. Trump must be ousted using section 25 para. 4 (25th Amendment section 4), he is insane and has proven unfit to contest the office of President of the United States. It is deadly to have a furious man like him sitting with the power he has.

And to those who say that it’s only 11 days more, that more than 70 million have voted for him, and that ousting him will make him a martyr, I say: Trump has proven time and time again, that one should take his word seriously. One should not sweep his rhetoric off the track, paint it off like hot air. What he says, he thinks. The more freedom he and his companions gain, the more they become agitated, take a step further, and go even further in their undemocratic conduct.

Trump will also have to stand trial for another federal trial so he can never again run for public office if found guilty.

In addition to a democracy in crisis, we in the United States are facing an economic crisis we have not seen since the 1930s. Many Americans do not know how to put food on the table for their children and pay next month’s rent. And well, yes, we are also in the middle of a pandemic that is completely out of control. 4,000 Americans die every day from Covid-19, every day nearly 300,000 Americans are tested positive for the disease Trump has refused to deal with and act on.

Trump has been a disaster for the United States. He leaves behind a country in identity crisis, an economy in ruins and a population that every day loses the same number of citizens to Corona who died 9/11.

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Hjernevaskede amerikanere og republikanske medløbere er den største trussel mod demokratiet i USA

Trump bør afsættes og republikanske politikere skal vise, at de demokratiske processer er urørlige efter optøjerne i Washington D.C.

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Brainwashed Americans and Republican accomplices are the biggest threat to democracy in the United States

Trump should be ousted and Republican politicians must show that democratic processes are immovable after the riots in Washington DC

Then what I feared happened. Still, I look at the TV screen with disbelief, tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. But what is happening in the country I love so much? 

Events are evolving rapidly. The square in front of the US Congress building and on the stairs in front is filled with Trump supporters. Trump flags are flying, many protesters are dressed in camouflage clothing, several look like people on their way to war with visible automatic weapons hanging along their thighs, posture oozing with adrenaline rushes.       

Windows are smashed and politicians, journalists and administrative staff have to seek refuge in their offices while thugs run through the building that, if anything, is the symbol of US democracy. How it could even happen that elected politicians could sit so unprotected while performing one of their most important tasks is in itself incomprehensible.     

This is not a demonstration, it’s riots – yes, a terrorist attack and coup attempt. Trump has succeeded in stopping the constitutional process that was taking place and has de facto put an end to the unfolding of a democratic process. 

Republican politicians and right-wing media have a big responsibility. They have uncritically supported Trump all the way, they have given him speaking time. Everyone knew what would happen today, Trump has repeatedly announced his plan, i.a. when he wrote via Twitter on December 20: “Great protest in DC on January 6. Came! It’s going wild! ”  

Trump has succeeded in brainwashing more than 70 million Americans with his hatred and his lies. Today we see the proof that he is not harmless and full of hot air. The result of manipulation, propaganda and lies can overthrow democracies it has been seen before. Democracies are more vulnerable than many in my generation and younger understand. After the events in the capital of the United States, the symbol of America’s democracy, it should be abundantly clear that for a democracy to survive, it takes hard work, perseverance, and enlightenment to survive. 

Members of Congress, especially Republicans, who by their tacit acceptance or loud backbiting have allowed this, must stand together and certify that it is Biden who is the next legitimate president of the United States.   

According to the New York Times, it was Vice President Mike Pence who contacted the Pentagon to get the National Guard to the Congress building around Trump. 

Trump is simply watching his brainwashed followers follow the scenario he has been announcing since a few days after it became clear in early November that he had lost the presidential election.

Republicans have let Trump be Trump. It has proven to be dangerous. Now they have to show a sense of responsibility. Follow the democratic rules and principles, acknowledge your defeat. It hurts to lose, it is not easy, but for the survival of democracy, responsible elected politicians should take their responsibilities seriously – it is the future of democracy that is at stake.     

If Senators and Mike Pence do not insist on completing the certification of state election mandates that make it clear that Biden is the next president of the United States tonight or tonight, Article 25 of the Constitution should enter into force. Section 4 of Section 25 has never been enacted before, but allows Congress to remove the President with the approval of the Vice President.   

Trump clearly has dictatorial ambitions, and we have a democratically elected president standing ready and waiting behind the scenes. Let him come to a little before January 20, which is the official inauguration day for American presidents. 

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Trump pønser på at indsætte militæret for at kunne blive ved magten

Trump opildner demonstrationer fra højreekstremister, så han kan erklære undtagelsestilstand og sætte valget af Biden ud af kraft.

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Trump is plotting to deploy the military in order to stay in power

Trump is inciting demonstrations by right-wing extremists so he can declare a state of emergency and put the election of Biden out of force.

“Hold back, but be prepared,” Donald Trump said when asked under heavy pressure to distance himself from right-wing extremist groups. It’s not as long ago as it feels.

Since before the November presidential election, Trump has been trying to obstruct and undermine democratic processes. I have previously described this in several blogs.

Trump still has not acknowledged his election defeat. An election defeat that stands clear after countless recountings of American votes, and which has been repeatedly confirmed by the courts.

Right now, Trump, in an attempt to stay on the pinnacle of power, is running several plans, all more or less insane and undemocratic.

Let me name two:

On January 6, Congress will officially count the votes of the electors, those who, with 270 votes, give presidential power. Vice President Mike Pence will be present. He is responsible for ensuring that the counting and casting of votes is correct. A congressman, Republican Louie Gohmert of Texas, has now sued Vice President Mike Pence because he wants him to reject the election result in the swing states and thus declare Trump the winner. If that happens, democracy will be put out of play. It will be interesting to see how the eel-smooth Pence, who himself has presidential ambitions, intends to behave.

Another of Trump’s plans is just as dangerous. A large demonstration has been announced on January 6 with the participation of armed right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists who support Trump’s idea of ​​overthrowing the election result.

The plan is to create chaos and violence. Michael Flynn, whom Trump has just pardoned, has whispered in Trump’s ear that he can use the unrest from the demonstration as an excuse to send troops to the swing states and demand a new election. The idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds – although I acknowledge that here, after four years with Trump, we are again and again gaping at how he allows the interpretation of the law. If one thinks that what I am writing here is too far out, one must know that here in the United States, reputable newspapers and television stations deal with the probability that the two scenarios I describe above can be done, and whether Trump will succeed with his plans on January 6, 2021.

This summer, Trump sent troops to the city of Portland in the state of Oregon when there were demonstrations in connection with the murder of George Floyd. The mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan , went public and denied that Trump was sending troops to our city, as he had threatened. Yes, there were violent demonstrations, and there was vandalism, etc., which is in no way in order. But the city took care of it itself, we did not need black-clad officers who picked people up on the street and threw them into unidentified vehicles, as we saw in Oregon. This is not how it is done in a state governed by the rule of law, this is not how it is done in Seattle.

The Republican Party is in disarray, perhaps in disintegration. Senior officials and former Republican Trump supporters are nervous that Trump will actually take seriously his ideas of putting the military into the swing states and overthrowing the election result.

There is a law from 1807, the so-called Insurrection Act , which allows Trump to put the constitution out of action and deploy the military, so Trump can conduct a new election in the so important swing states.

Trump has repeatedly insulted the military. He should probably not expect much help for his military dictatorship from the military.

Trump is unpredictable. But he does not give up so easily. He is constantly trying to find loopholes, and he is doing that now. Whether he creates unrest, strife, violence in the streets and insecurity, he does not care. He does not helm until all possibilities, however undemocratic they may be, have been tested in an attempt to give him the power he wants.

January 6 will be a horror in many ways – both in the established political system within the high walls and outside on the streets.

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Når selv skolepsykologen er ved at bryde sammen, ved man, at nationen har nået en grænse for, hvad den kan holde til

USA har i over en uge registreret mere end 100.000 Coronasmittede om dagen. Fredag lå tallet på over 180.000. Flere delstater indfører nu voldsomme restriktioner for deres befolkninger.

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When even the school psychologist is about to break down, you know the nation has reached a limit of how much it can endure

For more than a week, the United States has registered more than 100,000 Corona infections a day. On Friday, the number was over 180,000. Several states are now imposing severe restrictions on their populations.

Sunday afternoon, my family and I went for a walk in our neighborhood. Here we met the father of a child, our children in normal times play sports with. The father is a daily school psychologist at a local high school, but the schools here have been closed since the beginning of March, so he has been working from home for almost 7 months.

After the initial courtesies, he said, “Sorry, but I just heard the announcement from the governor and I’m angry. Do you have a weakened immune system? – I have! I have diabetes, but I would go back to work tomorrow. And now we can not gather for Thanksgiving! The old must make their own choices, it cannot be right that the many should suffer for the few. ” It was clear that he was upset. We talked a little and then parted.

When I got home, I checked what restrictions the governor here in the state of Washington has imposed on us.

From tomorrow and four weeks onwards, you must not be seen with people who do not live at the same address as yourself, unless they have been quarantined. Restaurants and bars may not have indoor dining, outdoor dining may not apply to a maximum of 5 people. Grocery stores and other stores must operate at 25% capacity, fitness centers, museums and cinemas must remain closed.

In the absence of federal control from Trump and his Corona Task Force, the governors of individual states have had to take the handling of the Corona crisis into their own hands. This means that the handling has been very different in the individual states.

The population is thin, the nerves are on the outside of the clothes. It’s hard for the kids who go to school from home, the young people who can’t see their friends, parents who have to have a homework day to work while helping the kids with schooling and packed lunches, old people who miss their kids and grandchildren and singles who sit alone at home month after month. But it is, of course, hardest for the thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs or family businesses and do not know how to pay rent and get food on the table and risk having to leave home.

Everyone pays a high price each, and the fact that there is no prospect of any improvement for the next many months erodes the psyche. The conversation with my usually happy and welcoming neighbor shows the cracks that are beginning to appear in American society.

But the conversation shows more than the price that the individual citizen pays mentally. It also represents the division that the United States is in the midst of.

The presidential election in the United States almost 2 weeks ago, stood between many extremes. Among other things, it represented a fundamental difference in how the individual citizen views the individual and society and their roles in relation to each other.

Roughly speaking, the conversation illustrates two attitudes. One argues that the needs of the individual are above those of the community. The other the opposite. The presidential candidates became the personification of these extremes.

How should the individual be able to thrive if society as a whole does not? Americans’ belief in their own individual strength and ability to make crucial choices for themselves that matters to society constantly surprises me.

When I see and hear news from Denmark, I see cracks that remind of what has here become large craters of disagreement and division. I hope Denmark can stand together and not make choices that divide the population, as has happened here. What the world is looking at here in the United States is certainly not an example to follow.

I understand my neighbor’s frustration. He was ready to cry, angry and frustrated – and he is even professionally trained to help young people who are in crisis, how can not ordinary Americans have it? Hopefully, on 20 January, we will have a new administration in the White House, which also has a major task ahead of it in terms of uniting the nation.

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Så fik vi svaret på USA´s moralske kompas efter 4 år med Trump

Præsidentvalget blev ikke en klar afvisning af det USA, Trump har stået for de sidste 4 år.

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The results are in and we have the answer to America’s moral compass after four years with Trump

The presidential election was not a clear rejection of the United States Trump has stood for for the past four years.

It’s the day after that. Last night I went to bed disillusioned. Both my husband and I received phone calls from Denmark with the same disbelief as 4 years ago with the following question: “Are you coming home now?”

The United States has been divided for many years. But the last 4 years here in the United States have been filled with political scandals, a declining barometer of what to say to its political opponents, a contempt, a hatred and a division of families, neighbors and communities.

I was convinced that the Americans with their ballots would show each other and the world that “we are better than this.” That’s not how it went. Millions and millions more voted for Trump again, despite or perhaps because they now know what he stands for.

What is the reason so many have voted for Trump? Has the Trump campaign succeeded in shooting fear into people? Fear of each other, fear of change, fear of the unknown, which is inevitably a part of life?

Or do people really think Biden and Harris are socialists? How it can be socialist to go in to raise the tax for those who earn more than 400,000 dollars, ie on the good side of 2.5 million Danish kroner a year, I do not understand. Yes, there is a wide spectrum within the Democrats, but calling Biden a socialist and a Marxist, as Trump has done, has no hold in reality.

How can so many vote for a person who does not respect democracy and does not want the votes of all citizens to be counted? It’s completely insane to go out and declare yourself a winner before all the votes have been counted. This is done in authoritarian states, then not in the United States. Until now.

While it may have been tedious reading for some, it was part of the strategy when the Trump administration changed its post this summer. They had foreseen the many postal votes, and they knew which demographic was voting by letter and which at the polling station.

Despite how disillusioned I feel with how many have voted for 4 more years with Trump, there are just as many, in fact several million more, who have used the only opportunity they have to say from by casting their vote.

Trump’s contempt for democracy is shameful and his silent followers’ backstabbing is appalling. Not to mention the citizens who obviously do not feel affected by Trump’s constant attacks on anything he cannot identify with.

I hope that when the postal votes are counted and we know the result in the last important states, then Biden wins. But when Trump, the symbol of the leader of the free world, in advance fuels skepticism about the democratic process, and so many apparently agree with him – then it’s hard to see how the United States should emerge from the democratic crisis the country in.

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