Ingen kvinde, homoseksuel eller minoritet kan vide sig sikker i USA

Den amerikanske højesteret tager politisk standpunkt imod kvinders rettigheder. Tiden er ikke til at fortvivle, den er til at kæmpe – for kvinder, minoriteter og sociale udsatte gruppers rettigheder.

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No woman, gay, or minority should feel safe and protected in the United States

The US Supreme Court takes a political stand against women’s rights. The time is not to despair, it is to fight – for the rights of women, minorities and socially disadvantaged groups.

“Keep your fingers from my uterus!”, “My body, my choice!” and “Abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor,” are some of the statements on the banners the demonstrators carry. For the last few days, I have been following the debate about the leaked document from the Supreme Court and the intent to reverse Roe vs. Wade. The population in the United States is shocked about this news. My shock goes deeper than just shaking my head when it comes to the polarized stands in America on weapons, politics and abortion.

The hatred, the lies, the desire for power and oppression leave me with a sad uneasiness and feeling of having been manipulated and misled- even though I was aware that Trump’s appointment of no less than three Supreme Court justices could have fatal consequences, beyond his time in the White House.

Nearly 50 years ago, a case was settled in the U.S. Supreme Court that grants a woman the right to abortion. The law is known as Roe vs. Wade – a woman sued the state of Texas because the state banned abortion unless the woman’s life was at stake. The case ended before the Supreme Court, which ruled that the individual woman’s right to choose abortion is above a state’s abortion law.

Maybe we should do something about the structural reasons for why a reversal of abortion legislation will disproportionately affect the weakest in society instead of making life harder for them?

Since then, the debate has been heated. In recent months, several states have enacted legislation on abortion that makes it virtually impossible for a woman to detect that she is pregnant before the time limit for having an abortion is exceeded.

There are, of course, many arguments from both the pro life and the pro choise sides shouting and waving their banners. That´s how it is in the United States, especially when it comes to highly contested political views.

What I do not understand is why pro lifers can not just be against abortion – for themselves. Why can´t they let other women decide what is right for them? How can you be so self-righteous in your indignation that you feel you have the right to judge another human being who may or may not have a thousand reasons for her choise? Freedom for all, is something America pride itself of, apparently that does not apply to a woman’s right to decide over her own body.

For when self-righteous, often white, ultra-religious with privileges and access to health care feel they have the right to impose their anti-abortion message to vulnerable women, it honestly makes me sick to see their desire for self-assertion and lack of empathy.

This is America, and here, as opposed to Denmark, you do not have access to the health care system when you need it, without having to pay for it. It is primarily black and Latina women who need an abortion – and there are many reasons for this.

Maybe we should do something about the structural reasons for why a reversal of abortion legislation will disproportionately affect the weakest in society instead of making life harder for them? How anyone can think they have the right to harass and persecute others with their arrogant, cynical stance on something that should be a private matter between a patient and her doctor, I fail to understand.

One of the Supreme Court judges’ argues that Roe vs. Wade should never have been in favor of the individual woman’s right in the first place – because the Constitution does not mention abortion. There is quite a lot of our current way of life that is not mentioned in the American Constitution of 1788. If the argument is stretched, then what implications does it have for gay marriages just to name one example?

Several states are ready to introduce legislation that makes it illegal to have an abortion. Other states have indicated that they will help women with the procedure who cannot have an abortion legally in their own state. The United States is more divided than it has been for decades, and women’s rights are now an active part of a larger movement that divides the country even further.

Wanting to control and oppress women is nothing new, men have always wanted to dominate women and their right to control their own bodies. But if you think they will stop at women’s bodies, you are wrong.

In a society with racial, cultural and religious diversity and with a disparity between rich and poor, sontrol and oppression of the vulnerable and minorities is what keeps you in power.

The time is not to despair, it is to fight – for the rights of women, minorities, and socially disadvantaged groups.

Stålværket i Mariupol bliver en humanitær katastrofe, mens verden ser på

Står vi foran en massakre, der ikke kan løses med diplomatiske midler?

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The steel plant in Mariupol is turning into a humanitarian disaster while the world is watching

Are we facing a massacre that wil not be solved through diplomacy?

Are there new reports about the discovery of new mass graves and more signs of massive human rights violations in Ukraine on today´s news? Is there a new account from a horrified woman with a rushed adrenaline fused voice or the sound of deep grief standing in front of a tv-reporter?

Several times a day I check the news and my podcasts. What’s the latest developments in Ukraine? Where are the Russian forces, how are the Ukrainians doing? I find myself wondering if I am borderline morbid, if it is tasteless to follow a development where people’s lives and horrific circumstances unfold before my eyes, while I intensely follow the development as if I was watching some kind of Netflix series.

Why am I and the rest of the world just sitting here, waiting for what is going to happen next to the surrounded soldiers and civilians at the steel plant in Mariupol ?

I am fairly sure I cannot be the only one feeling this way. If you look at the news coverage of the war in Ukraine, there must be viewers like me following the development closely. The war in Ukraine is covered massively by news outlets, experts of all sorts are brought in to explain the geography and military movement in Ukraine to the viewers while pointing to an electronic map, military experts and politicians are interviewed about the latest development, and every day journalists in Ukraine are ready with a new affected Ukrainian citizen telling his or her personal horror story.

I remember the feeling of constant alert from the first year of the Corona virus. The feeling that it was crucial, a necessity to get the most current details, graphs, personal accounts to better understand and figure out the best way to handle my own life and my family’s situation.

But the truth is, the more I try to understand, the less I actually understand. Of the horrors, of the slow reaction of the Western states, of the human psyche. It should not come as a surprise – it was after all in the high school’s ancient knowledge classes, I became acquainted with the phrase “I know, I know nothing”.

So why do we follow developments so intensely when we are powerless and the only thing many of us can do is to send donations? Why am I and the rest of the world sitting in front of our screens waiting, watching in slow-motion, for what is going to happen to the surrounded soldiers and civilians at the steel plant in Mariupol?

It is an accepted and convenient truth that humanitarian disasters must be resolved through diplomacy. But what happens when one humanitarian corridor after another is either canceled or much smaller than agreed upon? What happens when the Russian forces move closer and closer and hermetically hold women, children and the elderly in an iron grip, where it is only a matter of time before either there is no more food or they are stormed? Is it still, then, up to diplomacy to let the Russian bear call the shots and use the West in their sick manipulatory propaganda program?

As an individual citizen it is hard to to anything about the situation in Mariupol, isn´t it? Think about it. Had it not been for individuals taking the initiative when Russia invaded Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians would have arrived in Poland without a roof over their heads. Before the politicians were done negotiating solutions, individuals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and many other countries felt compelled to do something.

The steel plant in Mariupol is what we are all watching these days, watching and waiting for what is going to happen. One one hand side I want to yell: “Do something! The West must send forces and get people out, this ends in a terrible disaster!”

On the other hand, the consequences of what a military intervention from the West would mean for Europe is beyond what I can fathom. Would this be the beginning of a great war in which the western countries, including Denmark, was at war with Russia and its allies?

So here I am, watching. I do believe, everyone can contribute change – if nothing else then with donations and shouting from the rooftops. But when you cannot act in other ways, we in the West have learned to trust a political solution through diplomacy. Let’s hope for a diplomatic solution before a massacre in Mariupol unfold on our screens.

Kan ro og orden gå hånd i hånd med ytringsfrihed?

Urolighederne i Sverige viser, hvilke enorme udfordringer Europa står over for.

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Is peace and order possible in societies with freedom of speech?

The unrest in Sweden reveal enormous challenges facing Europe.

Are you allowed to spit on a book, step on it, burn it off in a godforsaken rest area in the outskirts of Sweden? Yes, you have the right to do that – even if it is neither very original, nor constructive.

There is no need to discuss what our rights are, we are well aware of them. If you would like to, you could portray Christ with a ginormous boner and gods and prophets with and without bombs in their turbans.

The right and ability to mock politicians, religions, gods and prophets is a way of measuring whether a society is free – it is precisely when freedom of speech is pushing our limits for feeling comfortable that we know it works. It is the cornerstone of a free country. But in a globalized world people with different views move around. And when the majority views freedom of expression differently than countries, in for instance Scandinavia, is it then time to scale back on ideology and keep ones positions on politics, religion etc. to conversations around the dining table within the confined space of our homes?

The Danish model worked because the population was homogeneous and largely based on the same culture and the same values. That is no longer the case. You can mourn it, but it’s the reality. When the demography changes, so must the model of society.

How do we deal with the massive aggressions lurking beneath the surface in many European countries? Around Europe, streets and residential areas are on fire every time religious criticism is perceived as personal persecution.

Something has to give. How should secular nations of atheistic culturally Christians on the one hand and hardcore believers for whom there is no difference between faith and the individual, on the other, live together in the same country?

It is difficult for a Dane to understand the feelings that exist within Islam. And it is a corner stone in Danish identity to seek consensus.

A few years ago, a priest in the United States wanted to burn a Koran in front of his church. The Pentagon asked him not to. For the safety of US forces in the Middle East.

It should be clear at this point in time that in a global world, actions taken in the small Danish town of Skive can reach all the way to Shanghai, Koran burnings at a rest stop in Sweden and drawings in a Danish newspaper can become known throughout the world in an instant.

It should also be clear at this point that it is both ignorant and arrogant to believe that all immigrants from totalitarian regimes who come to Western democracies will naturally embrace the values of western democracies.

We know the conditions in Saudi Arabia, the repression in China, the killings of journalists and political opponents in Russia, Turkey’s mafia methods around Europe on opponents of the president, killings and rapes of women in India, girls’ repression in Afghanistan. The list is long, I have unfortunately only just started. When democracies are attacked by totalitarian powers, and when violence is met with the desire for dialogue, when basic human rights are met with oppression – then resistance is shattered, democracies lose and the dialogue falls silent.

Simply put: The soft fight for freedom of expression, as we have defined it until now, is lost. For the premise of mutual understanding is basically not just skewed, but in a conflicting relationship where the parties can never reach each other. “Freedom of expression is inviolable” faces “nothing critical may be said about Islam”.

Western democracies are fundamentally based on dialogue, exchange of views and compromise. Especially in a democracy like the Danish one, where minority governments have historically been the norm, our approach to resolving disagreements is negotiation, consensus and dialogue.

Denmark is one of the world’s best functioning countries. The Danish model worked because the population was homogeneous and largely based on the same culture and the same values. That is no longer the case. You can mourn it, but it’s the reality. When the demography of a population changes, so must the model of society.

The United States has long debated freedom of speech, and the different states are massively divided on their approach. In general, we have learned to censor what we say and do in public when it comes to religion. There are no Christian holidays here, no Easter egg hunts, and no Christmas decorations in public schools.

That’s fine with me – the less religion takes up space, the better. But for those of us in favor of freedom of expression, the line has been crossed in an attempt to compromise, when books that can be perceived as offensive are censored out of libraries and curricula at educational institutions. The result is young, ignorant and single-minded people.

The balance is difficult, and personal preferences mean that the population groups themselves in enclaves, select schools and educational institutions that meet their beliefs, choose friends with the same ethnicity, culture, and religion. The American society works, but it is divided.

I wonder if Europe will not develop into being more like the ones we have in the United States? How long can European societies last if the streets are constantly set on fire because of hurt feelings before drastic changes have to take place?

If we want a society of peace and order and a peaceful coexistence in a population that is no longer as homogeneous as it once was, freedom of speech and peace and order are opposites.

If we give in and keep quiet, we are compromising the ideology that most of us treasure as absolutely essential to our freedoms, identity and human condition. But if we do not give in and continue as usual, the streets will be on fire again and again and human lives will be lost. None of these to premises are acceptable.

How do we find a different way of living our values than the one that worked in what seems like an antiquated Danish society, where the population shared culture, ethnicity and religion? If we insist on going about religious topics in public space in a way we found healthy and liberating in the 1970s, we risk a divided society.

What did the American priest end up doing? He canceled his Koran burning event – and avoided a reaction of violence and hatred, perhaps even saving the lives of American soldiers in the Middle East. But he did so at the expense of freedom of speech.

Findes der er en rød linje, Rusland ikke må overtræde, før Vesten griber ind?

Hvis Vesten ikke vil gribe ind, kan Ukraine lige så godt give op nu og skåne sin civilbefolkning for flere lidelser.

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Is there a red line, Russia cannot cross before the West intervenes?

If the West does not want to intervene, Ukraine might as well give up now and spare its civilian population more suffering.

As the Russians relocate their troops, we have watched the results of the atrocities committed by the soldiers in Ukraine.

A man is intertwined in his bicycle. He must have been shot while biking down the street in his village.

A woman shares her story with a journalist. She had to bury her husband in her backyard. He had never held a gun in his life but the Russian soldiers dragged him out of their house and shot him.

A witness shares what he saw. Lines of cars trying to escape with signs taped to them – on the roofs, trunks, and on the sides of the cars. “Children,” the letters said in Cyrillic, clearly visible from the air and from the ground – bombed and left with the dead still trapped in the burned-out cars.

The TV screen shows Ukrainians lying in piles or in mass graves. In some places they are left in the street a few meters apart. Shot and then burned to hide what the Russians did to the Ukrainians. Some bodies have their hands tied behind their backs, some are shot from behind – deprived of life and a dignified burial.

Even in war, there are rules. They appear to have been violated again and again. Russia stubbornly denies this and says in claims the images are a setup with professional actors.

And then there is the disgusting weapon, the attempt to crack women and those who care about them. Rapes, some committed while children and men were forced to watch. Some women were barely left alive, while others were shot and burned.

Violence against women has always been used strategically in war – to break a population, to exercise power, to infiltrate ethnic populations with “foreign” blood when a baby gives off its first cry nine months later.

The world is interconnected. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why we seem to be watching, while Zelenskyj repeatedly begs us to close the airspace and provide more help.

There is no shortage of condemnation from the leaders of the Western world. USA, Germany, UN. Everyone has strong words to reassure the Western and democratically-minded world that Putin’s despicable actions are beyond their comprehension.

One sanction after another hit Putin and his cronies. One load of military hardware after another is being sent towards Ukraine. One country after another, with Poland as the main recipient, opens their borders and hearts to fleeing mothers, children, and the elderly.

Meanwhile, the carpet bombings continue targeting civilians – families in suburbs, hospitals, cultural and religious buildings.

The world is interconnected. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why we seem to be watching, while Zelensky again and again begs us to close the airspace and provide more help.

Brazil is dependent on fertilizers, Europe on oil and gas, etc., etc. The Western world buys much more from Putin than we contribute to Ukraine’s resistance.

No one is interested in a world war. And Putin knows that. But what does it take before the world has to react? What more can Putin do to the Ukrainian people that he has not already done?

If the answer is “nothing,” Ukraine might as well surrender now. The alternative is far too devastating to the civilian population.

Ukrainske mænd kæmper for deres kvinder – hvorfor gør afghanske mænd ikke det samme?

Afghanske kvinder og ukrainske mænd er villige til at sætte livet på spil for frihed.

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Ukrainian men fight for their women – why are Afghan men not doing the same?

Afghan women and Ukrainian men are willing to risk their lives for freedom.

They get their women and children on trains and wave their goodbyes. Then take up arms, for many for the first time in their lives. Or they make sure that wives, mothers, and sisters are safe in shelters deep underground, while heading out to fight against a brutal supremacy.

When journalists ask Ukrainian soldiers what they are fighting for, they reply “peace” and “the future of my children.”

Most of us have been deeply touched by the willingness of Ukrainians to fight for the freedom the country has only known since 1991, when they gained their independence. That is about as long as most of Afghanistan´s women experienced freedom from the oppressing cavemen of Taliban.

“It’s like being in a room that’s too small and too dark,” a young Afghan woman told a journalist on the New York Times podcast The Daily.

Yesterday, the Afghan girls were supposed to be back in schools after being sentenced to months of household chores indoors. The first thing the Taliban did when they took power in August last year, of course, was to cut off girls from education.

The girls’ dreams turned out to be just that – dreams. Because when the excited, happy, giddy girls showed up at their schools, they were sent home again if they went to a higher grade level than 6th grade. BBC World News shows pictures of covered girls with tearstained cheeks collapsing in anguish and others with an expressionless gaze.

The misogyny is devastatingly heartbreaking! Men were waving the girls biggest dreams in front of them, letting them rejoice, letting them get their classrooms ready, wiping chairs and school desks off – and then telling them that they can not get the education they have been looking forward to.

Far from all girls have the opportunity to participate in online learning. But those who do, study foreign languages, art, literature, physics, and chemistry. Some go to the bookstore and buy books, devouring as much learning as they can at home. Others draw, do dance groups with girlfriends, meet secretly.

In short – the girls have a will to fight, even if it is deadly dangerous if discovered that they spend their time on something other than domestic chores, which the Taliban believes is a woman’s ultimate purpose in life.

But the men in Afghanistan underestimate their girls and women if they think they are content with doing the dishes, cleaning, cooking, and give birth. Men have always underestimated women. And women have always had to do the dishes, clean, cook, and give birth – while completing an education.

This generation of Afghan women has access to the Internet – and thus to a knowledge of how women and girls in other parts of the world live. I wonder if they marvel at how men in Ukraine are willing to sacrifice their lives in the fight for their women and girls freedom.

Imagine what Afghanistan would look like, how the country and its citizens could flourish, if the Afghan men put their foot down and went against the Taliban brutality that has forced itself into power in the country. Imagine if the girls were allowed to believe in a future where they can live out their dreams and immense potential!

But since it does not seem to be the case that Afghan men want to fight for their women’s right to a free and peaceful life, like the Ukrainian men are willing to do, Afghan girls and women must fight for themselves. It should not have to be like that, but as I already said, there is nothing new in women having to fight for their rights without the aid of men.

I hope that Afghan women have as much fighting spirit as the Ukrainian men, since Afghan men have proven to be cowards.

Går danskerne ind for ligestilling? Ikke, hvis man skal tro debatterne om sports-bh’er og barsel

Danskerne går baglæns i ligestillingsdebatten – hvorfor går de ellers ind for, at kvinder skal pakkes ind, og er imod tvungen barsel til mændene?

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Do Danes support equality? Not if one is to believe the debates about sports bras and maternity

The Danes are moving backwards when it comes to the gender equality debate – why else would they they favor women being wrapped up as well as being against forced maternity leave for men?

Let’s start with the fitness center in Odense, which will ban women from training in sports bras. To me, two things are problematic in the gym’s argument for introducing their new rule.

Firstly, the argument for implementing the rule raises several red flags. The rule is introduced because of ‘respect for cultural differences’. We all know what that means. It means that a very specific group of young Muslim men have a problem with being in the immediate vicinity of free women who dress as they please. And no, I am not advocating for girls and women running around schools and workplaces in very short tops. But in a context where you are spending your free time in a place designed for the body to physically work, as is the case in a gym, and the focus is not on intellectual and professional performance, the situation is somewhat different.

If one gives in to the kind of misogyny that the injunction quite obsessively expresses, it opens the gate to an avalanche of restrictions that could be created aiming to make women take up less space in the public sphere.

Secondly, the fitness center operates under SDU (University of Southern Denmark), which only underscores my next and disturbing point. Of all, especially universities, should be aware of what signals they are sending and for what reasons. Maybe they are, but then they are definitely not aiming for a a gender equality mindset the Danes usually pride themselves of.

“But, wait!”, you might be thinking to yourself. Weren´t you the one who said we should not sing that Shu-bi-dua song? No, I have never said what one may and may not do. Contrary, I said that once people are in Denmark, you have to talk to each other in a civil and inclusive manner. That is the exact opposite to what is going on when one is intolerant and promotes inequality between the sexes.

The second debate, which is taking place in the Danish media this week, is about maternity leave. Many Danes are completely up in the red because new rules ensure that the father must take more maternity leave if the mother wants the right to receive maternity leave beyond a certain number of weeks.

There are many aspects at stake in the debate, including some that have to do with the EU. Rainbow families are almost completely left out of the debate as well. And before spoiled Danes, who do not even think of maternity leave as an incredible welfare benefit, start arguing, it should be said that people always have the right to do as they please – but that it then be without the state’s payment.

Seen from the outside, it seems to me quite unreasonable to complain about the generous welfare benefits that a long Danish maternity leave is.

I have countless girlfriends here in the US who, after a few weeks, have had to return to their workplace or have simply been forced to quit their jobs.

For my own part as an employee of the University of Washington, it was stated in my contract that I as an employee would be entitled to what is considered a good scheme here, namely 12 weeks maternity leave.

Neither a short maternity leave nor the choice of women to stay at home benefits family life or the equality of women. Why are the Danes fighting over a rule change that will create better conditions for the well-being of the family and for women’s equality?

In Denmark, it is not a question of depriving anyone of anything, but on the contrary of supporting women’s career opportunities, fathers’ attachment to their child and gender equality in general.

It has always been the case that if women wanted the same rights as men, we would have to twist their arms. Gender equality does not happen by itself, it must unfortunately be introduced by law. This has been the case with the right to vote, the right to abortion, etc., etc., and this is also the case if we are to have a family life where the mother and father in the child’s first months are equal in parental attachment.

Is Denmark really willing to move backwards in relation to women’s equality when it comes to bare belly skin and childbirth?

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Drømmer du om at blive dusørjæger – og hader du kvinder – så kig til Texas

Ny lov giver 10.000 dollar i dusør, hvis du melder taxachaufføren eller kæresten, der kører en kvinde til abortklinik.

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Have you always dreamed of becoming a bounty hunter – and do you hate women? – then look to Texas

New law gives $10,000 in bounty if you report the taxi driver or girlfriend driving a woman to an abortion clinic.

Abortions performed with knitting needles, subsequent hemorrhages – desperate women making desperate choices are no longer a thing of the past.

Few women are aware that they are pregnant in week six. For those readers who do not have the pregnancy calculation method present, a woman’s pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period, despite the fact that conception takes place approximately two weeks later. So you usually have no idea that you are pregnant before the following month when you don´t get your period.

In the state of Texas, they have spent many years refining the method of how to make it harder for women to have an abortion. In fact, the state has repeatedly, since the early 1970s, tried to introduce laws to make it as difficult as possible for women to make the choice it seems so many men have such a hard time with.

In the past, the US Supreme Court has blocked abortion measures from being implemented in Texas. But not this time. On the contrary, they have announced today that they will do nothing to prevent the implementation of the state of Texas’ new abortion laws.

Do you remember how many judges Trump got installed in the Supreme Court, and how he quite deliberately went after the right-wing Christians, when he not one, not two, but three times installed abortion opponents such as Amy Coney Barrett in office? We now see the result of that, and the composition of the judges is perhaps an indication of what the women in the southern states have in store when Republican politicians in Texas’ neighboring states take notes while they watch the new legislation and the Supreme Court’s lack of reaction unfold before their and the rest of the country’s eyes.

So, what is the new laws about? In short, it is now illegal to have an abortion after week six. If there is a heart sound, it is not possible to have the operation performed. Neither incest nor rape are legitimate exceptions to the rule.

When wanting to get an abortion, there are all sorts of procedures in place that are deliberately stretched over several days, so the process is pulled as far out and makes the woman feel as much guilt and shame as possible before she gets the procedure performed. Add to that the shouting, screaming and sectarian indoctrinated abortion opponents who form a circle around the clinics and shame the women and clinic staff as they try to reach the entrance.

Where does the bounty hunter principle come in? With the new law, private citizens can file a civil lawsuit if they suspect that someone is helping a woman in the process of having an abortion. As much as $ 10,000, and all legal costs will be paid to you if the accused is found guilty.

If you are a Uber driver who drops off a woman in front of an abortion clinic, you can be prosecuted, because you helped her get there. If you advise pregnant rape victims about their options, you can be prosecuted. If your girlfriend is pregnant and you talk about abortion as an option, you can be prosecuted. The cruelty that turns citizens against each other and the hatred from politicians aimed at their own citizens in need is unbearable.

Yes, some women have the opportunity to go to another state and have their surgery performed, but many do not. Many of the women do not have the resources and try in advance to take care of the children they have, while they have to juggle several jobs to be able to support the family.

Apparently, it is important for some to oppress women and keep them being stuck in a helpless situation and give a potential child a difficult start to life. Their self-righteous insistence on forcing women to have an even harder life by insisting that an unborn life is worth more than one already in the world is so infinitely shameful, reprehensible and heartless.

Where does this hatred come from – and where does it end? Will my own daughter and the daughters of the future grow up in a Western society where men who hate women deprive them of the right to decide over their own bodies?

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Vi skal udbrede kendskabet til danske værdier – så hvorfor vil regeringen lukke en ordning, der gør præcis det?

Kendskabet til dansk sprog, litteratur og samfundsforhold i udlandet er en vigtig værdikamp, som Danmark er ved at tabe.

Læs hele bloggen her:

It is vital for a small country like Denmark to create awareness of its culture and values – so why would the Danish government shut down a program that does exactly that?

Spreading knowledge of Danish language, literature and society to other countries is an important fight when it comes to the battlefield of values – a fight Denmark is losing.

“Why do you want to study Danish?” I asked the young female student.

“Denmark is known for their equality, and I would like to work with women and children in South America,” was the somewhat surprising answer.

In the six years, I taught as a Visiting Danish Lecturer at the University of Washington in Seattle, I time and again was met with an interest in Danish values, culture and society.

In the Government’s new 2022 Finance Bill, it is stated on page 127 that they want to phase out the Visiting Lecturer Program.

The program is responsible for spreading knowledge of the Danish language, literature and social conditions abroad. 26 Visiting Lecturers work all over the world, from the USA to Hungary, to Russia, Germany, France and China at various prestigious universities in Berkeley, Skt. Petersburg Vienna, Paris and Beijing , where they represent Denmark and spread the knowledge of our small, beautiful country’s language and culture.

It has taken decades to build the relationships and cooperation that Denmark has with foreign universities. In fact, the partnership that started of in 1937 has survived a world war, an oil crisis, the poverty of the eighties, and the differences of changing governments.

The reason is probably quite clear. Denmark needs the world to know us. And the pennies it cost to run the program, just under 9 million Danish crowners a year, we build ourselves a name and reputation in the world that no communications agency could ever create with these important university partners. Other Nordic countries have the same program as well as does the Baltic countries. It is infinitely vitally important for small countries to spread the knowledge of their identity to survive.

Seattle is located 7782 km from Denmark, further than the distance between Copenhagen and Kabul. If there is one thing that should be abundantly clear during these disturbing times, it is that the values ​​we are up against are under pressure and should be fought for.

The Danish government apparently does not think so.

If you turn your gaze from little Denmark and ask people around the world if they know Denmark, you often get an answer about HC Andersen and the little mermaid. If you are lucky, a few are able to say something about Lego or wind turbines. But Denmark is so much more – and the Visiting Lecturers do everything they can in their daily work to make sure that the world knows.

The Visiting Lecturers represent Denmark when they are out serving at various universities in the world. They do not only teach Danish language and literature classes but also social conditions, gender equality and the Danish welfare system. The Visiting Lecturers are the link between Denmark and the country to which they are sent.

If the government terminates the program for what must be considered pennies in the Danish federal annual budget, not much make sense in terms of how important our politicians say the importance of spreading Western values ​are.

The issue is about so much more than the cost of the Visiting Lectureship and the financial budget and bottom line – it’s about exporting our Danish values.

Er Europa ved at blive som USA, der lader lobbyister knægte frihedsrettigheder?

Velorkestrerede kampagner arbejder for at begrænse rettigheder for kvinder og LGBTQ.

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Is Europe becoming like the United States when it comes to the power of lobbyists changing fundamental freedoms?

Well-orchestrated campaigns work to limit the rights of women and LGBTQ.

Yesterday there was a knock on my door. Outside stood a man who told us he had grown up in our house that his father had built when he was a boy. We invited him in and showed him around. It was a very touching and emotional tour – for him, but also for me.

I have met his father several times. He’s of the old school – Republicans, voted passionately for Trump, believes that women belong in the home, that it is their most important job to look after children. That was what we discussed when we bought the house.

Now the son was standing in our living room. Tears flowed as memories washed in over him. He told of his childhood, which had been good and safe. But he also told of a father who had never accepted him. The son was a high school teacher, something his engineering father certainly did not find appropriate. And the man in my living room had also never gotten his father’s acceptance when it came to the man he loved.

I’m so angry. Angry on behalf of this man, angry at my own, angry at the parents who can not figure out to love the child they are having, but can only accept their child if it fits in a box they can understand.

Here stood a man who was some of the most sensitive, reflective, and pleasant. And still his upbringing and the prejudices of society persecuted him.

I know it well, I myself grew up in a family that could not accept who I was and the choices I made. And I also know how it will probably always sit in one, even when one has found some kind of peace with family relationships.

Here in the United States, not all areas are equally easy to live in if you belong to a minority. For example, it’s easier to belong to the LGBTQ community in the larger cities of my state, Washington, our neighboring state of Oregon and, of course, California, than it is in some of the states further south.

There are places where it is decidedly dangerous to belong to the LGBTQ community. And there are places where it is decidedly dangerous to be a woman if you should want an abortion. There are many who want to kidnap the rights of women and minorities.

But why am I telling you now? Can Europe not be totally indifferent to what is going on here in the United States in terms of women’s and LGBTQ rights? Not quite. For perhaps Europe is heading in the same direction.

The EU is full of interest groups and lobbyists trying to advance their own agenda. It is, so far, fine, part of the democratic process. But now the report “Tip of the Iceberg “, which describes the period 2009-2018, shows that there are two areas that well-organized interest groups have joined together to promote – namely abortion resistance and resistance to LGBTQ rights.

I often get the feeling that in Denmark there is a belief that the fight for rights for women and sexual minorities is long over. It is quite nice that this is the case in most circles in Denmark. But it’s just that Denmark is, firstly, an infinitely small country and, secondly, part of the EU.

Abortion resistance, antifeminism, anti-immigration, anti- LGBTQ, antisecularization. The groups working for that kind of caveman mentality are getting stronger and stronger. As in the United States, they use reliable names that contain words such as “family,” “freedom,” “dignity,” and “human rights.” The view of society is, however, that LGBTQ rights and abortion resistance are their central focal point.

Here in the United States, the right to abortion is under pressure in several places and in several states, including In the state of Texas, it is almost impossible to have an abortion, because how many people know they are pregnant before you can hear heart sounds? Young women are terrified of getting pregnant, the men are, as usual, no one to take care of. Even if the pregnancy is due to incest or rape, there is no pardon. Time and time again, lawsuits are being filed to advance an agenda that makes it more difficult for women and minorities to make free choices. Maybe the EU is on the same course?

The level of our rights can be read in how women and sexual minorities are treated. The rights are not secured, they are constantly under pressure, and we must be strong when it comes to defending what we stand for.

Karen Melchior, Member of the European Parliament for the Radical Left, was interviewed on P1’s “Orientering” on 20 June on this topic. She points out that the situation calls for action, that we react before the rights are violated, as we see attempts at in Poland, among other places.

It’s really quite simple. As Melchior said in the program: “This is not something we can see through fingers with, or something that goes over by itself. If we believe that there should be equal rights, no matter who you love or who you are, that women should be allowed to rule over their own bodies, then that is something we will have to fight for. “

The narratives supported in these campaigns are directly drawn from the rhetoric we know here in the United States. They did not arise spontaneously in the religious department of the EU. It is naive to think that lobbying is an expression of cultural differences in Europe. On the contrary, it is a well-organized campaign. It requires a counter-campaign.

Never let it be the case that in 50 years there will be a man in my living room crying because he has had to fight a battle to be who he is and love who he does. And never let it be the case that women’s hard-fought rights are trampled underfoot with the pretext that fewer rights are rooted in a cultural-religious context and must therefore be respected in accordance with an ideological female vision of darkness.

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Jeg får lyst til at stille mig op med en stor megafon og råbeskrige

Når vi lader som om, vi er ubekymrede over for terrorangreb, så har vi allerede tabt.

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I feel like standing up with a big megaphone and shake the world up by screaming

When we pretend we are carefree about terrorist attacks, then we have already lost.

Then it happened again. We have become so used to it, does it cause anything other than a shrug? Another bomb attack, once again reports of many dead and maimed bodies. It’s so far away, what can be done against religious fanaticism?

Maybe we’re just pretending we’re carefree. We must not let our anxiety and fear get the better of us. We must live as before, even though we know that before it no longer exists. We trivialize the ideological evil that Lars Saabye Christensen writes in the third volume of his novel series “Byens Spor”. After all, there is so much more that is more dangerous, the probability of dying in a terrorist attack is less than of dying in traffic.

I feel like standing up with a big megaphone and screaming. How can we just let another madness attack lie like a shrug while we look down and away and not let ourselves be noticed that evil has once again shown its bloody face and laughed at us and our principles of equality right up in our face?

This time the attack was on a girls’ school in Kabul, and it is not Copenhagen, fortunately. The car bomb and the subsequent 2 explosions killed 85 people, mainly schoolgirls. 147 are injured.

What makes this bombing so heartbreaking is that it was targeted at a school – but not just any school. Quite deliberately, the terrorists went after the girls.

The Taliban has denied any involvement in the attack. But I wonder if it now also fits, we know how they feel about girls, and with the combination of girls and education. Girls become women and women with education are dangerous, they could go and think something about one thing or another and become difficult to control.

No no, if you have to control girls and women, and you obviously have to, then you have to assassinate yourself to power and hope that you scare enough parents to keep their daughters indoors, far away from books and education.

Joe Biden has announced that the United States will withdraw its forces by September 11th. In itself, the date is ironic and does not make sense – at least not if you want to signal that you have won.

For why is it now that the United States is in Afghanistan? – it all started on September 11, and with great fanfare, Biden now says: “Ok, dark forces, you win. From your earth caves you have proved that by primitive means, but with ideological misogyny, you can fight the world’s largest military and our Western values. And girls and women : sorry, you are on your own. ”

What the actual fuck, Biden !?

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