Jo, Barrett er modstander af abort, Naser Khader

Khader opfører sig som Trumpisterne på Fox News, når han udbryder ”Fake News,” om det, han ikke kan lide at høre.

Hør P1 Debatten med mig og Khader her

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Yes, Barrett is opposed to abortion, Naser Khader

Khader behaves like the trumpeters on Fox News when he exclaims “fake news” about what he does not like to hear.

On Tuesday, Naser Khader, Foreign Minister for the Conservative People’s Party, accused me of passing on Fake News in the P1 Debate and asked for documentation of my allegations.

This is not personal, in fact I voted in his time, when I lived in Copenhagen, on Naser Khader. At the time, he was in the New Alliance. I’m sure we still share many views. 

The second segment of P1 Debate was about the new US Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Host Gitte Hansen played a clip in which Trump introduces Barrett and the audience then claps. “And you’re standing there cheering, Naser Khader, too,” I heard her say from my dining table on the other side of the globe, far away from DR’s radio studio.

I was shaken. Nothing less. Could feel my heart rate rise. Does he, Khader, know at all what Amy Coney Barrett stands for?

Amy Coney Barrett is ultra-conservative. Her conservatism can in no way be compared to being conservative in Denmark. The 1: 1 comparison between conservatism in the USA and conservatism in Denmark is completely out of the question. I can have my doubts about whether Naser Khader knows that.

Barrett’s stance on abortion is well known to Democrats and Republicans

When I got through to the radio studio, I briefly outlined what Amy Coney Barrett should be involved in deciding. There is nothing odious in my claims, all the media here in the US, from FOX News to MSNBC cover the huge impact she is going to have.

And then I said what was on my mind most: “I have to say, I’m really repulsed that Naser Khader stands, if he did what you said, stood and clapped, then it’s both distasteful and it’s inappropriate. . She is against basic human rights. It’s a disaster! ”

“You are demonizing her. She is a conservative, “Naser Khader replied

If Naser Khader thinks that Amy Coney Barrett is a fairly ordinary conservative who can be compared to what we in Denmark know as conservatism, then he simply does not follow well enough.

“She has signed that she is a strong opponent of abortion. Plus she has sat on a school board where she has denied children who had gay parents being able to come to that school. She is so conservative, ”I raged.

Naser Khader’s answer? “It’s fake news. Documentation is requested. ”

This is not Fake News, here you have the documentation, Naser Khader

The New York Times, Forbes, Fox News, AP, and many other media outlets that few would call Fake News have, since Barrett’s nomination, covered her stance on abortion, which is widely known to every American.

Specifically, in 2006, she signed a statement written by one of America’s first abortion resistance groups, Right to Life Michiana (formerly St. Joseph County Right to Life). The statement states, among other things: ” We… oppose the right to abortion and defend the right to life from conception…” ( New York Times link )

It amazes me that Khader is unaware of Barret’s widely known views. It is precisely this attitude that makes the insertion of her among so many Christian and conservative Americans seen as a victory.

In Denmark, we take it for granted that women have the right to decide over their own bodies. But here in the United States, attitudes toward abortion are one of the most important issues and crucial to where Americans put their ticks. The election of Barrett is seen by many as beneficial to Trumps appeal to the voice of ultra-Christian voters. All recognized media have covered this. A quick Google search should be able to verify this.

As for not wanting to let children of gay couples and single parents be admitted to the school where she sat on the board, which, incidentally, would not hire gay teachers either, I naturally also have my sources in order.

Amy Coney Barrett sat on the school board (2015-2017) at Trinity, which is 3 private Christian Catholic schools and both before, during and after her time, the rules that discriminate against LGBTQ were implemented ( link )

Again, contrary to Khader’s claim, this is not about Fake News but quite generally readily available knowledge from reliable news sources.

Naser Khader’s ignorance is a slap in the face to women and LGBTQ people

It’s fair when Naser Khader asks for documentation of my allegations, but it’s below the low point when he, like the Trumpists here, when they are met by knowledge they do not like, shouts “Fake News”.

I assume that when Naser Khader stands in the DR studio and pats the new Supreme Court judge, he does so out of ignorance. For I have a hard time believing that he is in favor of women not having the right to rule over their own bodies and that LGBTQ people should not have the same rights as everyone else. Maybe take me error.

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