Drømmer du om at blive dusørjæger – og hader du kvinder – så kig til Texas

Ny lov giver 10.000 dollar i dusør, hvis du melder taxachaufføren eller kæresten, der kører en kvinde til abortklinik.

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Have you always dreamed of becoming a bounty hunter – and do you hate women? – then look to Texas

New law gives $10,000 in bounty if you report the taxi driver or girlfriend driving a woman to an abortion clinic.

Abortions performed with knitting needles, subsequent hemorrhages – desperate women making desperate choices are no longer a thing of the past.

Few women are aware that they are pregnant in week six. For those readers who do not have the pregnancy calculation method present, a woman’s pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period, despite the fact that conception takes place approximately two weeks later. So you usually have no idea that you are pregnant before the following month when you don´t get your period.

In the state of Texas, they have spent many years refining the method of how to make it harder for women to have an abortion. In fact, the state has repeatedly, since the early 1970s, tried to introduce laws to make it as difficult as possible for women to make the choice it seems so many men have such a hard time with.

In the past, the US Supreme Court has blocked abortion measures from being implemented in Texas. But not this time. On the contrary, they have announced today that they will do nothing to prevent the implementation of the state of Texas’ new abortion laws.

Do you remember how many judges Trump got installed in the Supreme Court, and how he quite deliberately went after the right-wing Christians, when he not one, not two, but three times installed abortion opponents such as Amy Coney Barrett in office? We now see the result of that, and the composition of the judges is perhaps an indication of what the women in the southern states have in store when Republican politicians in Texas’ neighboring states take notes while they watch the new legislation and the Supreme Court’s lack of reaction unfold before their and the rest of the country’s eyes.

So, what is the new laws about? In short, it is now illegal to have an abortion after week six. If there is a heart sound, it is not possible to have the operation performed. Neither incest nor rape are legitimate exceptions to the rule.

When wanting to get an abortion, there are all sorts of procedures in place that are deliberately stretched over several days, so the process is pulled as far out and makes the woman feel as much guilt and shame as possible before she gets the procedure performed. Add to that the shouting, screaming and sectarian indoctrinated abortion opponents who form a circle around the clinics and shame the women and clinic staff as they try to reach the entrance.

Where does the bounty hunter principle come in? With the new law, private citizens can file a civil lawsuit if they suspect that someone is helping a woman in the process of having an abortion. As much as $ 10,000, and all legal costs will be paid to you if the accused is found guilty.

If you are a Uber driver who drops off a woman in front of an abortion clinic, you can be prosecuted, because you helped her get there. If you advise pregnant rape victims about their options, you can be prosecuted. If your girlfriend is pregnant and you talk about abortion as an option, you can be prosecuted. The cruelty that turns citizens against each other and the hatred from politicians aimed at their own citizens in need is unbearable.

Yes, some women have the opportunity to go to another state and have their surgery performed, but many do not. Many of the women do not have the resources and try in advance to take care of the children they have, while they have to juggle several jobs to be able to support the family.

Apparently, it is important for some to oppress women and keep them being stuck in a helpless situation and give a potential child a difficult start to life. Their self-righteous insistence on forcing women to have an even harder life by insisting that an unborn life is worth more than one already in the world is so infinitely shameful, reprehensible and heartless.

Where does this hatred come from – and where does it end? Will my own daughter and the daughters of the future grow up in a Western society where men who hate women deprive them of the right to decide over their own bodies?

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