What a bellyacher! While the world fears a WWIII, Prins Joachim of Denmark´s world is in ruins because his children will be stripped of their titles

Prince Joachim’s children will be stripped of their prince and princess titles from next year. Does he seriously believe that their Grandma, Queen Margrethe II, is harming them like he said in an interview?

It didn´t look like a planned interview when Danish Prince Joachim, Danish defense attaché, was met by the newspaper EkstraBladet outside his work place downtown Paris.

With great indignation and frequently clearing his throat, the prince could hardly keep it together in front of the microphone.

“I was presented with a plan. When the children each turned 25, it would happen. Athena is 11! I was given five days’ notice!”

Holy cow! He is seriously upset about this! In all seriousness, he looks like someone whose world has just collapsed.

“What is most surprising is that Joachim does not seem to have any idea of which way the winds are blowing when it comes to the publics feeling towards entitlement in higher circles.

Think for a moment about the problems the world is facing. Contrast that to his belief that his own is about to sink into the ground because he had to tell his kids that they no longer have the titles of princes or princess. I am pretty sure the offspring will manage, get into the right schools and universities, make the right connections in the higher social circles, and waltz through one door after another on the in the highest of halls – even without titles.

Joachim’s children keep their place in the succession. But since the crown prince and the crown princess, Frederik and Mary, have produced quite a bit of offspring, it will probably be out of the question that one of Joachim’s children will one day end up sitting on the throne.

The Danish Queen Mother, Queen Margrethe II, is a wise lady. She sees which way the wind is blowing for royalty in society- and it is not in a direction that pays for heaps of blue-blooded social parasites with everything that entails of housing and social assistance on steroids for the royal pods.

What is most surprising is that Joachim does not seem to have any idea of which way the winds are blowing when it comes to the publics feelings towards entitlement in higher circles. In his job as a Danish attaché, he is supposed to represent Denmark. I wonder if he even understands what it means.


Tudeprins! Mens verden frygter en storkrig, er Joachim i oprør, fordi hans unger ikke længere skal være prinser og prinsesser

Prins Joachims børn får fra nytår frataget deres prinse- og prinsessetitler. Mener han virkelig, at de bliver gjort fortræd af farmor?

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