Kampen for demokrati slås endegyldigt ned i Hongkong – og Danmark, Europa og USA gør intet

Hvis man er en økonomisk supermagt, kan man åbenbart føre sine imperealistiske drømme ud i livet uden konsekvenser.

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The fight for democracy is being destroyed in Hong Kong – and Denmark, Europe and the United States are doing nothing

If you are an economic superpower, you can obviously bring your imperialist dreams to life without consequences.

Then it happened, the National People’s Congress passed the bill from the Chinese Communist Party, which says that you can only stand for election in Hong Kong if you are loyal to China and even love the country.

Democracy is over, it has been for some time, young pro-democracy forces have unsuccessfully tried to shout out to the world. I am aware that there are many nuances in Hong Kong’s situation and that some will say that there has never been democracy in the country, but the fact is that a democratic process has taken place since the 1980s.

But when the world’s second-largest economy plays with its muscles, there is silence in the political halls – even from Europe’s uncrowned political leader Angela Merkel.

Europe usually stands as the shining star and banner bearer of democracy and generally has no problem pointing fingers – at least not when it comes to nations where there are no immediate economic interests at stake. Morality is good, double standards make it difficult to respect politicians’ hollow words about respecting protesters and treating them properly.

It has no consequence for China that they now contain Hong Kong in their great empire . Millions of people have grown up believing in democracy and that their individual voice counts. It’s over now, self-government and demonstrations for democracy have been suffocated both in the streets and bureaucratically, and no one is doing anything.

You can obviously afford a lot without it having any consequences, both in terms of reputation and respect and financially, if only you are big enough to push your way through. Europe and the United States should impose restrictions and sanctions that can be felt – one could introduce schemes that made it difficult to sell goods, one could make it difficult for Chinese to get visas to enter both Europe and the United States. One could do so much, but so far it seems that one is just looking at and accepting the advance of China’s party machine.

Maybe it’s too late, that utopian desire. The world should have said long ago, it has been clear for years that China has been able to violate human rights against its own and others’ people – without any consequences.

I still hope to see Biden react, but I fear he, like so many presidents before him, is too isolationist to come up with anything but a few flowery words about democracy, freedom, and the individual’s right to self-determination.

In the case of Europe, I have begun to doubt whether the countries are as sure of their identity as a democratic superpower and as a stronghold of ethics as they have been in the past. Whether the countries of Europe stand in a ford where they can choose to bend their necks or stand up and say no. I doubt that the countries are choosing the latter, for which the signals have been too vague.

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